Valkyrie Clash Of Clans

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Introduction:Valkyrie Clash Of Clans

Valkyrie Clash Of Clans is a force unlocked after upgrading the Dark Barracks to level 3, which requires Town Hall level 8.

She is a fierce warrior with orange hair who wears a long leather jacket with a leather bra and tall boots. She was using a huge double-edged ax, roughly half her size.

The Valkyries do not have a preferred target when attacking; They will only attack the nearest building. However, once they find enemy clan castle troops, heroes, or trap skeletons (attacking them by themselves or near another attacking friendly force), they leave the previous target building and engage with the enemy army instead. Once all nearby enemy forces are defeated, the Valkyrie will attack the nearest building.

As a method of attack, the Valkyrie rotates its axis around itself, allowing it to attack multiple targets around it simultaneously. When this is an ideal choice, they will run between buildings. However, they will not pass through the building to maximize the effect of circulation.

Clash Of Clans Valkyrie


  • If the number of Valkyrie Clash Of Clans is moderate, Valkyries can easily kill any exposed heroes; This makes the entire attack easier and more effective. However, it is good to use Valkyries for this purpose only.
  • It’s a good idea to send one or two valkyries and one target force because valkyries can demolish unwanted buildings faster than regular troops. They can quickly defeat groups of poorly defended ground troops (from clans of castles or skeletons). Trap).
  • The Valkyries attack method is to enter at least two buildings and destroy them simultaneously. But if the buildings are not close to each other, pay attention to the traps hidden around them. (For example, there is a bomb hidden near the barracks). Given this fact, this provides a very high D.P.S. for each area of ​​their dwellings.
  • The Valkyries will instantly move to a different target after killing an enemy army or building, resetting their attack mode almost without delay. As long as they keep throwing at the enemy, they may attack multiple times per second. Fight melee like a barbarian.
  • Valkyrie is a valuable alternative to P.E.K.K. As in high-level attacks. They are relatively fleshy and much faster than pickups. Compared to P.E.K.K.A.s, the range of their effective attacks can destroy clan castle troops, heroes, and the ability to defend the heart of the village are impressive. When combined with healing spells, their effectiveness is also very beneficial.
  • When they enter the heart of the base, Valkyrie can destroy it without problems. Use jump spells to help them reach the core, help them use tantrums, clone, and freeze after they enter.
  • The combination of violent spells and Valkyries can make them very fast; They can destroy buildings very quickly and kill defensive heroes easily.
  • It promotes the Army’s No. 8 City Hall Trophy, called GoVaWi (Golem, Valkyrie, Wizard). The Whirl power level is featured in Training Mode.


  • Valkyrie Clash Of Clans are very powerful forces and can be problematic; They do a lot of damage and have a great deal of health (although they’re nowhere near as good as dragons, pickups, or golems). However, their dwellings are much inferior to those of these forces. Valkyrie’s health is similar to that of giant dragons or baby dragons. Since its damage contains a scattering component, it can damage several buildings simultaneously. Therefore, it is not recommended to group buildings together when defending the Valkyries.
  • The only exception is grouping the barracks with another building because the barracks hitting box is different from other buildings. It does not extend outside the building but can only be damaged in the center.
  • When the Valkyries destroy a building, they will reposition themselves and demolish it. Try to collect buildings with different health points to impede Valkyrie’s army.
  • Valkyries are excellent clan castle troops. Their scattering damage makes them very effective against large groups of lightly armored melee forces such as barbarians and orcs. However, they can also fight long-range forces such as archers and even mages. Players have repeatedly reported that the Valkyries single-handedly destroyed the entire Barbarian raid and the Goblin. However, it can only attack ground forces and is completely ineffective against air forces. His moderate health allowed him to survive several blows. However, like most troops, the Valkyrie is somewhat prone to bouts of poisoning.
  • In City Hall 3, you can fill your clan’s castle troops with Valkyrie, and the rest are archers. This will make it difficult for your opponent to beat.
  • As part of the clan castle addition, the Valkyrie is especially deadly when deployed among barbarians; Although they are a more powerful force, they are about the same size and can be easily overlooked by a group of barbarians. Usually, the attacking party would take a few minutes to notice this and understand why their ground forces quickly died.
  • The Valkyrie Clash Of Clans will attack buildings close to each other, such as the adjacent barracks, so place traps around these buildings while keeping them as close as possible to cause damage or clear them.
  • For many reasons, spring traps are not effective for valkyries. If the building is close to a wall or other building, the Valkyries will not stop over the spring trap next to the building. Even without the benefits of rushing fits or tantrums, they can sometimes beat springtime traps. Additionally, if the spring traps are level 3 or lower, they can only spawn one Valkyrie.

Upgrade Differences

  • Valkyrie Clash Of Clans has significant visual changes at levels 3 and 5.
  • Initially, the Valkyrie was a slender woman who carried a steel ax. She wore a bra-shaped torso and covered the lower part with a cloth.
  • At level 3, the Valkyrie’s steel ax becomes a golden ax.
  • At level 4, Valkyrie’s attack had reached a golden turning point.
  • The Valkyrie wears a black fur jacket that resembles a giant of the sixth level on the fifth level.
  • At level 6, the Valkyrie wears a V-shaped crown on her head, and the side of the ax becomes shinier.
  • At the eighth level, the Valkyrie’s crown became thicker, we added wing-like inserts, its ax turned silver; we can add a thick golden button. There is now a decorative tip on top of the ax. It looks like the skin of a Valkyrie Queen.
  • At level 9, the Valkyrie’s crown and bracelet turn neon yellow. The center of his ax turned neon yellow and gradually turned green.

History Of Super Valkyrie Clash Of Clans

March 11, 2013Sneak PeekSupercell published a teaser of Valkyrie.
March 12, 2013UpdateAdded the Valkyrie, with 4 levels. She was one of the first Dark Elixir troops to be added, along with the Minion and Hog Rider.
April 17, 2013UpdateReduced the upgrade times of the Valkyrie at levels 2 and 3.
July 29, 2013UpdateIncreased the damage of the Valkyrie at all levels.Reduced her training costs at levels 1-3. Her damage at all levels was increased further in the September 2013 update.
January 29, 2014UpdateIncreased the Valkyrie’s hitpoints by about 20% at all levels.
July 3, 2014UpdateReworked the Valkyrie’s targeting AI to attack between two buildings within her attack range, making full use of her area splash damage. If one of the buildings is destroyed and if there are any adjacent buildings close by, she will move between the two buildings for a more efficient attack.
July 4, 2014Maintenance BreakFixed a bug where the Valkyrie would not hit ranged targets under some circumstances.
September 16, 2014UpdateReduced the training time of Valkyries from 15 minutes to 8 minutes.
March 21, 2016UpdateThe level 5 Valkyrie was added.At all levels, the Valkyrie’s damage was increased as was her initial attack speed (attacking almost immediately after reaching her target), but her hitpoints were also reduced.The upgrade times of level 2-4 Valkyries were reduced by 2 days.The sounds that she makes when attacking was also changed to sound similar to the Valkyrie in Clash Royale.
March 24, 2016Maintenance BreakSlightly reduced the hitpoints of level 2-4 Valkyries.
May 4, 2016Balance ChangesReduced the training time of the Valkyrie from 8 minutes to 5 minutes.
October 12, 2016UpdateReduced the Valkyrie’s base training time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
October 11, 2017UpdateAdded the level 6 Valkyrie.
June 11, 2018UpdateAdded the level 7 Valkyrie.
June 26, 2018Balance ChangesReduced the upgrade times of level 2-6 Valkyries.
October 23, 2018UpdateReduced the Valkyrie’s gem cost donation from 8 to 6.
April 2, 2019UpdateReduced the training costs of Valkyries at all levels.reduced the upgrade times of level 2-5 Valkyries.
September 11, 2019Balance ChangesIncreased the level 7 Valkyrie’s hitpoints from 1,300 to 1,400. This was increased further to 1,450 in the December 2019 “Town Hall 13” update.
March 30, 2020UpdateAdded the level 8 Valkyrie.Reduced the upgrade costs of level 2-5 Valkyries.
October 12, 2020UpdateReduced the upgrade costs and times of level 2-6 Valkyries.Added the Super Valkyrie, her Super Troop counterpart which could be boosted when upgraded to level 7.
April 12, 2021UpdateAdded the level 9 Valkyrie.Reduced upgrade costs and times of level 2-7 Valkyries.
August 12, 2021Maintenance BreakIncreased the hitpoints of level 9 Valkyries from 1,850 to 1,900.


  • Valkyrie Clash Of Clans has the same original face design as Archer.
  • In the fully upgraded Full Barracks, you can have up to 37 Valkyries at once. If you include five placed in clan castles of level 8 or higher, this number increases to 42. On the battlefield, you can use four clone spells of level 6 or higher (three from the inventory of standard spells and one from the highest clan castle) to clone 16 Valkyries Other, for a total of 58 Valkyrie.
  • In Norse mythology, the Valkyrie collects the souls of the dead and takes them to Valhalla, one of the afterlives in Northern Europe. Most descriptions state that they are riding horses; however, in Clash of Clans, they do not ride horses. They walk.
  • When the Valkyrie came, the grass flew around.
  • In Clash of the Royals, the fur coat in the card artwork looked like a Level 5 Valkyrie in Clash of Clans.
  • In the game files, Valkyrie is marked as a “Warrior.”

Valkyrie clash of clans

Clash of Clans Valkyrie is one unit that can scare most CoC teams, whether they are heroes or not. This terrifying hero shows no mercy or compassion to his opponent and is capable of knocking down his opponent in a matter of seconds. And that’s just one of the great powers.
So how do you prepare this unit? What are the strategies and combinations for attacking the valkyrie? I will tell you everything

clash of clans valkyrie upgrade

  1. Valkyrie experienced severe vision changes in grades 3 and 5.
  2. At first, Valkyrie was a slender and fit woman with a steel ax. She wore a breast -like chest cover and a cloth that covered the bottom.
  3. At level 3, Valkyrie’s steel ax turns to gold.
  4. At level 4, Valkyrie reaches his golden turn in his attack.

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what is Valkyrie Clash Of Clans?

Valkyrie Clash Of Clans is a super power based on Valkyrie. Valkyrie level 7 or higher can be unlocked by upgrading the Valkyrie. Upgrading Valkyrie requires 25,000 dark potions or super potions, which can allow Valkyrie to get 3 days of improvement.

clash of clans how to beat valkyrie?

If you are poisonous, apply poison and spread barbarians or archers to keep the Valkyrie within range of the poison. If necessary, it will kill some wizards or Valkyrie archers. If you don’t have poison, you can use a barbarian or an archer to fix it in one place, and the dragon, baby dragon or servant will kill it.

clash of clans how many buildings can a valkyrie attack?

The Valkyrie Clash Of Clans attack method is to enter at least two buildings and destroy them at the same time. But if the buildings are not close to each other, pay attention to the traps hidden around them.

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