Top Grand Theft Auto V Best Missions

Top Grand Theft Auto V Best Missions

Grand Theft Auto V is all about immersion, exploration and hard work to complete every mission and objective that the game has to provide. This is a particularly difficult task, especially when hidden missions abound on the vast map. Many GTA V fans discover new details every time they play the game, but some details are well hidden.
Chasing these secret missions involves tracking clues, keeping close watch, and getting out of the unreachable, as if it were a way of life. Most of these tasks are weirder, funny, and ridiculous than ordinary subjects, which is why they should be studied only for the sake of experience.

Updated By SAIF ALI BHUTTO November 21, 2021: There is increasing evidence that Rockstar is producing for Grand Theft Auto VI, which is not surprising given their production history. At the same time, Grand Theft Auto V is still as active as ever, and today there are still a group of very loyal fans playing this game.

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Although the combination of the mod community and online GTA mode updates keeps the game going, there are many things to see about the single-player campaign, even for people who have played the game before. Creative and clever side quests continue to amaze players because many of them are well hidden. Finding these secret missions means enjoying some of the funniest and craziest content in the game.

GTA V has one of the best stories in the series and these are some of the best missions for Rockstar Games after its successful entry into the series.
There has been a lot of discussion lately about the development of the next part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Although it may take years for players to experience GTA VI, it is worth noting that the latest iteration is still very active.

Although Grand Theft Auto V‘s online mode keeps many players busy, the game’s main story mode is still one of the best modes in the history of the series. One of the main story aspects that stand out is how amazing the story missions are, even if they are sometimes simple. Here are some of the best single player missions in GTA V.

Updated By SAIF ALI BHUTTO November 21, 2021: The addition of several heroes was one of the highlights of Rockstar Games’ successful entry into the beloved GTA franchise. Since players can control three distinct characters in Grand Theft Auto V, they can also experience three complete scenarios. When the characters meet, these story stories begin to unfold, leading to some of the franchise’s best missions. Let’s no longer wait for the highly anticipated GTA VI to explore some of the best story missions you can experience in Los Santos.

GTA 5 is one of the most exciting and interesting Rockstar games in the series. It has a huge open world map that many open world games dream about.

Although this game is now over seven years old, it is still at the forefront of modern game discussions and continues to be played. This is partly because of GTA’s online mode.

Although many of the missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 are interesting, there are also some players who are passionate and some that have impressed fans of the franchise. This article delves into five GTA 5 missions that test players’ patience.

Top 15 Grand Theft Auto V Best Missions

1.Be a member of a sect

Epsilon plans to make a comeback in GTA 5 with a series of unique side missions. In order to start their play as Michael, players need to go to the Epsilon website and take a quick vote. After that, a question mark will be placed on the map to start work. Before paying a huge fee to join, Michael must put up with hard work on behalf of the cult.

In the final task, Michael’s job is to deliver a car with over $2,000,000 in the trunk of the car to another member of the cult. Players can then choose to pay the money or keep it for themselves. For such a hot number, it’s a task worth playing.

2.Kidnapping people for a group of cannibals

One of the hidden missions in GTA 5 that fans may not forget involves the cult of cannibals on the other side of the map. To access it, you must complete a “Tense Ron” mission as Trevor, which will trigger a text message informing the player of the existence of a sect in Bryan County. The next step is to visit No Private.

After four successful “sacrifices”, the cult members betrayed Trevor and attempted to kill him. In order to escape from the camp, the player must fight cults while picking up five bags, each containing $25,000. This is a lucrative and disturbing hidden mission, I just beg to be discovered.

3.Nuclear waste collection in a submarine

Once “The Merryweather Heist” is completed, one of the three main characters can choose to purchase the Sonar Dock. The property is equipped with a submarine that can be used to start the collection of 30 barrels of nuclear waste distributed along the coast of the map.

Each bucket collected will earn a net worth of $23,000 for the character, and a reward of $250,000 can be obtained after being fully collected. You can find it using the Trackify app on your phone to make things easier. The submarine itself is very interesting, but it is also an excuse to earn a large salary.

4.Leonora Johnson murder case solved

After completing the “Recovery” mission at the beginning of the game, the three characters can start collecting 50 characters placed around the map. If the player has a Social Club account, then Rockstar has included all 50 sites in the list tab.

Once you collect 50 people and Franklin reads the letter, the player will be directed to murderer Peter Dreyfus, who is at his Vinewood home. In a movie scene, Franklin reveals to Peter that he knows he’s the killer, which terrifies him. The player can let him escape or kill him. There is no reward for this task but success, but that is enough for many finalists.

5.Unlock the spaceship

GTA 5 has a large number of unique and exotic vehicles, and Space Docker is near the top. The only way to get this car is to get 50 spaceship pieces scattered around the map. Once Franklin begins the “Far Out” mission, players can begin to search for these items. He claimed that he had been kidnapped by extraterrestrials and Franklin showed the parts of the spacecraft on his phone.

Once all 50 coins are collected, Franklin will automatically start the “Last Frontier” mission, where he will meet with Omega in his lab and show him the space anchor. After the mission, as a bonus, Franklin kept the far vehicle.

6.hunting savages

To enter this mission, players must reach 100% of the game completion mark. As soon as this huge task is completed, a question mark will appear on the map of Raton Canyon, where a barbarian hunter is waiting. In mission scenes, he recruits Franklin to help him hunt monsters.

The reason this mission is so unique is that it actually refers to an ancient legend in GTA: San Andreas, where players believe that similar beings are somewhere on the map. Saying more will spoil the experience, making this mission more attractive to GTA V fans.

7.go fishing

Red Dead Redemption 2 may be a game that makes hunting fun, but its spiritual roots can be found in GTA V. When playing Trevor, players will receive a call from Cletus asking them to see him in the locker room. After reaching the hut in the woods, Claytos called Trevor and told him that they were going hunting. For anyone who wants to pursue hunting as a side activity in the game, this task is very similar to the tutorial.

Players will learn where to shoot animals to get more points, how to adapt to the wind when using the gun, and to distinguish between a male and a female deer. After each kill, the player sends a photo of the corpse to Cletus for arrangement. Sending it to other people in your contact list may get funny responses.

8.kill millions

After completing the “Fame or Disgrace” mission as Franklin, the player will receive a call from Leicester and begin the first assassination mission “Hotel Assassination”. The completion of the first task is necessary to proceed to the main scene. However, in order to obtain this potential fortune, it would be wise to save the remaining four assassinations after the Big Score.
Upon completion, according to the chosen fate of the three characters, the player will receive millions of dollars from the latest heist. Taking this money and investing it properly in competition for each goal can generate huge returns, which can help in real estate buying and achieving expensive goals.

9.Collect hidden cash chests

There are twelve suitcases full of cash hidden on the maps of Los Santos and Blaine County, waiting to be discovered. Getting started with her studies does not require assignment progress or special prerequisites; Just a little luck and a keen eye.
The maximum amount that can be found at one time is $25,000, which will require the player to have a high vitality ability or wetsuit. This hideout can be found north of Vespucci Beach, along the west coast, on a sunken submarine under the sea. It is recommended to carry melee weapons for protection.

10.Save Salma and Lucy

On a slope in the north of the map, near Raton Canyon, between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., players can see local police firing at a familiar-looking convertible. And it just so happens to feature two women, which is a very obvious homage to Ridley Scott’s classic 1991 movie “Selma and Louise.”
As the police began climbing the mountain, the scene unfolded like the last scene from a feature film, with the convertible descending straight off the cliff. However, it could block the vehicle’s path and prevent the two women from flooding, effectively changing the film’s fate for a moment.

11.Solve the mysterious death at sea

To start this detective-style mission, the player must go to the strange and fearsome token at the Sonar group dock, where Abigail is waiting. She told Michael her husband’s recent death and asked him to collect 30 submarine pieces to determine if this was an accident. Any of the three characters can find coins, but they can only be brought to Abigail by Michael.
When both were found, Michael concluded that the submarine her husband was in had been damaged. Then she rewarded Michael with $10 ugly and a picture. The player can then choose to allow the suspicious woman to leave or kill her.

12.Manage Your Owned Properties

Another aspect of GTA 5 that requires constant attention is property management. Each theme has its own weekly income per role, plus some perks, but there are over 16 features available for purchase, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

For example, after Franklin owned Downtown Cab Co. , his manager, Raul, might invite him to help drive through town. Likewise, when the barn manager asks for alcohol extraction or anti-theft protection, this is another trivial task. It can be ignored, but it will have serious consequences.

13.Help Run An Arms Supplying Company

There are many unique ways to make money in GTA 5. For Trevor, this includes illegal weapons trade, which can be done by simply purchasing a McKenzie Field Hangar. The airstrip is equipped with 800 Cuban planes and dune buggies, which can be used for aerial or ground exploration.

There are many variants of missions, such as sending multiple expeditions to airborne areas or bombing competitions. Dealing with competitors can be a daunting task. Completing each task successfully can earn you $7000 at any time, which is a good part of the change.

14.Fight Off An Alien Invasion

The alien invasion movie may have played a role in creating this mission, but there is another factor at play. Michael went to the park square in downtown Los Santos to meet with Barry’s defender. Legal marijuana. After convincing Michael to take care of him, the scientist suddenly falls into a player’s nightmare of paranoia.

Strange strange creatures appear randomly and attack from different angles. Michael has good equipment in the form of a small submachine gun with unlimited ammunition, which in a short time turned out to be a tribute to the serious Sam series. If Michael manages to overcome the dangerous wave, he will return from a high place and avoid going to the psychological services.

15.Enforce The Border As A Vigilante

The Civil Frontier Patrol’s mission began with a trip to the Great Senora Desert to meet Joseph and Joe. After the first meeting, the couple asked Trevor to join the Martial Force to protect the border in the worst possible way. Trevor immediately agreed to help.

The player then heads to the Yellow Jacket Inn with the two, where they believe they will find the next hunt. After a thorough inspection of the property with no results, Trevor saw two people leaving in the hot rod, then the player had to chase them down and subdue them with a stun gun.

How Many Mission of Grand Theft Auto V

How many missions are there in GTA 5-GTA 5 is an amazing video game and now players can play GTA 5 on PS4. If you are new to GTA 5 games, please check the details of the number of missions in GTA 5. The entire mission of GTA 5 is listed below. Enjoy the GTA 5 missions in this article and the number of missions there are in GTA 5.

The sole objective of GTA Online is to extract the core concepts of open world freedom, environmental activities, and mission-driven gameplay from the GTA series, and provide them to the multiplayer in the vibrant online world. GTA Online offers individual action. Or the freedom to cooperate to complete tasks with friends. This is the fifteenth tournament of the popular GTA series.

GTA 5 has been released on PS3 and Xbox 360. GTA 5 can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there are bigchanges on PC. The game is very popular, and GTA online mode support continues to be updated frequently. The GTA 5 interactive map is a Google style map that anyone can modify or add. Includes collectibles, special effects, etc. It is also suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

Grand Theft Auto V missions:

  • an introduction
  • Franklin and Lamar
  • Withdraws
  • complication
  • the father and his son
  • chop (task)
  • marital therapy
  • Daddy’s little girl
  • friend request
  • jewelry boxes
  • Gun
  • BZ . gas bomb
  • Star worm equipment
  • Jewelry Works – Smart Version
  • Strong Edition Jewelry Work
  • Mr. Phillips
  • Ron is nervous
  • Trevor Phillips Industries
  • Crystal Labyrinth
  • Friends unite again
  • Fame or Shame
  • dead walking
  • Does anyone say yoga
  • long stretch
  • Hotel assassination
  • Multi-target assassination
  • Company of three men
  • fishing cover
  • According to the laws
  • port survey
  • small subwoofer
  • Meriwether Robbery (shipping)
  • Meriweather theft (abroad)
  • garbage truck
  • boiler mix
  • mask
  • tractor
  • flash game
  • Mr. Richards
  • I fight the law
  • Heaven’s eyes
  • Assassination
  • Bus assassination
  • Free Cai Da
  • deep
  • slight disturbance
  • building assassination
  • Set Ballito Points
  • military equipment
  • predator
  • Ballito result
  • cheating
  • monkey thing
  • hang ten
  • test result
  • bury ax
  • early
  • fresh meat
  • Rocco Ballad
  • clean the office
  • family reunion
  • Architect’s plan
  • Legal issues
  • Break into the office (enter the fire truck)
  • break into the office (enter the roof)
  • Finally
  • Lamar down
  • Collapse
  • good pair (optional)
  • Father’s Adoration (Optional)
  • Paternity 101 (Optional)
  • drilling worker
  • kidnapped
  • 1-2-3 . gloves
  • the stinger
  • big degree (clear)
  • Large copy of fine points
  • The Third Way (Death Wish)
  • Sense things (Trevor)
  • It’s time (Michael)

Grand Theft Auto V Lester Missions

The first objective is not to carry out any of the five assassination missions proposed by Lister. The first would be to push the story forward. Therefore, try to do it as late as possible to increase your earnings.

Then you will be left with 4 missions, once the story is over you can complete these missions. This will allow you to use the money earned during the theft to invest in the stock market.

Lister missions are marked with the letter L on the map. Only Franklin can visit.

First task:

Prior to starting his first assignment with Franklin, he invested in Douyu Pharmaceutical (BET/BAWSAQ) operations in three roles. Start the mission and end there. Don’t do Leicester quests until the end of the story.

After the task is completed, wait for the BET address to reach 80% profit before reselling.

Then look at the title of Bill Kington (BIL / LCN). Within a few days after the mission ends, the prize draw value will continue to drop. Invest when the value is lower. Be careful, the value will bounce back a bit and then keep dropping. This operation can get you 80% (or more) profit. After a week of good games, the title will be back at its maximum value.

how many missions are in gta v?

There are 69 main missions in GTA 5.

how to do vip missions gta v?

Over time, the situation may change, but starting in 2020, you can complete some VIP missions in the single-person lobby, use car drops, etc.

gta v how to get missions?

Start the mission by walking or driving on the yellow circle on the ground. You must become a character to start the mission. Michael’s tasks are marked in blue letters, Franklin’s tasks are highlighted in green letters, and Trevor’s tasks are highlighted in orange letters. Use your phone

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