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Top Fallout 4 Best Companions allows players to travel with their peers. Of course, choosing one is not easy, so we rated it the highest.

Fallout Desert 4 is a dangerous and lonely place. Suppose you’re not betting on the Fallout 4 Preference of the Lone Traveler or looking at scary nocturnal wolves and other small animals. In that case, it’s good to label them as companions.

As your relationship progresses, you discover in Fallout 4 Ps4 special bonuses on funds. And it will give you a huge bonus while traveling. Some are also available as love options; others have fun when you feel a little lonely. Look at the best satellites, sorted from best to best.

Updated October 23, 2021, by Saif Ali Bhutto: Best Mod Fallout 4 friends have one of the main benefits of the game. In addition to skillfully crafted characters with exciting backgrounds and emotional stories, each offers something unique to survivors, like the advantage of intimacy.

The latest Automatron DLC assistant has also been added to the list, but it is very different from other friends. One of them is because Sole Survivor needs to create work.

There are many ways to play Fallout 4 in 2015, but regardless of your style of play, the Commonwealth is much safer with friends. More than 12 followers to choose from, including detailed stories and quests for all the characters. From each story to choose to play or connect with life, you need to know a lot about these Fallout 4 Clothing Mod.

Depending on whether you are interested in shooter or game styles, some of your friends may give you a real advantage. Characters such as Strong are very useful as a distraction or tank. Still, they don’t work well for players looking for delicacies. The best man in the game, Dogmeat has always been a fan favorite, but he never feels the blow of a Kate or Paladin dance. Either way, if you travel the Commonwealth, In Fallout 4 companions will help you fight and give you a beautiful face along the way.

Federal Wasteland is a very big and scary place, full of pests and killers, they will only use bullets to turn you into Swiss cheese, or they will cut you, then fill you in a bag full of entrails. Never be afraid! Not everyone wants to kill you! There are a lot of different characters all over the desert; they are waiting to set foot with you on the radioactive path. These potential friends come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, opinions, and attack methods. From a 200-year-old robot butler to an angry drug addict, these are the Top 10 Fallout 4 Best Companions.

Best 10 Fallout 4 Companions


Cait found in the Combat Zone is a strong match with a quirky Irish accent. With only 53 SPECIAL points, you might find him a bit boring, but his advantage lies in his other abilities. If you give him instructions, he can use them to unlock, which can be very useful if you have trouble with the lock or don’t care at all. His Perk Trigger Rush provides higher AP regeneration at low HP, which is useful in tough situations. Overall, he’s an interesting and fun character with many witty remarks.

Weapon skills: baseball bat, double-barreled rifle.

Become friends with: Come on, put a bucket on the shopkeeper’s head and clean the shelves because he likes violence and selfishness. Drink alcohol, undress, pickpocket, do all the naughty things in life, do all the better things.

Unique Privilege: By completing the “benign intervention” task to trigger a sprint-unlock, if the health value is less than 25%, the action points will regenerate faster, with the greatest affinity.

After arriving at the battle zone of downtown Boston, I cut off the noisy customer and called Cait to start a conversation. Kate is a ruthless person, so she will hate her if you show kindness and generosity to those around you. She may get angry, but she is very useful in fights and battles.

Location: Theater

Related tasks: Additional tasks (accompaniment person): benign intervention

Advantage: trigger sprint

Cait is a professional unlock, expert. Suppose the health value is less than 25% of the maximum value. In that case, the privilege allows the player’s action point regeneration rate to increase by 25%.

Cait is a warrior of ancient predators in the battle zone, just enter the battle zone and swipe him from the predators to retrieve him. Then talk to Cait and her manager, and she’ll offer to let him join.

Cait’s strength doesn’t always shine through in battle, as she’s good at melee and rifles. However, its true use lies in its ability to unlock. Because of this, it’s easy to upgrade the key selector yourself. His Trigger Rush affinity excitement is very special; if your health is below 25%, you can increase your AP recovery speed by 25%.

After completing the battle area, you can ask Cait to join you as a permanent partner.

He is a drug addict, but his character is very strong.

You can see Cait playing the role of a warrior locked up in a battle zone, where hell opens, and predators invade the zone.

After saving, the battle zone owner will allow you to continue Cait’s contract and make her a permanent partner.

He will fight bravely and provide useful assistance at all times, even if he has not completely rid himself of his psychological addiction. But I said forgive and forget if he could save me once or twice.

This stubborn Irish fighter is a bit cranky, but he’s grateful to have someone like you as his partner. Kate carries more demons and emotional baggage than the average 23rd-century survivor. At first, he likes a bad and destructive nature, but that doesn’t mean he is stubborn.

Original location: Greater Boston Theater District Theater.

Kate may not live her life to the fullest, and her drug addiction haunts her. However, she is a very strong and skilled companion, maintaining her state in the gun battle. He is an assailant, so I hope he appreciates every act of violence you commit.

One of its biggest advantages is that it can unlock almost any lock you need to unlock, which is a huge boost to your life in the wild. Once you’ve earned his trust, he’ll grant you the Trigger Rush privilege, which can help you regain your Action Points faster when your health is below 25%.

How to recruit Cait, the addict fighter?

Kate has rough red hair with matching accents. He was born in a difficult world and faced with worse. He grew strong and strong and became a mighty warrior with little respect for the sweet life. Take what you can get; that’s the motto, including drug use.

Recruit Kate by clearing the attacker’s battle area and talking to management; it’s worth it. Have him fight with his rifle, and he’ll make you proud, and his Trigger Rush privilege means that if your health drops, your action points will recover faster. You’ll need to complete the Tame Intervention Companion task to unlock it.

  • Advantage: trigger sprint
  • Like: drinking, undressing, picking keys, pocketing, bargaining, everything makes him happy.
  • She dislikes: Kate is upset about killing innocent people, giving away things, free favors, and being an asshole.
  • Note: Cait is happy to see you take your medication before a minor procedure. Then, he hated it.


Weapon skills: flamethrower, circular saw

Become your best friend in this way: If you change armor and weapons, Codsworth will always love him. Kindness, honesty, and generosity will soon make you Codsworth’s best friend.

Unique fun: Robot sympathies can also be unlocked by reaching maximum affinity. – Gives +10 damage resistance to robotic energy weapons.

Codsworth is your innocent and loyal servant after the war. When you exit Vault 111, you’ll find him waiting at your door, like all Mr. model robots. Handy, this maid is made of heavy steel and dirty weapons.

She may be your housekeeper, but if you fight, steal, kill, do drugs, or stay out after curfew, she will scold you as your guardian. If you are interested in mechanical repair, you are a good boy. However, it proves that robots can also be selfish.

  • Place: Sanctuary
  • Related tasks: none
  • Advantage: robot sympathy

Codsworth is your trusted butler robot. For the last 200 years, he has tried to keep your house together. While not the best in combat, its sympathetic robot excitement comes in handy when dealing with synthetic humans, as your character will gain +10 damage resistance to robotic energy attacks. When you pile on trash, Cordesworth can be picky and dislike it. Be prepared for rude comments with Codsworth.

Codsworth is one of Fallout 4’s partners. If you have enough gold, he can buy it.

He was originally Mr. Handy, and Codsworth became your partners after completing the Timeless quest. His ability to provide damage resistance makes him one of the best partners in the main story.

As you know, Codsworth has been with your family since before the war.

Therefore, if you meet him during Fallout 4, you will find the robot again after 200 years apart.

How to recruit Codsworth, the future head waiter, cuts through the past?

Codsworth is a robot that helps the happy family you’ve been missing for 200 years. All you need to do is to recruit him to come to your house when you escape Vault 111 as part of the main mission path, chat, and return to him when you rescue the Concord militia. He wasn’t the most useful battle companion. He had a penchant for rushing into battle and kicking his ass, but he always glowed in the dark. If he loves you, he will give you pure water, and you can make him wear a bowler hat.

  • Advantage: robot sympathy
  • Such as: Giving things to people, healing dog meat, modifying armor and weapons.
  • Dislikes: stealing other people’s things, breaking into safes, suitcases, and other locked items.


Weapon skills: laser gun, flamethrower.

Become your best friend by: avoiding selfishness and drug addiction. Giving him a new synth body will improve his perception of you. However, the Curies are cold, gentle, peaceful, and sometimes cruel.

Unique Perks: Battle Doctor – Unlocked by completing the “Emergency Behavior” task and reaching maximum affinity – if your health is below 10%, he will heal you with 100 HP, but once per day.

At first glance, Vault 81 appears to be the most unique and rarest creature in the desert. However, after staying there for a while, finding a forgotten kitten, and giving Science a blood sample, a mission begins sending players to the other side of hidden Vault 81.

In the depths lower than the real experimental laboratory n ° 81, Curie will be waiting for you, and he has been waiting for you for almost a century. As a Therapy Robot Assistant, he is excited to break out of Vault 81 and become the player’s war medic.

Your combat medic, you can’t give Curie any items or weapons to make him stronger, so he can’t do any harm. However, he will give you the occasional injection, and I think you know this is very important. If you reach a max relationship with Curie, you will get Sole Survivor Privilege, and if your HP is less than 10%, you will get 100 HP, even if only once per day.

Except for his health, his stats were the lowest among his comrades. All other friends have a fixed number (less than 200), which increases as the player level increases. For some reason, Curie has 440 HP, which makes him the most durable player until the player reaches a very high level

  • Location: Vault 81
  • Related tasks: secondary (assistant) duties: emergency behavior
  • Privileges: Combat doctor

Curie is a robotics lab assistant, just like Cosworth. He is a healer and uses a flamethrower to burn his enemies. If their current health is less than 10%, their Perk Combat Medic allows the game to heal 100 health points.

How to recruit Curie, a combat medical robot?

Sure, Curie looks like Codsworth, but he prefers to be helpful and has a clean French accent. Its Combat Medic advantage is worth checking out – if your health is below 10%, it will heal you for 100 points, although you can only use it once per day.

Curies can be romantic and have really interesting side missions. Find him in Vault 81 (if you haven’t met him the first time, please come back a second time) and talk to him to start the Emergency Behavior task. Trust us, and you want to do it.

  • Privileges: Combat medical
  • Likes: He likes you to make tough, friendly, and peaceful dialogue choices and give up on something.
  • I don’t like it: because he’s a doctor, don’t kill innocent people. And don’t steal or pickpocket.

Paladin Danse

Weapon Skill: Laser Rifle

Become the best friend through: Maintain a strong interest in the Brotherhood of Steel, to become the best friend of the Paladin In, every time you change weapons and armor and use power armor, he likes it too.

Unique Perk: Know Your Enemies – Unlocking after reaching maximum Affinity Attack will deal over 20% damage to Synthesizers, Super Mutants, and Savage Ghouls.

Arriving at the Cambridge Police Station, you’ll see Dans and his team walking through the sea ghouls. Continue to help them fight the barbarians and give good comments about the Brotherhood of Steel, and you will see that the Dance is in progress. Newcomer to the Brotherhood.

To make Dance a companion, after becoming an Initiate and completing certain Brotherhood missions, use Military Frequency AF95 to check. Frequent visits to Dance will start a new mission, ending with a Knight title, a new set of power armor, and Dance becoming a Great Wingman.

This companion wears heavy strength armor, which can provide tremendous resistance. His special total is only 54. But the damage resistance alone makes him one of the best in the game if you get the privilege. “Know Your Enemy,” your damage to Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synthetics will permanently increase by 20%. He is a seasoned soldier and will make your trip to the Commonwealth easier.

  • Location: Cambridge Police Station
  • Related tasks: Call of battle
  • Advantage: Know your enemy

Paladin Dans is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Skill “Know Your Enemy” Dance increases damage to Ghouls, Super Mutants, and Synthetics by 20%. Having it early in the game is a great reward. As you clear the Assembly Plant in the first few missions, you’ll come across random “Summons of War.”

How to recruit Dans Paladins?

You’ll want to add Paladin Danse to your team because he’s a tough guy in the crossfire. You’ll find him at the Cambridge Police Station; he’s eager to help a new member of the Brotherhood of Steel. He values strength and therefore does not oppose violence when necessary. You must complete the missions of the Brotherhood of Steel faction to unlock his skills, fall in love with him, and uncover his deepest secrets.

  • Advantages: Know your enemy.
  • Like: Change weapons and armor, enter Vertibird, Dance will approve.
  • Dislikes: Don’t steal or lift keys on other people’s belongings. The winner does not take drugs.


Location: Railway Headquarters

Weapon Skill: Shotgun

Be your best friend in this way: The deacon will still love you, no matter how bad or good you are. You can become good friends with the deacon by helping the synthesizer and avoiding violent decisions. Hacking, lockpicking, and successful speeches also made the deacon’s deep impression.

Unique Skills: Cloak and Dagger obtain a maximum affinity gain of +40% invisibility duration and +20% sneak attack damage.

Depart from Boston Common and follow the Freedom Trail, a nostalgic walking tour of downtown Boston. This trail will take you to the location of the railway headquarters. Inside you’ll find the deacon and the rest of the railroad tracks. If you are willing to help, it will start a long-term exploration with the deacon. The deacon will become your traveling companion after completing missions and joining the train.

  • Location: Old North Church
  • Related tasks: none
  • Romance: no
  • Specialty: cloak and dagger

Deacon is the perfect companion for a hidden playstyle. His favorite cloak and dagger increase your character’s backstab damage by 20% and the invisible boy’s effect duration by 20%.

How to recruit deacon, all round?

VG247 is the official pick for the best partner in Fallout 4 (spoiler via this link). Deacon is a Railroad faction partner and is recruited when you join Railroad. He’s a chubby guy who can casually change his appearance, which means if you search his inventory, he’s also a source of free clothing.

If you’re the invisible type (have you seen our version of Fallout 4’s Infiltrator?)

  • Specialty: cloak and dagger
  • Likes: Deacon loves to see you angry, picks up keys, passes sound checks to get different hats, and is nice (or mean but funny) to others.
  • Dislikes: Don’t kill or use chemicals around deacons


Location: Red Rocket Truck Stop

Weapon skill: Be a very obedient man

Be your best friend by: Do whatever you want. The dog will love you no matter what.

Unique Perk: Attack Dog – Unlocked through the Enchantment Skill Tree – Dog flesh can bite enemies and give you help in battle.

Romantic? No

Dogmeat and the Three Moles are one of the first creatures you’ll meet in the desert, located on the Sanctuary Bridge. Kill the mole and let dog meat be your classic dog companion. Whether you kill, steal or steal, Dogmeat will love you. He is your best friend. Although it doesn’t communicate much, it’s a great battle tank. For him to be good at what he does, you have to give him a nice puppy armor and a bag full of snacks.

The first pair you meet is arguably a fan favorite – dog meat is a special pairing. Dogmeat is one of the worst partners on the list in terms of raw data as it only has 52 custom data and low HP. He is a neutral companion, and because he is fully committed to the player, he can neither gain nor lose affection.

To unlock his special attack dog, you need to buy it from the skill tree, and then you can increase the VAT accuracy against the fixed enemy Dogmeat. He can also find random items for you, a nice little gift. Finally, when traveling with Dogmeat, the Privilege Lone Wanderer (offers additional load capacity, resistance, and damage) always works.

How to recruit your loyal Dogmeat dog?

Like Codsworth, you’ll soon find Dogmeat as part of the main mission path; when you walk from the temple to the red rocket station in Concord, it will run towards you. Dogmeat is useful for finding things and bringing them to you; it has a set of commands instead of a dialog menu.

This can be very painful in tight places. If you take the stealth route, it will get in the way and cause your blanket to explode. He didn’t seem to understand the meaning of “stay.”

Privileges: Dog meat privileges are unlocked in the enchantment tree for having no liking.

I like/dislike: behavior does not affect dog meat. He loves you all the same.

John Hancock

Location: good neighbor

Weapon Skills: Dual Barrel Rifle

Become friends this way: You can turn it off by telling the assholes that made a pact, and good friends with John, peace, and kindness can do that too, though violence is cool too. Humiliation and selfishness were none of his business, but he loved the chemistry.

Unique Perk: Plasma – If you have 250 rad or more, your critical point fills speed increases by 20%. WE can only unlock it after reaching maximum affinity.

After finding a set of clothes that belonged to John Hancock (Founding Father), John Hancock (Ghoul) will decide to change his endless radioactive life. He will wear this outfit, form a militia, overthrow local warlords and become a good mayor.

Talking to Bobbi No: Nose will begin a task that ends with Hancock feeling restless and longing for life on the road. Go ahead and let him accept it. His soulless eyes and a big gun will join your journey.

This ghoul is the mayor of a good neighboring town, and you may have met him but not spoken to him. It has 64 SPECIAL points distributed fairly evenly, but most relate to intelligence, agility, and perception. It has quite a unique characteristic: the gain you get, the plasma, gives you 20% more critical meters, but you need at least 250 rads of radiation. He will sometimes give you free chemicals.

  • Location: good neighbor
  • Related Tasks: Others: Recruit Hancock
  • Advantage: the same doping
  • Hancock is the only ghost in this game that can be romantic. If your radiation value is 250, this gain will increase the player’s critical attack value by 20%

How to recruit Hancock the Ghoul?

Hancock seems like a tedious job at first, but she’s a bad boy with a heart of gold, and if you like violence, she’s a great match. You’ll find her in the Good neighborhood, and you can join her by working for her or completing Bobbi No-Nose’s side missions.

Since he is a ghoul himself, as long as your radiation level reaches 250 or more, Hancock’s IsoDod Perk can increase the charging speed of your critical meter by 20%.

  • Advantage: the same doping
  • Like: He approves of you using drugs and likes you to make peaceful and violent dialogue choices. What a strange contradiction.
  • Dislikes: don’t make difficult dialogue choices around her

Preston Garvey

Location: Concorde

Weapon Skill: Laser Rifle

Become your best friend in the following ways: If you are in charge of Minutemen and start building many settlements, you can get Garvey’s attention. Avoid chemicals. Garvey loves it when you try to modify weapons and donate items.

Unique Perk: Maximum Affinity Unlock: United We Stand gains +20% damage and +20 damage resistance when fighting three or more enemies.

In Fallout 4, Militia and Concord is the first major task for most players. You’ll find Loner wearing power armor and picking up a cute laser gun there. As your executive officer in the militia, Pres is happy to return to the Sanctuary with you. After that, he became an endless source of odd jobs and random tasks.

But as a companion, he was almost a different person. He is pleasant, generous, and is considered a good person everywhere. For a colonial actor, the opportunity to have a hard worker wearing a cocked hat is great, but Preston’s voice acting is the worst in the game. If you don’t like his voice, hire him to be his gun.

The second friend you meet, Preston, is a militia helping the world be a better place. He’s quite strong, with 57 SPECIAL points spread across all SPECIALS except for a few powers. Its true strength lies in its superiority, the United We Stand. When you face three or more enemies simultaneously, it will greatly increase the damage and resistance.

How to recruit militia leader Preston Garvey?

Preston was bugged, but he fixed it. Once you save the militia in Concord as part of the main mission and then build it on a sheltered hill using the short mission tutorial, he will be happy to join your friends.

Suppose you push the Militia faction’s mission line too far. In that case, he may run to act as a mission provider in “Independence.” He won’t be able to travel with you until the mission is complete – just a reminder.

  • Courage: unite us to stand.
  • Such as modifying weapons, sharing materials with people. He will respect you.
  • Dislikes: he’s a caring person, so don’t unlock, steal, kill, do drugs, or be mean to him.

Piper Wright

Location: Diamond City

Weapon skill: 10mm pistol pistol

Become friends in this way: You can accept an interview with Piper Wright while being generous and befriending her. When you pick a key that no one else has and give it to you, Piper will love it.

Unique Perks: Unlock maximum affinity – Gab rewards – to get double XP for coaxing and discovering new locations.

Like all journalists, Piper Wright craves a good story. Give her an interview and talk about your life in the world of Fallout that Piper will find interesting. He will selflessly decide if you go to the Commonwealth to do something cool, he will always write about it. Piper is also a great and hot-tempered person but is warned that she can get a little jealous if things get romantic.

Found in Diamond City, Piper has good quest lines and many simple outlines. He often interacts with players and the world. He is especially suitable for low-level players. His privileges provide a dual experience of discovering new locations and successfully implementing charming chat options. With 58 SPECIAL points, he’s also a tough cake.

Location: Diamond City

Related Search: Location Search: Story of the Century

Benefit: Gab Gift

Piper is the energetic reporter you met earlier in Diamond City. He carries a special gun, but the real benefit of having Piper by his side is that he gives you double the experience points for completing sound challenges and discovering new locations. If your character has high enchantment stats, they are good friends.

How to recruit a Piper reporter?

When you try to enter Diamond City, you first meet Piper. The way he brags about himself within the city walls, he uses you to get around the mayor. After entering and visiting his office, he will ask you to help him tell a story, the story of the century.

All you have to do is answer his questions about your past. By doing so, They accomplished the task, and he saw himself as a companion. The advantage means that you’ll earn double the XP when you discover a new location and use your voice successfully.

  • Advantage: Gab’s Gift.
  • Like: picking locks, cooking dog meat, and giving things to people. If you’re usually mean to other people, he likes it too, which is kind of weird.
  • She dislikes: Piper doesn’t like it when you kill people for no reason. It seems reasonable.


Location: Trinity Tower

Weapon skills: assault rifle, mace

Become your best friend by being generous and peaceful, by following the Brotherhood of Steel. Strong likes you when you eat corpses and attack neutral creatures.

Unique Perk: Unlock with Maximum Affinity – Rage – If your health is below 25%, you will deal 20% more damage to melee weapons.

Yes, you can have super mutants as partners. He has the highest base HP and 70 special stats of all the zoom companions, most of which are strength and agility. After completing the feeling, the player will use melee weapons to get greater damage when low health.

Unfortunately, he can’t wear ordinary armor, only super mutant armor. Still, his natural weight is much higher than his other counterparts, making him a great mule. You want to give him a melee weapon like a super sled, then stand and watch him destroy your enemies.

How to recruit powerful super mutants?

To recruit the strong, you must complete the task of remembering. Go to Diamond City until you get a radio signal from Trinity Tower. This is a distress signal from Rex. He says he is enslaved by super mutants atop Trinity Tower and must be saved.

If you want to be successful, you must be fully armed. Make sure you have enough ammo because the battles are long and difficult. A good way to fight super mutants is to hit them with Molotov cocktails (quite common) and then use VAT to kill them with a nice shotgun that uses .308 ammo.

Take your time fighting the towers (you will face fifteen super mutants), including their leader, Fist. You need a grenade to kill him quickly.

At the top, you’ll save Rex and his friend Strong who sends out distress signals. Strong is a very sympathetic mutant; he can read Shakespeare. Before recruiting him, you must reach the bottom of the tower with a temporary lift and kill another group of super mutants. His hammer is deadly, but when he’s looking for “human virtue milk” when he sees you picking up keys or lying/bullying people in conversation, he doesn’t like it. Yes really.

Pros: rabies.

Like: When you randomly kill people and eat human flesh, it’s strong like this (if you have cannibal rights, that’s great)

Dislikes: Zhuang Zhuang doesn’t like the Brotherhood of Steel, so he dislikes using power armor and flying birds. He also disapproves of all kinds of successful speeches.

How to find companions fallout 4?

There are many partners in Fallout 4. During your desert adventure, you will encounter synthetics, super mutants, humans, and other creatures, many of which require you to complete missions.

How many companions can you have in Fallout 4?

The Outer Worlds Companions are NPCs who can join the Unreliable crew and help you on your journey. You can have up to six crew members living in The Unreliable at once. You can have two companions to accompany you on missions.

Where to find Top Fallout 4 Best Companions?

Mod Mantiss567 baru ini adalah jawaban untuk menemukan Dan menata ulang Strong, Piper, Deacon, Dan teman dekat. … Ini menambahkan fungsi GPS untuk melacak teman Anda, lulu Anda depot menyorotnya di pita sebagai togas.

How to dismiss Top Fallout 4 Best Companions?

To decline a companion, select “Talk to someone else” in the companion wheel, then just follow the appropriate dialogue options (“start-time,” etc.). You can also use Companion to trigger the terminal.

How to find your Top Fallout 4 Best Companions?

Since it contains new projects, you can easily follow your partners. Name enter edit mode in any settings and turn on the power, then various find vault-tec. Population.

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