Top 15 Best Games Like Clash Of Clans

Introduction:Top 15 Best Games Like Clash Of Clans

The history of modern mobile phone games is very short. The first mobile phones are equipped with Android and iOS in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Although these operating systems have been issued in less than 20 years ago, the game was promoted one or two through its world-famous paths. One of these games is “Clash of the Clans” (CLASH OF THE CLANS), which was born its era of copies, derivatives and similar games, which were flooded with Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To help you solve these problems, we offer you a list of 15 game including CLASH OF CLANS in 2021!

What Is Clash of Clans?

So what is the tribal conflict? This fremium game is a unique play, because it combines several sub-types of strategies and published in one game. As a major origin, a tactical strategy and a tactical strategy (RTS) and a defense game towers, Clash of Clans has acquired the world of portable games in mid-2010. Despite its ninth anniversary of its establishment in 2021, Clash of Clans still has a base Powerful players, exceed 20 million players per day.

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As one of two leading games in 2012, Clash of Clans is actually one of our best portable games, as well as Sage Candy Crush Sage.

Our List of Games Like Clash of Clans

In this list, we will only provide you with the best free infrastructure games, such as CLASH of Clans. Due to many sub-strategies for clan conflict strategies, we specifically use two terms to help you choose a game. For this reason, we will see that we use the term “Tower Defense” and “RTS” in the “Type” section in each game. We believe that the selected type is the strength of this game and the center of most play.

Boom Beach

Publisher: SuperCell
Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

The first in our list is also the nearest game where you can get CLASH OF CLANS. This similarity is not encountered, because BOOM BEACH has been developed by SuperCell, the same team behind the success of Clash of Clans. Although they share the functions of the game, such as basic construction and units production, but BOOM Beach confirms the defense of tactical and tactical games more than “CLASH of Clans”.

Despite the similarities, the asterise feature in BOOM Beach is her long battle that defends the beach against almost endless enemies. This activity also gives you the game recognition while playing. If you want a game like CLASH of Clans, this is the nearest game you can get.


Publisher: Big Huge Games, Inc. For Android; Nexon M Inc. For iOS operating system
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

The game comes from his studio has a long history and has a long history in creating complex RTS games such as national serials. After the magnificent games of large computer games, tracking hegemony. It has a similar game mechanism for CLASH OF CLANS, especially tactical play mode and basic architectural elements.

Some unique features of Domination include their journey across historical ages, an advantage reminds us of the Sidmeier civilization game. This, along with the base building and tactical RTS battles, truly force you to use your mind when defending other players and attacking them.

Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

Publish: Naturalmotion Ltd.
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

One of the latest games in this list, TITAN DAWN, Made of Naturalmotion. Recently released, and can be compared to his graphics quality with some modern console games. In addition, the game features an expanded campaign and a good story. Some RTS players who read this article may be lucky to compare this game with a “War of Middle-Earth” games with improved graphics and multi-players.

The main difference between the Dawn of Titans and other games (such as CLASH of Clans) is to use its excellent graphics to simulate thousands of units on a unit map instead of usual dozens or so. For this kind of games, more.

This game is one of the most difficult games technically because they require your phone is stronger than other games in this list. If you think you need to upgrade, we will insert the best gaming phones that you can check.

Clash of Lords 2

Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

CLASH of the gods 2, exactly, is a copy of human cloning – even the name is similar. Although “BATTLE OF LORDS” original was a good attempt to capture the essence of “Clash of Clans”, but the game 2 done task.

Although the way to play and build the story in the game is very similar with its source, but the tower defense has changed a bit. This leads to more difficult defensive procedures requiring tactical skills to win.

Rise of Kingdoms

Publisher: Lilith James
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Rise of Kingdoms is another game simulates the Sidmeier’s Civilization series. It has a variety of civilizations, players can choose from different factors and unique units. This game also looks similar to dominations as they enjoyed a clear tip for RTS strategy and a continuous open world and a fight from a player to the player (PVP).

The Kingdom continues to receive updates and changes of new balance and civilizations. Ragnar Lutchbrook and Poran Aeronside are the latest members of the Viking Ruler of Civilizations 20 in 2021.

Castle Clash

Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

Exotic game, Castle Clash has been renamed several times over the years, such as Castle Clash: Age of Legends and Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire and Castle Clash: Guild Royale in 2021. Although changing the name makes you feel that the game is not Know what you want to be, the basic mechanization is similar to the CLASH of Clans game.

Each major update for Castle Clash will be huge changes, but the game follows the familiar game game for construction, defense, promotion and development that has promoted the “Clash of Clans” game. After saying this, the game is still changing, and is interesting to know where this will go.

Guardian Kingdoms

Publisher: Phenix One Games Inc.
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Another copy of cloning tribe, Guardian Kingdoms has a great feature setting over other similar games. This feature is a cooperative component and multi-players that allows you to enter and get out of each other when needed. This option allows you to arrange and plan future battles together.

Resources can be collected to retain the strong final team, winning a large-scale alliance battle from 20 to 20, but the way play is similar to other games such as clan conflicts.

Gods of Olympus

Publisher: Aegis Interactive, LLC
Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

Another building base with the Tower Defense Mechanism is the Olympus god. However, this time, has a very good theme for the Greek Olympic. The game also features an animation art style, making it more like tribal conflict than other games.

In addition to the multi-player game scenery, the biggest difference in the “CLASH OF CLANS” game is the lack of “Create Time” for its basic buildings. The structure and tower were built immediately after applying.

Plunder Pirates

Publisher: Midoki Ltd
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Have you ever thought about sailing in the seven oceans in search of stolen and looting? If you have a game like Clash of Clans and looking for them, Pille Pirates suits you. The game contains a unique Pirates of the Caribbean theme, and is basically a game mechanics and features designed to be desirable.

In addition to similarities with the Mechanics of the “CLASH OF CLANS”, PUNDER PIRATES also has a good exploration, trying to imitate the era of exploration.

Total War Battles: Kingdoms

Publisher: SEGA
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Total War Battles: RealMs were developed by Creative Coven, an organization known as the Total Warfare series, which has accepted critics. Combat is their laptop derivative, there are some remote differences from the original string. This series of games look like a slightly bullish version of the computers and their own control units, but do not thank them for it. It still has enough complexity and play RTS condenser to overwrite other games such as CLASH OF CLANS.

RTS is built in Clans games conflicts, Total War Battles contains many high-quality graphics that allow you to drive units that have been raised from the crowd correctly. This fee quality is enhanced through the above TITAN mentioned as one of the technical tax games in this list.

Vikings: War of Clans

Publisher: Planium LLC
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Another unique feature in CLASH OF CLANS, Vikings: Clash of Clans underwent great converts in this type of RTS. It has two very different combat situation, wild fighting and deliberate marine fighting. The naval battle is allowed to control the viking warfare fleet to attack the enemy and destroy it.

Although it still contains basic architectural mechanics and a little cartoon technician, it has sufficient differences to bypass other similar games for “CLASH of Clans”.


Publisher: GameLoft SE
Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

The way to play in Siegefall is quite similar to Clash of Clans, but with an interesting evolution. The game contains cards, not magical, or “tactics” or elements. These cards are countless uses, from calling the troops to heal your troops, launch a strong acid or stunning on your enemies.

In terms of graphics, the game is great for Clash of Clans, but it is far from reaching the standard at the Dawn of Titans and Total War. Apart from these differences, the way to play is like any other conflict among clans.

Emporea: Real-Time Multiplayer War Strategy Game

Publisher: Pixel Federation Games
Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

Emporea is basically magic with lenses and different games of games and different types. After saying this, this blending effect is amazingly good, even if it is just another cloning for the cloned version. The preventive function of this game is in the tower defense mechanism, which benefits defenders, especially in plant protection battles.

You should note that this game has a strange fancy, because there are no civilizations among the four civilizations that you can choose from humans.

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense

Type: Strategy, Real Time Strategy
Statute: Android and ios

Another conflict on cloned clans, LORDS Mobile: Tower Defense, looks like a little improved version of its inspiration. The game is trying to get her own identity better through unique events, such as the new feudal war that was released in version 2.55. However, Lords Mobile is a global shock for reproduction clan.

Jungle Heat: War of Clans

Publisher: B.V.
Type: Strategy, Defense Tower
Statute: Android and ios

The last game in our list, Jungle Fire: War of Clans, is basically a “modern” version of Clash of Clans, where swords and armor are replaced by shot and rockets. Apart from jokes and whites related to the film (most notably A-Team, Lara Croft and Rambo), this game is fairly moderate and is the best game in our list.


This list games like CLASH of Clans. Hopefully to find one of them at least in your spare time. We love the high quality for “Titan Dawn” and the runway dominations game.

However, if you do not find enough games to meet your needs, do not worry, because we have a separate CLASH strategy strategy. You will find a selection of the best construction games and strategic games in actual and defense games.

Before you start, you may also want to think about upgrading your devices to keep up with the latest games that are issued from time to time. To help you solve this problem, we offer you a list of some that you can check, such as the best phone games, or the best android controller, or one of the best gaming headphones.

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what are games like clash of clans?

The combat strategy strategy fremium has been developed by SuperCell mobile phone games developer, where players can form an army, build fort, form a society or clan and attack others to earn points

what are games like clash of clans called?

Developed by SuperCell Games Developer, a free multiplayer strategy game players can form an army, build fort, form a society or clan, and attack others to earn points. IOS was released in 2012 and was released on Android in 2013 and became the most popular game in a short period of time.

what are some games like clash of clans?

The company on Thursday launched a new strategy game called “Star Wields Commander”. Disney has cooperated with Lucasfilm for about 18 months. The title imitates the famous SuperCell Clash of Clash, which encourages players to build armies and cities to fight each other.

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