Top 10 Best Clash Of Clans Characters

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Introduction:Top 10 Best Clash Of Clans Characters

Clash of Clans allows you to play a large number of different roles. Here are the best and worst roles you can choose.

Since the free mobile game release in 2012, with people continuing to dive into this strategy game full of unique and exotic characters, Clash of Clans has gained a loyal and loyal following. Even if the game becomes more complex and complex, it is still a reliable mobile game for new players.

If you want to try it out for the first time, have been playing it for a few years, or are curious to see what the current version looks like, it’s important to know which characters are worth your time and which fans say you should avoid.

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Clash Of Clans Updated by SAIF ALI BHUTTO on December 5, 2021: Metas changes with every major and tournament update. But many fans believe that the value of the role of “Clash of Clans” has not changed much recently. The most popular strategies used by beginners and longtime players still have their place. The clash of clans in this article now includes statistics on these roles to illustrate its power further.

A very short guide also outlines the requirements for unlocking these units in battle. Armed with this information, whether you’re just starting or getting back into the game after a big break, you can expect to be more efficient.

Characters In Clash Of Clans

Best: Hog Riders

  • DPS-60
  • Damage per hit -60
  • CV -270
  • Training costs – 30

Hog Riders are an interesting offensive force because they prioritize defensive buildings and the Great Watcher over anything else. Their ability to pursue these targets from over walls is useful for unlocking weaknesses that other forces can exploit.

Their rank will be higher, except for late-game strategies, such as being above the new town hall, which causes their usefulness to drop. Its advantage is that it is easy to use, very suitable for beginners, and can remain effective for a long time.

How to unlock

The Boar Rider will be available after Dark Barracks is upgraded to level 2.

Worst: Giants

  • DPS-11
  • Damage per attack -22
  • HP-300
  • Training costs – 150

Giant should be an anti-defense unit like a pig rider, but the attack damaged in battle is very large. Because of this and a recent weakness, they look almost like toothless meat shields unless you throw them at hordes of enemies or defend more useful troops.

They would indeed rank much higher in previous years, but the gains that P.E.K.K.A. had to play the same role recently put them out in terms of utility. If you are considering a strategy that involves giants, you should use P.E.K.K.A. instead.

How to unlock

Once the barracks reach the third level, they will unlock the giant.

Best: Archer Queen

  • DPS-160
  • Damage per hit -120
  • HP-725. printer
  • Regeneration time – 10 minutes
  • Upgrade fee – 10000

The Queen of Bows and Arrows is an immortal unit, so she only needs to train once. However, when her health drops in battle, she must regenerate before being used again. The time she sleeps is directly proportional to her remaining health at the end of the battle. Therefore, if she is not injured, she will be ready to fight immediately. Still, if she falls into battle, she must sleep during the full regeneration period described below.

To date, the best heroin “Clash of Clans” is the queen of shooters. This is partly due to his ability to be invisible in defense and summon a small group of archers to help him fight.

But frankly, the main reason for its power is that it is useful for shooting down air units. Barely surviving balloons and dragons crawling from their rainy arrow and attacking the village, they can bombard their enemies with arrows during the attack. It is adaptable and versatile, useful in any interaction against almost any strategy.

How to unlock

Once Town Hall reaches level 9, the Archer Queen can use it.

Worst: Battle Blimp

  • DPS-100
  • Damage per attack – 150
  • DPS (at death) -1000
  • Health 3000

Since the Bow Queen is often used by players and is very good at shooting down air units, making the combat blimp an obstacle in the current version. Battle Blimp’s weaknesses are useless compared to other siege machines (such as the very useful Stone Slammer).

If there is no bow queen on the battlefield, you can prove her usefulness, and her rank will be higher. But since many advanced players use it in almost any battle, this makes the combat airship a floating target and one of the worst units in Clash of Clans.

How to unlock

Combat Airships must be upgraded to Level 2 in the Workshop before being used.

Best: Yeti

  • DPS-230
  • Damage per attack 230
  • CV – 2900
  • beget Yetimites-8
  • Training costs – 19000

The snowman is a new member of the game, so players are still designing tactics and strategies to use them effectively. Therefore, they can still increase the utility, move the mouse in the middle of the place, or drop.

But in fact, many players use these mysterious creatures to act as powerful support fighters. When combined with P.E.K.K.A. or Golems, they are excellent, can be attacked, and can attack units.

How to unlock

Once the Barracks reach level 14, the Yeti will be available.

Worst: Lava Hounds

  • DPS-10
  • Damage per hit -20
  • DPS (upon death) -100
  • Lethal Lava Dogs -8
  • Health 6,100
  • Training costs 390

Lava dogs are very useful in clearing air defense systems. But since the current version does not use a lot of air units, the player does not spend much on air defense, which means that the lava dog is not much use in the game now.

On some special occasions, you will be happy to own a lava dog, but these moments are too rare to be worth having. Chances are, you can replace it with various other units without noticing its absence.

How to unlock

Once you upgrade the Dark Barracks to level 6, it will unlock this unit.

Best: Healers

  • healed per second – 35
  • Impulse Therapy – 24.5
  • HPS (Champion) -19
  • HP-500
  • Training cost 5000

A processor is a flight unit. She does not have the offensive ability but can quickly heal any ground unit, except when defending (in this case, you will heal damaged buildings).

When the wizard is deployed, an aura will appear around her. If all units are in full health, it will do nothing. If the defense damages the unit, it will hover and recover.

Please note that a healer will not heal flying units (other healers/dragons/balloons) or himself (unlike healing spells that heal everyone, including a healer).

The wizard is now the staple food for almost every yuan. They have nothing to offer in attack or defense. Still, their ability to maintain offensive and defensive units for longer is invaluable.

Sending in troops to eliminate a few of the existing air defense systems before these forces are deployed is essential to get the most out of it. Having a powerful attack fighter and a group of healers behind them is very powerful.

How to unlock

Once the barracks are upgraded to level 8, the wizard will unlock them.

Worst: Wall Breakers

  • DPS-6
  • DPS (time of death) -6
  • D.P.S. (Wall) -240
  • DPS (Death Outside the Wall) -240
  • Health – 20
  • Training cost – 600

The appearance of the wall was a small skeleton with a brown pilot’s hat on its head and a small scar on its right eye. He’s carrying a big bomb. The Wall Breaker attacks by running straight to the target (the nearest wall) and detonating itself as a suicide bomber. It will deal scattered damage around the enemy and 40 times the damage to the wall.

Even if you place it away from any wall, the Wall Breaker will keep hitting any wall until it disappears. Every time the Wallbreaker is upgraded, the bombs it contains will get bigger. At level 3, the bomb will get bigger. At level 5, the wall bomb turns into gold coins.

The only reason Wall Breakers aren’t at the bottom is that some seasoned players sometimes use them in a very clever way. But in the end, the purpose of the wall breaker is to break the wall, nothing more.

As soon as you finish its work, you will lose it in vain, which means that you have to plan to replace those destroyed by the enemy or when they managed to tear down the wall. To make matters worse, Wallbreaker will not attack enemy units or buildings until every part of the enemy city wall is destroyed, which is unnecessary to win the game and is not recommended.

How to unlock

To unlock the wall breakers, you need to upgrade the barracks to level 5.


  • DPS-240
  • CCA-432
  • resume 2800
  • Training costs – 14000

P.E.K.K.A is the last unit to be unlocked in the Barracks. It has the most powerful armor and damage of all the units in the game, but it is also the most expensive.

She was surrounded by purple crystal spikes, holding a sword in her hand.

At level 3, Pickup Superman’s armor changes from dark blue to black, making it look more difficult.

The best character in Clash of Clans is, without a doubt, Pekka. These metal monsters have the highest attack power and highest health of all units in the game. They can easily tear down walls, destroy buildings and infiltrate hordes of enemies.

Admittedly, it’s pricey and requires a lot of lodging. Still, it’s worth every ounce of elixir and is the most successful metadata main content in games to date. Ignore them at your own risk.

How to unlock

To get to P.E.K.K.A., you need to upgrade the barracks to level 10. This will require an eight-story town hall. This takes time and a lot of resources to complete.

Worst: Goblins

  • DPS-11
  • pillow 11
  • DPS (Construction) -22
  • Health – 25
  • Training costs – 25

The sprite is the fastest character in the game. Their main goal is to build resources. If your main focus is gathering resources in a raid, they are the perfect troops to deploy. It deals twice as much damage to resource buildings (gold mines, potions, and every warehouse).

This means that the damage you do to these buildings is more than double the damage dealt by barbarians and more than triple the damage to Archers! The price is that their health is relatively low, higher than shooters but lower than barbarians. In addition, since the character’s character attacks the resource building first, ignoring all defenses, it is easy to attack. It should not be deployed without the support of other types of troops.

Orcs have been around for a long time and have many adoring fans, but unfortunately, they are now considered the worst unit in Clash of Clans. They were decent when throwing crops at the enemy in groups and could clean troops. Still, other soldiers were better suited for these tasks and were bypassed in legal matches.

In the final analysis, orcs are low-level troops used heavily at the beginning of the game and are quickly eliminated over time. They will probably upgrade them in the future, but they are a one-time unit of little use for now.

How to unlock

Orcs are unlocked when the barracks reach level 4.

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How to draw clash of clans characters?

And get out. We’re going to pull it straight to the bottom of the helmet. he’s there. And do the same on the right side and go down to the same height.

what are the characters in clash of clans?

In this update, your heroes will now engage in battles with their loyal companions, giving them special powers to help them fight.
Hero pets: powerful companions for the most powerful heroes! The hero pet is a brand new unit in Clash of Clans. …
L.A.S.S.I. …
Electronic owl. …
Strong bull. …

how to level up characters in clash of clans?

Reach level 3 of City Hall.
Click on the “Shop” button.
Select “Lab” from the menu. …
Click on the lab to see the available processes.
Click the “Resources” button.
Select the organization you want to promote.

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