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About:Raid Report Destiny 2

Raid Report is a third party website where you can track the progress of any raid by any Destiny 2 guardian. This is the leaderboard! The raid didn’t find a suitable team, the raid report was low and no one told you? Our professional players can help you! Get started quickly on any platform (Xbox, PC, PS4) in any region!

Destiny Raid Report Boost is possible in 4 Raids

  • Garden o Salvation;
  • Vault Of Glass;
  • Last Wish;
  • Deep Stone Crypt.

Within Raid options you can find next modes to choose

Flawless race, no one died during the raid.
Three races, half a team running to achieve the goal;
The two ran into a very difficult raid. Usually two guardians can’t resist the raid mechanism, but we know the ‘method’ =);
All of these situations are very difficult. By successfully completing these courses, you will earn points (a number determined by several parameters) in the raid reporting system. The more points you get, the higher your rank will be.

Destiny Raid Determination Service 2 Requirements

  • beyond the light or subsequent extension;
  • Active Season Pass
  • The initial mission line has been completed. If necessary, check Starter Questline & Campaign Boost Service.
  • Requires 1330+ energy levels. If you do not meet the requirements, feel free to consult the light energy level enhancement department.
  • Raid Report Achievement Boost is only available in beta mode (professional players will play your part).

Important information about the D2 raid report:

  • First of all, we guarantee the fulfillment of every order. However, most looting and gambling activities are based on chance. In rare cases, the estimated time of arrival may be greater than expected;
  • In addition, we will never use any third party software, bots, or any form of cheating. We offer you the best price in the market, fast delivery and hard manual work of D2 Booster with our PRO booster. without exception!
  • There are many factors that delay the start or increase of the estimated request arrival time: server delays, maintenance, ISP issues, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid this 100%, but we will do our best to complete your order as quickly as possible. As much as possible. Hope to get your understanding;
  • If the account is shared, we need the login name and password. In addition, we will ask you to provide a verification code, which will be sent to your email address or to authorize the verification of your identity. We will never ask for additional information. Most importantly, your account security comes first.
  • Score Boost can be used on any platform (eg PS4, PC, XBOX) including EU (UAE, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, UK, Denmark, Kuwait), Qatar, Greece, Cyprus, etc.), US Oceania (USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.) and Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.) Our services are easy to place orders! Choose the options you need, add to cart, fill in some fields and go to checkout. Is it easy? We will contact you within 15 minutes after receiving the order!

raidreport destiny 2

In Destiny 2, raids are one of the hardest and most amazing activities in PvE. We have shown you a tool that you can use to view your stats and those of other people in detail. There is also a function to show how much time you have spent on difficult content.

What is the tool? Here we display the Raid.Report page. Helpful Help is very easy to use and provides everything to make the heart of the mighty PvE Ranger beat faster.

However, for gamers, the two main aspects are likely to be these features:

Raid Report Reveals How Long You’ve Invested in Crisp Raids
You can test your data and that of your teammates


  • PRO * – short for ‘professional’. Also used to define “professional player”;
    XP – Short for “Experience”. Also considered EXP;
    LvL -abbreviation of “Level”;
  • iLvL * – abbreviation for “object level“;
    ETA -an abbreviated name. Definition of. Estimated Time to Arrival Estimated Time to Arrival (also known as ETOA);
    ISP – An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company, such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or BrightHouse, that provides Internet access to businesses, homes, and even mobile phone users.
  • By purchasing this product, you agree to understand all of the above terms and conditions. do you have questions? Feel free to click on the live chat. We are here to help you 24/7! *

How to hide the raid from the Destiny raid report?

Everyone knows how I did it, because 95% of the people who participated in the prestige contest hope you have experience dealing with prestige and making me angry, the rest is to join the groups that don’t participate. He is actually unbeatable, so when all the good combos that can really beat him want you to complete the raid on Prestige, how they expect you to be clear.
Note: No stupid comments about improvement, because I know how to run it, and it’s not my fault, I have to go through infinite teams and 50+ people and hours or even hours to complete, in part because some people are just incompetent.

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