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Overview: Play Together APK

Version 1.31.1 (60697)
Updated Jan 20, 2022
Developer HANGIN Co., Ltd.
ID com. hanging. play together
Installs 10,000,000+
Category Games, Casual

Download Here:

Play Together is a free simulation game that brings virtual worlds to everyone. Through his virtual world, everyone can play with his friends or meet new people in his public places. You can go shopping, go for a walk or play his fun mini-games.

In terms of overall gameplay, Play Together is comparable to Roblox or Minecraft in that it provides people with virtual worlds where they can connect and enjoy doing things together. However, this game is from Haijin. Ltd. It offers unique gaming features to refresh fans of this type of game.

Can you imagine having your own world where you can play, take care of pets, decorate your house, try out many different jobs and interact with other people? Well, all this and more is what the Luminous Universe has to offer us in this game.

Mini-games, fashion, pets, quests, romance, and more!

Downloading the APK file Play Together allows us to enter a virtual world full of colors and cute characters. This is a multiplayer casual game mainly aimed at younger audiences.

1. A Metaverse Playground!
Make memorable moments in our virtual playground with your friends!
Meet new friends at the Plaza, go shopping, or enjoy various minigames at the Game Center.
Play a game of hiding and seek with zombies at the Ghost House at night and try reaching the top of the Tower of Infinity at the Camping Ground.
The folks at the Plaza will have special quests for you! Complete the quests and get rewards!
Every day is different at Play Together!

2. A Special Adventure!
Go on a special trip at Play Together.
Travel overseas by going to the Travel Agency!
Meet new friends from all around the world and mark the places you’ve visited!
Ride the boat to the Forgotten Island and look for the hidden treasure!

3. Having a Party at Your Place
Be creative and decorate your house using furniture of various themes!
There are many colorful themes to choose from such as Egyptian, Toy Block, Botany and more!
If you’re done decorating the house, it’s time to host a House Party!
The theme of the party can be whatever you like!
Dancing party, pool party, cooking class, brunch spots and more!
The only limit is your imagination!

4. Your Very Own Unique Style and Identity!
Only you can define who you are!
Express yourself with costumes and accessories!
skateboards, sports carts, or off-road cars? Cruise the beach with your lovely pet and friends!

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