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Photomath Plus APK

Photomath Plus Apk is a very useful tool for you. Get instant results with easy steps and great features. All users can benefit from this application because it can help with all kinds of math from simple to advanced.

With over 100 million downloads, Photomath is the most popular math learning app in the world. Billions of math problems are solved every month, regardless of their complexity.

The Photomath Plus app is completely free and you can use it even if you don’t have a WiFi connection – the best educational app for learning math on your Android phone. Math problems can be solved with Photometh and you will learn new ways of thinking to solve them.

If you use Photometh, you will get detailed solutions with 100% perfect results as well as many more exciting and useful things.

About Photomath Plus Apk

PhotoMath Mod Apk is a mobile application for iOS and Android that can read and find answers to printed or handwritten math problems. The application was co-founded in November 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Stanislav Kholodkov through Indiegogo (as Kickstarter) crowdfunding.

The idea behind the Photometh monkey came from a 16-year-old student in St. Petersburg, Russia. He had trouble learning math in school, so he decided to create an app that could solve math problems and help his friends.

Photometh Mode APK is a modified version of the original Photomath Plus VChis without advertisements. This means that you can use all the features for free without having to buy an app or subscribe to the app.

The app is lightweight and works on version 4.0 and later Android mobile phones. Photometh is the best tool for students with math problems or questions. The app is very easy to use and provides step-by-step solutions to your math problems.

Of course, this doesn’t match the kind of math questions you’ll encounter during the test, but I think Photomath apk has limited math skills, but its versatility is worth a try. The application is available in two main languages;

English and Russian, but with this Photometh you can now use it in other countries without disturbing your phone’s local settings.

The program was launched in Russia in August 2014 and had over 1 million active users in 2 weeks. The Photometh app has since gone viral on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and other platforms, sharing comments with your friends via text, email or public link.

There were features that everyone could access. As of December 20, ’14, they had collected more than 10 million downloads worldwide and invested $ 1 million in leading international venture capital firms.

Photometer APK comes with two modes; A flash map where you have to find answers from 3 options and once you type your question directly into the search engine math solver. In math solution mode, you can type your own answers or scan the QR code of the question using the Photometh app.

Photomath Plus Apk Features 

Solve math problems by scanning

If you often struggle to solve a complex problem or get an answer, you don’t know if it’s right. Or parents who don’t know how to help their children answer difficult questions. So don’t worry,

because Photometh is the solution that will help you solve all the math problems in seconds and in just a few first steps. The app can recognize handwriting quickly, so all you have to do is pick up your phone and photograph the problem you need to solve and you’ll get instant results.

Different ways to solve the problem for your reference!

The app can quickly resolve any issues you specify, but some complex issues may require you to wait longer. But what makes it special is that you get a lot of different solutions to a problem.

You can mention many other methods to find the easiest solution for you. It helps you open your mind and take in practical knowledge that you have not learned from the teachers in the classroom.

See a detailed step-by-step solution

Photometh gives you the right answer now so that you can see every step of the problem in-depth and in detail. If you still don’t understand why the app gives such results, just select the “Show solution steps” section and all the necessary information will be fully commented.

This will allow you to understand the nature of the problem and the need for the problem presented so that you can apply it to similar problems.

Many different maths supported

The curriculum is different at every level, from elementary to high school, so Photometh always supports multiple forms of math for all audiences. The app can solve all kinds of math from simple to advanced,

including simple math activities such as addition, subtraction, quadratic equations, and advanced calculus. Not just calculations, but solutions to complex geometric problems. Every time you solve a math problem, you no longer have to worry because you have a savior.

Using offline

The next feature that this program provides is that users can use it without being connected to the internet. Basically, you need to launch the app now to use it. This is a highlight of which we are happy because our devices cannot always connect to the Internet.

It quickly solves all your math problems anytime, anywhere.

It is updated regularly

You know, the knowledge of math is endless and there will always be new problems to meet people’s learning needs. Photometh’s creative team recognizes this and publishes regular updates to resolve any issues and improve this application.

This program works best in a textbook or on a large screen with capital letters. Conversely, handwriting still has many limitations when not all user signatures can be read.

A few small notes

Photometer uses intelligent algorithms to solve user problems. So much depends on the quality of camera photography on mobile devices. This means that users need to make sure that the images they import are always of the highest quality.

For example, the image must be sharp so that the application can quickly recognize the data.

Solve math problems in less time

Incredibly easy to use and useful for beginners, Photometh works with machine learning technology to identify issues in images. The program has a great idea for solving difficult math problems using the camera of your device.

All you have to do is draw a complete picture of your question in your notebook and the answers will be in front of you in seconds.

Choose from several modes

In the Photometh application, you have the option to choose from several methods for a specific solution. Ultimately, this position will give your study a big boost. However, if you want to get answers in all possible ways, you have to choose one after the other.

Explained step by step

The most important thing for students when solving math problems is to explain each answer step by step so that it can be better understood. Photometh provides similar functionality for the convenience of users.

Just click the “Show solution steps” button and the complete solution with the complete steps will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

Built-in smart calculator

The Smart Calculator is a high-quality Photometh feature that helps you solve complex problems using a variety of concepts such as limits, derivatives, indicators, and more.

The built-in calculator of this application is easy to use and very useful for higher math studies. Also, you can edit existing entries with the advanced features of this smart calculator.

Specialized explanation

High-quality, teacher-approved explanations for every problem in the chosen textbook, including word and geometry problems! Learn or revise math concepts at your own pace.


Detailed animation to help you see and understand every step of the math.

More Features 

  • Problematic word interpretation!
  • Free use
  • The step-by-step explanation for each solution
  •  Exclusive as animation
  • Go through several troubleshooting methods
  • Multifunctional Scientific Calculator
  • Interactive image

Math topics included

Basic Mathematics / Pre-algebra: Arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimals, powers, origins, causes

Algebra: Linear Equations / Asymmetry, Quadratic Equations, Equation Systems, Logarithms, Functions, Matrices, Graphs, Polynomials

Geometry (textbooks only) Trigonometry / Previous calculations: detection, conical section, vectors, series, and series, logarithmic functions

Analysis: Threshold, Derivatives, Integration, Curve Drawing

Statistics: Compound, Factory

  • “With this free program, you will not only get answers. Photometh also provides step-by-step instructions to solve any problems.” – Huffington Post
  • “A step-by-step guide is helpful for students who do not have access to a tutor and are struggling to solve math problems.” – Forbes
  • “A male video of the new ape seems like a dream come true for anyone struggling with math.” – Time
  • Do you want to improve your learning? With Photometh Plus you will find:

Tips and suggestions

  • Accelerate your learning by solving “how” and “why” math problems or by memorizing forgotten words and concepts with our built-in vocabulary.
  • Google Payment will be charged to your Google Play account after confirmation of purchase.
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed if the current billing is not canceled at least 24 hours before the deadline.
  • Your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the current expiration.
  • Manage or cancel your subscription in your Google Play account settings after purchase.
  • Offer and price change without notice.


Photometer is an essential application for every math student. It has many features that help users get the most out of it. The app can scan textbooks with printed text and is not a problem for scanning signatures.

The application also installs a scientific calculator to replace the old one. Problems solved by the application always have a detailed step-by-step explanation for each lesson so that students can understand quickly.

Importantly, the application does not require an internet connection but can be used. Currently, the program has been published worldwide with a huge number of user preferences and support for more than 30 languages.

Now with Photometh, you can solve the problems you encounter while learning math. A team of Photometh experts conducts research and provides the most appropriate solutions and explanations for each.

Application of a mathematical problem

A photometer is an essential application for every student. Because it provides great advantages in solving mathematical questions. Quick display of results to help you calculate and create numbers. Solve extremely complex problems quickly. Studying can be very stressful for you at times. A photometer will help alleviate this fatigue. Quickly solve math problems and various exercises.

Easy, fast

Photometer is the most convenient and fast application for a mathematical solution. Solving a problem doesn’t have to solve the whole problem. It wastes both your time and your determination. You can use Photometh to access the camera and photograph this problem.

The application then scans the camera and detects the problem. Then provide a solution and immediate results.

Moreover, Photometh provides detailed step-by-step solutions. Let the users mention the action and understand the problem better. Problems that give you headaches because they are so hard to solve, Photometh can help.

Different types of mathematical solutions

All types of Photometh can be solved quickly. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, the origin of expression … Calculate equations, systems of inequality, trigonometric functions, and much more. If you are afraid to integrate problems,

look for solutions. Photometer helps you find detailed results and solution steps. All Photometh can and does provide you with the ultimate fast solution. A collection of many problems to solve with helpful steps. Don’t be afraid when you meet mathematicians. Think this is a difficult post. Like many advanced math tools, Photometh is always with you.

The best tool for learning math

Without the right tools, your learning can be difficult. Photometer is the best tool for learning math on your android phone. It can solve a variety of mathematics from simple to complex. Large number or addition, subtraction, multiplication,

or division of a matrix? Photometer treats them as a general-purpose calculator that costs more than Casio. Calculations involving variables such as: solving quadratic equations, finding boundaries, coordinating, linear/odd equations, and hidden quadratic equation systems … are also quickly solved.

Photometh not only explains the solution and the steps for it but also offers various solutions. For example, finding the solution of a quadrilateral equation can provide formulas and solutions using the Photometh factor analysis method or the quadratic complement method.

The nature of machine learning is that the more you “learn” the smarter the machine becomes. And this app teaches millions of math problems uploaded by users every day.

In addition, the Hidden Problems application helps to convert equations (in the form of y = f (x)) and create related graphs. You can see the image at the end of the solution for a better overview.

How To Use?

To solve the problem you want, you must first quickly scan the text or handwritten thing printed from your phone’s camera and enter the problem data into the application. Then check for errors in the parameters. To solve the problem,

you can write and edit the equations using the application’s scientific calculator. The Photometh app can now solve all your problems in a simple way that users can understand and follow. The application is based on the development of image processing technology and machine learning.

So the mathematical solution process of the application also follows these two steps. Photometh needs access to the phone’s camera, and once it’s in place, a frame will appear on the application screen. It then collects data, performs mathematical analysis,

and then provides solutions with very detailed solution steps. With accurate analysis and highly accurate results, the Photometh app needs only a few seconds to do so. The solution is very logical and detailed. In addition,

Photometh provides meaningful implementation tools to help students understand and comprehend. This allows students to see why the problem has such consequences. It helps them practice thinking and solve similar math problems.

How to download and install the Photomath Plus Apk?

This unique property ensures that its users are always protected. If you cannot find this app in the Google Play Store, you can always download it from this website. Follow the steps below to install this app on Android devices before completing the idea.

  1. Go to “Unknown Sources” in Settings. After that, go to Security and enable the Security option.
  2. Go to the download manager of your Android device and click on Photomath Plus. Now it’s time for you to download it.
  3. Two options can be found on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install an operating system and all you have to do is boot it quickly on your Android device.
  4. You will see a popup with options on your mobile screen. You have to wait a while for it to appear.
  5. When all downloads and installations are complete, just click the “Open” option and open the screen on your mobile device.

What are the profits and consequences of downloading the Photomath Plus Apk File directly?


  • You can download any version of the application directly from the third-party website. You can have the app archives of most versions and you can download them according to your needs.
  • Unlike Play Store, downloading is instant, you don’t have to wait for the review process, etc.
  • After downloading, there is an APK file on your memory card/system memory. So you can uninstall and reinstall them many times without downloading.


  • Downloading apps from third-party sources are not usually checked by Google. So it can be harmful to your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal data from your phone or damage your phone.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they don’t usually have access to the Google Play Store

Screenshot and Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can ApkResult.com guarantee 100% security for the Photomath Plus App? 

A: If someone wants to download an APK file from ApkResult.com, we check the relevant APK file on Google Play and allow users to download it directly (of course they are cached on our server). The APK file will be found in our cache if it does not exist in Google Play.

Q: Installing an APK from ApkResult.com allows updating it from the Play Store?

A: Yes, of course. The Play Store installs from Google’s servers, with the exception of downloading and installing your service, and page loading from websites like ApkResult.com is the same.

After you download the new version of the app, an update will begin immediately.

Q: How come Android App Permission is required in order to download Photomath Plus Apk?

A: Applications need to access certain devices’ systems. As soon as an application is installed, you will be informed of all the permissions it requires.


This review must have fulfilled all your queries about the Photomath Plus Apk, now download this amazing app for Android & PC and enjoy it. Apkresult is a safe source to download the APK files and have almost all apps from all genre and category. 

For any discrepancy, please comment your thoughts in the comment section or email us to the official email id provided in the contact us section.

Download Photomath Plus APK is located in the Education category and was developed by Photomath, Inc. The average rating on our website is 4.2 out of 5 stars. However, this app is rated 4 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms. You can also respond to Photomath Plus APK on our website so that our users can get a better idea of ​​the application. If you want to know more about Photomath Plus APK, you can visit the official developer website for information. The average rating is rated by 15886 users. The app was rated 1-star by 44 users and 5-star by 6257 users. The app has been downloaded at least times, but the number of downloads can reach. Download Photomath Plus APK If you need a free app for your Action device, but you need a 5.0+ version or higher to install this app.

What’s New

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Speed Boosted

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