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Being online 24/7 can be a great feat because it puts you in direct contact with a variety of information, from news and informative articles to games, contacts, and multimedia content.

However, sometimes your connection may be subject to various undesirable events, such as sudden spikes, random disconnects, or slowdowns caused by excessive bandwidth usage by you or another user connected to your network.

That’s why you need a monitoring tool like Net Speed Monitor is a free application that monitors your internet speed in real-time on Microsoft Windows PC peripherals.

Net Speed Monitor will show you your download and upload speeds easily within the system tray on your desktop screen.

Although NSM is officially built for earlier versions of Microsoft’s operating system, you can effectively use the scale on the latest Windows operating system.

What is NetSpeedMonitor?

NetSpeedMonitor is a lightweight tool that keeps track of your current download and uploads bandwidth within the taskbar on your PC.

If you want to use NSM on a Windows 8 and later OS, then you can set the utility to run in compatibility mode within the system properties window. 

The platform is available for 32-bit and 64-bit processors. If you cannot find the 32-bit option, then you can choose the 86 download instead. NetSpeedMonitor is safe for you to use on PCs. 

Antivirus tests show that the freeware does not contain malware. The ad-free platform will not use spyware to record your personal information.

While the security status is strong, you will need to manipulate the setup process to install the app.

How do I install NetSpeedMonitor?

If you are using a version of Windows that is more recent than Windows 7, then you will be notified that your OS is not supported once you download NetSpeedMonitor.

Additionally, the main window will announce that the Setup Wizard has been prematurely ended. You can close both of the announcements to go to the NSM properties.

If you right-click on the ‘NetSpeedMonitor’ file within the Windows Start Menu, then the context menu will let you open the ‘Properties’ settings. A tabbed window will appear.

You can go to the ‘Compatibility’ tab to mark the box next to ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’. The drop-down menu within the ‘Compatibility mode’ section should read ‘Previous version of Windows.

You can tap the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the window to confirm the configuration. The Setup Wizard will let you install NetSpeedMonitor once you adapt the system requirements to your Windows OS.

You can follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation process. If you want to financially support the developer, then the installer gives you the opportunity to donate through PayPal.

NSM will not automatically be within the taskbar. You will need to find the executable file within the Start Menu.

You can tap ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want the NetSpeedMonitor toolbar to be located within the taskbar after you double click on the .exe archive.

A simple setup menu will appear to let you select your language, network interface, and traffic logging preferences.

How do you use NetSpeedMonitor?

Net Speed Monitor will be located within the bottom right portion of your system tray. You can see the current download and upload speeds.

The ‘D’ represents download and the ‘U’ stands for upload. A popup will appear when you hover over the real-time statistics. If you want to further customize NSM, then you can right-click on the toolbar.

You can turn the monitoring notice on or off within the context menu. If you want to modify your system preferences, then you can press ‘Configuration’.

The tabbed interface will let you edit the layout, database, etc. If you want to change the bit rate medium, then you can expand the drop-down menu within the ‘General’ tab: kbit/s, MB/s, etc.

Alternative services that monitor bandwidth

Du Meter and NetWorx are applications that deliver important information about your internet connection. Both of the apps are free to download and install on Windows PC devices.

While Du Meter is more up-to-date than NetSpeedMeter, NetWorx is the most consistently updated software.

You can monitor network stats within the right side of the taskbar with all of the tools. NetWorx goes further by delivering a mini graph within the tray to let you visually understand the bandwidth pattern. 

Real-time internet speed tracker

NetSpeedMonitor is a simple program that integrates into your taskbar to deliver insights into your network connection.

The utility will let you monitor your download and upload metrics as the numbers consistently change. You can customize the appearance of NSM by changing the font appearance: bold, size, type, etc.

NSM does not receive new software updates. While Florian Gilles originally developed Net Speed Monitor for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP OS,

the software has experienced a popular resurgence of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8 system users.

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