Minecraft 1.18.0 APK Vietnamese, 100% Free Download For Phones

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Minecraft 1.18.0 APK Vietnamese, 100% Free Download For Phones is a Minecraft PE version that has been released for a long time (from October 30, 2021). However, up to the present version, 1.18.0 is still found and downloaded by many of you to play on Android phones. 

Compared to recent versions, Minecraft 1.18.0 is also improved and upgraded more to bring excitement to players. Let’s learn about the game, pocket the download link, and know how to install it on your phone with useful information in the article below!

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Official Minecraft 1.18.0 information

Minecraft 1.18.0 Vietnamese APK  is a great version of this legendary game on the Android operating system. With many improvements and upgrades in this version in terms of features to help players perform tasks faster and easier.

Minecraft PE 1.18.0 is extremely HOT at the moment with millions of downloads around the world. You can use the Vietnamese version of MCPE 1.18.0 to be more friendly and easy to use. More specifically, this is a version that increases fairness for players, extremely effective against cheating for those who are using the MOD version.

What’s New in Minecraft 1.18.0 APK for Moblie

There are a lot of new features that have been added in version 1.18.02 of Minecraft APK . The most prominent must be mentioned as:

  • World adds height and depth: In the Overworld the height is increased to y320 and the width is reduced to y-64. Thanks to that, players have more space to build and explore the world.
  • New World Blending: The original rock blocks at y0 have been replaced with Deepslate, the bottom has a new cave section. New segment boundaries are created from biomes and terrain, making environment transitions between areas look more natural.

Create new mountains and terrain: The mountains are created with higher elevation and up to 256 blocks maximum. Megamorphs of unknown height and shape are created by new biomes. For example, the desert on top of a hill.

  • New biomes: In Minecraft 1.18.0 APK added 3D biomes. They inhabit the cave area just below the surface biome. Not only that, but also added new biomes in caves and mountains including: grasslands, serrated peaks, dark caves, dripping rock caves.
  • New generation of caves: Added new noise caves such as: Large and open cheese cave, wide and tunneled Spaghetti cave, winding and narrow noodle cave. Added aquifers, thereby creating water at the local level such as: Underground lakes, flooded caves.
  • New Ore Blocks: Added large veins of ore and they form long strips in cave systems and you can find them underground. To compensate for the new world height, the ore distribution was adjusted to be more consistent.
  • New Mob Spawning: When darkness completely falls, monsters will appear. Players can use light sources to traverse dark caves.
  • New Music: Added music by Kumi Tanioka and Lena Raine. To listen to music on the phone, the player must download the original music pack from Minecraft which is updated free of charge by Marketplace.
  • New titles appear: New Caves & Cliffs, Strider to play on lava lake, Star trader to trade with villagers, sound of music.
Download Minecraft 1.18.0 Official, Free APK for Android

I share with you for free the official version of Minecraft 1.18.0 APK ( the most standard ). In particular, the Vietnamese and English versions are uploaded to high-speed servers and Mediafire.

VersionsDownload Link
Vietnamese version + Xbox LiveHere
English Version + Xbox LiveHERE

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How to install Minecraft 1.18.0 APK on Android phones

To install Minecraft APK 1.18.0 game for Android devices is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Download the APK file 1.18.0 shared by bandishare above to your phone

Step 2: Go to the folder to download the file on your phone, then click “ Open ” to start the installation. When the window as shown in the picture appears, click ” Settings “.

Step 3: Wait for Minecraft 1.18.0 to load the installation for a moment.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, select ” Done ” to turn it off or select ” Open ” to enter the game right away.

Step 5: Game interface when successfully installed on the phone.

How to play Minecraft Game 1.18.0 APK for newbies

Choose Offline game mode

  • Step 1: Start the game Minecraft 1.18.0 on your phone as shown below
  • Step 2: Press Play to enter Minecraft 1.18.02 on your Android device
  • Step 3: select Create New to proceed to create a map for the game when playing on the phone
  • Step 4: You choose Create New World to continue the process of creating the map
  • Step 5: You can choose the game mode Easy (Easy), Difficult (Hard) or normal (Normal) and click create to create
  • Step 6: Click Proceed to continue and wait for the Map to be created in this latest version
  • Step 7: The interface of the Game after successfully creating the world and you can relax
  • Step 8: To exploit resources , please press the screen as shown below
  • Step 9: To move while playing, use the 4 arrow buttons displayed at the bottom left of the screen. To jump use the bottom right hand button of the phone screen.
  • Step 10: Click on the 3 dots to see the resources you collect in the game
  • Step 11: Craft items from the resources you have collected before
  • Step 12: Select Save & Quit before exiting the game to save it

Play Online via Server

Conditions: A Microsoft account is required to log in to Xbox Live to play Minecraft 1.18.0 APK in PvP mode on phones.

  • Step 1: Launch Minecraft APK game on your phone
  • Step 2: Select Play to enter the game, as shown below
  • Step 3: Select Server, then Click on a Server you like and click Join to join
  • Step 4: Minecraft 1.18.0 APK game interface when playing Online on Server
Some notes when playing Minecraft 1.18.0 APK on phones
  1. Before placing the torch on the side and the stove, you need to remove the concrete block from it.
  2. By attaching torches to different points, you can create many amazing constructions on the ground.
  3. Using wood to make tools will help increase fire resistance better.
  4. In Minecraft PE 1.18.0 , the Redstone feature is the best.
  5. Use more water and lava during construction if you want to stabilize blocks.
  6. Narrow ice and arches are what cause boats to break.
  7. You can directly drive a lot of different vehicles to move through the blocks.
  8. There are over 1 thousand different items in the finance and lava crates.
  9. You can be added to different points in the world. It is one of the secrets to creating objects and blocks in this version.
  10. To clean the car and slide the blocks, you can use the sticky plunger easily.

Conclusion: Minecraft 1.18.0 Vietnamese APK is one of the versions that brings great experiences to players. Hopefully, the sharing and useful knowledge that Bandishare shared in this article will help you understand and download the game successfully on your Android phone.

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