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About:Merc Zone

Merc Zone is an online multiplayer FPS made by Blue Wizard Digital. Find your favorite weapon and fight in different game modes and maps. This stylish suit and tie shooting game has fast-paced action and elegant 3D beauty, which will make you want to play more games!

Merc Zone is an amazing fast-paced first-person shooter with low-resolution 3D graphics and no textures. A wide, white and bright environment full of enemies will test your amazing reaction and shooting ability! Take off in a space full of armed enemies,

pick up your weapons and get ready to protect yourself from any attack. Jump, be careful, and be the last survivor of this unique battle – are you ready to survive at any cost? Just cheer up, choose a powerful weapon loaded to the last bullet, and kill anyone who gets in your way.

Merc Zone is a fun way to test your retention. This is a brain teaser game that can be played anytime and anywhere. It really tests your brain’s ability to remember things.

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Merc Zone is an amazing fast-paced first-person shooter with low ploy graphics. The game is still in early development, but it’s growing rapidly with frequent updates. Developed by Blue Wizard Digita.

What qualities stand out in Merc Zone?

  • First person multiplayer game.
  • Low resolution 3D graphics.
  • Different types of weapons to choose from.
  • Kill any enemy that crosses your path.
  • Become the last survivor.

Who developed Merc Zone?

This game has been developed by Blue Wizard.

Download Here:

How to Play

Find a game

You can jump straight into battle from the home screen by pressing ‘play now’. If you want to play a custom game and select the desired mode and map, you can create your own match, or join a game on the server closest to you. There are three game types: Free for All, Last Merc Standing, and Team.

Choose your class

There are five classes to choose from in Merc Zone. Each fighter has a weapon loadout unique to them. The classes are Brock (assault), Cochese (stealth), Crazy Ed (gunner), Bingo (sniper), and Ogre (heavy).

Begin battle

Whether you’re feeling like a sharpshooter or want to go crazy with the minigun, now’s your time to take on the competition. Merc Zone is a fast-paced shooter, so you’ll want to keep moving and utilize your grenades (G) and crouch/slide maneuver (shift/C). Stay on your toes!

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  • Fast-paced FPS action that values tactics and skills
  • Five distinct character classes with unique weaponry
  • High frame rate performance due to exclusive tech
  • New maps and classes added regularly, with more to come

Release Date

July 2020


Merc Zone was made by Blue Wizard Digital, the developer behind big games, such as Shell Shockers and Bullet Town.


Web browser

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