Meet Top 4 Clash Of Clans Pets Hero

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Introduction:Meet Top 4 Clash Of Clans Pets Hero

In this update, your heroes will now engage in battles with their loyal companions, giving them special powers to help them fight.

Hero pets: powerful companions for the most powerful heroes!

The hero pet is a brand new unit in Clash of Clans. When you upgrade the village to City Hall 14, you’ll be able to unlock a completely new building: the Pet House. Pet House is a place where you can manage, upgrade and customize your hero pets for your heroes. You can customize pets for any hero!

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Hit Points Unlocks

1 15M Elixir 13d 700 L.A.S.S.I

2 17.5M Elixir 15d 800 Electro Owl

3 18.5M Elixir 17d 900 Mighty Yak

4 19.5M Elixir 19d 1000 Unicorn

You can also get a new hero pet at each level when you upgrade the pet house. Each familiar hero has unique abilities to help the heroes assigned to them.

Each hero can face one of the heroes available in the battle, depending on your strategy. Assigning different heroes to different heroes allows you to develop various flexible strategies according to the army’s needs! Do you want to deal extra long-range damage to your Barbarian King? Then he used the electric owl as his pet. Or maybe you want to take the Queen Walk to the next level and then give her a unicorn for extra healing!

Finally, we can upgrade hero pets with magical items. Like your heroes, they can use the Book of Heroes to complete ongoing upgrades or use the Hammer of Heroes to upgrade your pets instantly.

So let’s see which pet heroes will be available in City Hall 14 update!

What are Pets?

After building the pet house, you can get pets in City Hall 14 and customize pets for your heroes to help them fight. Each animal has different characteristics, so it is important to consider the animal/hero pair based on the attack strategy you plan to use.

Like heroes, to can upgrade pets to enhance their attributes and upgrade them in the pet houses. Each upgrade requires a black elixir, and we cannot use the animal during the upgrade process. The working principle of the pet house is the same as that of the laboratory, and to can upgrade only one pet at a time. We can use the Book of Heroes or the Hammer of Heroes to complete pet upgrades. At this time, there is no potion to speed up the pet’s search speed.


L.a.s.s.It can be purchased in a single layer of pet housing and is a fairly simple pet. He can skip the wall and attack anything his hero is assigned to 2.5 squares. I suppose he has enough health to function as a hero tank.

This cute and fierce pup will attack nearby targets and will even skip the wall to bite the postman’s leg… In his eyes, everything is like the postman’s leg.

L.A.S.S.I: High Jump

Author: lazy judo

Preferred TargetWithin 2.5 tiles of hero

Targets: Ground

Attack Type: Single Target

Hitpoints: Moderate

DPS: High

Movement Speed: Very Fast (32)

Special Ability: High Jumper

Electro Owl

With a mysterious appearance, this superconducting bird of prey silently glides next to your hero, automatically giving him bonus cool points. Who wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend with beautiful feathers and shiny eyes sitting on his shoulder? The electronic owl launches a long-range attack during the battle and bounces once on a nearby target.

Electric owl: high voltage

Author: LadyB

Preferred Target: Hero’s Target

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Chain Lightning (2 targets)

Hitpoints: Low

DPS: Moderate

Movement Speed: Moderate (20)

Special Ability: High Voltage

Mighty Yak

Although this messy-haired beast does not appear menacing, they should not take the skull and horns of the Mighty Yak lightly. The mighty Yak is harder than the mountain and uses his horns to open the way for his fellow heroes, causing extra damage to the walls.

Mighty Yak: Wallbuster

Author: Yijin

Preferred Target: Within 7 tiles of hero

Targets: Ground

Attack Type: Single Target

Hitpoints: High

DPS: Low (20x Wall Damage)

Movement Speed: Moderate (20)

Special Ability: Wall Buster


This swaying, pointed-toed pony is not only a beacon for lost travelers at night but also a luminous horn. The hero who bathes in his regenerative light will be a personal healer to restore damage over time!

Unicorn: Personal Healer

Author: carbon fin

Preferred: TargetHero

Targets: Ground and Air

Attack Type: Single Target

Hitpoints: Low

HPS: High

Movement speed: slow (16)

Special Ability: Personal Healer

Clash of Clans new 2021 update: Hero Pets coming with Town Hall 14

Remember the Supercell newspaper that came out on Clappettes Day in April? It turns out that this isn’t a complete joke after all. Today’s preview of “Tribal Clash” – the latest version of the 2016 spring update – and reveals the hero’s pet, a powerful partner to help your hero in battle.

Expression of the hero’s unexpected pet because various leaks indicate new buildings. But today’s announcement reveals four hero pets that you can train in your pet’s home.

When your village is upgraded to Town Hall 14, we can use the pet’s house. The pet house has four levels, which can unlock a new hero pet. Four hero pets are l.a.s.s.i, a mechanical dog-shaped pet; Electric Owl, Super Drain Connector Foam. Strong yak; Monster, unicorn, and pony.

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How do you get pets in a clash of clans?

Pet Hero is a new unit in Tribal Conflict. When you upgrade the village to Town Hall 14, you will unlock a new building: the Pet House. The pet house is where you can manage your hero’s pets, upgrade them and assign them to your hero. You can assign your pet to any hero!

How do you add pets to your hero in clash of clans?

To unlock the hero, you need to build a corresponding altar on your base. Each hero requires a different level of Town Hall to unlock Altar: King of Barbarians: Town Hall Level 7. Arrow Queen: Take City Hall Nine.

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