Lost Lament Destiny 2

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introduction:lost lament destiny 2

The Lament of Destiny 2 is a strange mission that was released as part of the Beyond Light expansion pack in November 2020.

After obtaining the first community achievement of the Deep Stone Crypt, the Lost Lament mission will take you to the newly opened region of Europe, Creation, to find the giant Exo.

In addition to killing Vex in various ways, you also need to complete mysterious objectives, including finding blade fragments and abandoned caches.

How to Get Briefly Lamentations in Destiny 2

Here is a brief overview of the steps required to obtain a lament:

  • Talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower
  • Wipe out three dead aliens in Europa
  • Find the giant Exo hidden in the Exo device
  • Defeat 100 Vex with the sword on Europa and defeat 20 Minotaurs, Hydra or Cyclops with the last sword stroke
  • Complete the Exo . Challenge
  • Defeat Vex with Terminator, there will be more “strong” enemies
  • Go to Glassway Strike and find the blade part inside
  • Talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower
  • Look for an abandoned shelter among the ruins at dusk
  • Complete the quest “Revive the Past”
  • Talk to Banshee-44 in the tower for the last time
  • After completing the above operations, the lamentation is yours.

How to start Destiny 2’s Lost Lament mission

To start the Lost Lamentation mission you have to visit Banshee-44 in the tower. This task appears after the Deep Stone Crypt community is completed on November 21, 2020, and may require you to complete the Beyond Light campaign before that date. show up for you.

Once you get it, your first task is to find the three Dead Exo locations. These are scattered all over Europe, and once found, they must be scanned to add to your overall collection.

There are nine in total, so find one of the three mentioned in the article related to the previous sentence to continue the task.

destiny 2 lost lament

  • Type: sword of the sun
  • Wail Banshee’s Wail: Press and hold to rotate the blade.
  • Increased damage and shield avoidance and increased shield penetration for all attacks.
  • Gain recharge when using accelerometer attacks to deal damage.
  • The extra stack will increase damage resistance and damage from swipes.
  • Accelerated Depreciation: Damaging the fighter will heal the wearer.
  • Charging rate: 32
  • Ammo capacity: 62
  • There is no catalyst.
  • Steps to find the missing epitaph
  • Want to contact The Lament? This is:

Step 1: Talk to Banshee-44 in the Tower

You need to collect the banshee quest first, because people have completed the raid on the deep rock crypt.

Step 2: Locate Dead Exos-Scan three Dead Exos on Europe

There are so many dead Exo sets on Europa, we only need three. The first is located on a ridge at Cadmus Ridge. You should be able to find it in the screenshot below. Next, we recommend that you collect those in the hidden Perdition and Lost Void sectors. Both are in the same area as the last boss, so you have to fight hard.

Step 3: Find Giant Exo-Find Giant Exo on Europe

Go to Clovis Bray AI… head. Open your map and its markers will become. This will take you through a new area unlocked after the raid, located deep within the Exoscience facility. I recommend choosing the actual mission to get the mark, because the gateway to this new area is easy to miss. This is a long journey, so be prepared to fight against a few groups of Fallen and Vex.

Find the giant Exo hidden in the Exo device

Stage 4: High Expectations – Complete three missions

Between the Zavala and the Variks, the fall of the empire and the restoration of Europe and the priestess of darkness must be completed. For most people, this step will be skipped simply because you have already done all the above operations. This is just to ensure that those who have not yet completed the Beyond Light activity will not venture into the spoiler realm.

Get and complete the missions set by Captains Zavala and Variks, prove yourself in Clovis AI, and continue with the Lost Lament.

“I know you want this knife. But you can’t have it right away. I need to complete some quests first. I’ve been…wake up for a while. Now this alien race you call ‘corrupt’ is invading my Colony. They should deal with it faster.” possible time. – Clovis IA

Stage 5 – Kill 100 Vex with the final blow with the sword and 20 Minotaur, Cyclops or Hydra with the sword

This is the most difficult task, because you have to kill a group of Vex with the sword. There are some good points in this regard, but personally I think public events focused on Vex or Lost Fields are good places to practice. If you make him a hero, the former will give you plenty of Minotaurs and Hydra, while the latter is full of easy-to-kill Vex. Remember that even if your sword ammo runs out, the swordsman skill is still effective.

Stage 6: Great Expectations – Complete the Exo تحدي Challenge

If you have not unlocked the Exo Challenge, please accept the Variks quest and complete it. Otherwise, click on any Exo challenge that is currently being rotated. We will not spoil this task, but it is very simple, especially if you have already completed the first part of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Make sure to bring a weapon that you can use quickly, because you won’t have much time to stand your ground in this challenge.

Complete the Exo Challenge and prove your worth to Clovis AI. “Ah, ah. Not yet. This knife is only suitable for those who can practice its effectiveness. Of course you have proven yourself a little. But first I must see you survive a training unit. Designed for Exos. Good luck.” – Clovis IA

Stage 7: Big Expectations – Defeat 60 Vex with Terminator

Oh my God, there are so many initiators…

Once again, Perdition Lost Sector will be your best friend. Although it lacks powerful fighters, you can easily get all the Terminators you need without worrying about stealing another guardian to kill you.

Defeat Vex with the Terminator to satisfy Clovis’ AI. A strong Vex beat ensures the most effective progression.

“Last thing. I swear. There are some Vex running around. Some are too dangerous to be left unattended. Get them out of this life and I’ll give you what you’re looking for.” – Clovis IA

Stage 8: Save the previous full glass hit

As usual, we have a strike to do. Although there is a turning point! You must collect lament shards on the way. When the yellow Harpie bars follow the boss, you can find them at the end of the strike. Don’t worry, you don’t need to find any other collectibles during the strike. Just kill the new Harpy at the end to get the reward. For more information, see our guide on where to find them.

Go to the hit “Glass Road” and look for blade shards inside.

“Okay, I probably owe you the other side of the coin. The blade you’re looking for has shattered into pieces somewhere in the glass path. By now, Vex might have found it himself. Someone as capable as you should be able to retrieve it without any problem. Leave me alone now. – Clovis IA

Stage 9: Dream Breaker-Talk to the Banshee

Well, it’s time to head back to Banshee-44 in the Tower.

Go back to the tower and talk to Banshee-44 about Broken Blade.

“Oh, did I forget to say it’s broken?” This is not my question. Perhaps your friend Banshee can help you. Until next time. – Clovis IA

Stage 10: Broken Dream Blade – Find shelter in the ruins of dusk

Head to the Twilight Ruins of Europe, to the lost area of ​​the E15 bunker. There is nothing special about this version, so continue it as usual. After defeating the boss and opening the treasure chest as needed, you will enter the final part of the mission.

Find an abandoned shelter among the ruins at dusk and explore it.

“I don’t know what we are looking for in this lair. But my instinct tells me that this is a way to fix this broken blade. Find a lair hidden under the ice. This is the best thing I can give you. 44- Bliss.

locate the giant exo

One of the latest weird weapons coming out in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotic Sword Lament. Lament has been hailed as one of the best weapons ever seen in Destiny, so many players are eager to complete the mission chain and unlock it. The exotic Lament Sword is unique in that it is partly a blade, partly a chain saw. Efforts to retrieve it after the Deep Stone Crypt attack have ended recently have seen many chain moves before players can use their new weapons. The first thing players need to do is find a giant Exo boss and talk to them.

lost lament guide

There are so many collections of dead exo in Europe, we only need three. First, the well is located on the ridge of the Kadma Ridge. You should find where we stand in the screenshot below. After that, we recommend catching those in the Predation and Hidden Voice Lost sectors. They’re both in the same area as the final boss, so you’ll have to work your way up.

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