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Have you been patiently waiting for the Modern Warfare engine to return to Call of Duty? Of course, and we want to celebrate Vanguard with something creative.

We put on our hats and thought to ourselves, what can be gathered by a group of creative people who have too much interest and time in games?

After a world-wide map of the most popular anime in each country and a deep variety of exploration games, we wanted to do something completely different this time around.

Like our big kids, we finally settled on one word: LEGO.

We then completed a list of our favorite Call of Duty cards from each call of duty title, starting with the original Modern Warfare (COD 4) and continuing to emerge from LEGO bricks.

How Did We Do This?

If you look at our LEGO Call of Duty cards, you’re wondering … is that true? Well, yes, they are real! Below you will find how many Lego Call Of Duty pieces are needed to create each card, as well as the cost of purchasing them at the time of development.

We use free Bricklink Studio 2.0 software, which has a complete library of LEGO cubes and effects, and allows you to create LEGO masterpieces on your computer. We then worked with 3D designer Eugene Loktsev to recreate this Call of Duty card in bricks. You can build it yourself if you want to find all kinds of bricks, even if some of them are rarer and more expensive.

Once the construction of the LEGO Call of Duty was completed, we placed the camera at the angle most familiar to the CoD player, in line with the characteristic image of the card that usually appears before loading into the game.

Having achieved the perfect camera angle, we’ve changed the image to improve the lighting and add to the cinematic feel you get in the game.

The Toy Zone is also known for its inspiration for this project.

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5 COD Maps Made Out of LEGO


He first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the original) and then appeared in several other titles of Call of Duty because it was the first easy option to create Crash maps.

And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else.
To do this you need 2167 bricks worth $ 1340 (£ 979).

Its size is 1.11 m x 1.46 m x 0.3 m.


Castle is everyone’s favorite card in Call of Duty: World at War, isn’t it?

I’m sitting here on this map reminiscent of the past of snipers with PTRS-41, and I’m certainly not in tune with the friendly lobby and distractions below for beginners to take advantage of unexpected newcomers. No, not me, I won’t.
To do this, you need 12,873 pieces, which will cost $ 2,508 (1,832 pounds) to restore.

Its dimensions are 1.56 m x 2.02 m x 0.64 m.


Probably my favorite OG card, which originally appeared in Modern Warfare 2, the Terminal is a very complicated card to make with LEGO bricks. This plane is great!
The construction of the terminal required 18,043 bricks and cost $ 4,726 (£ 3,453).

Size 3.97 m x 2.87 m x 0.52 m.

Firing Range

Call of Duty is another movie that has been included in many titles, due to its relatively small size and a very popular card, while not suffering the utter chaos of Shipping or Rust.
This requires 5,133 shares for $ 1,852.

Its dimensions are 1.94 x 1.79 m x 0.41 m.


Speaking of Rust, we can’t ignore that, especially since we know how exciting it is to build with LEGO!

The midpoint of the map, where you usually find a person at the top and at least halfway through the murder series, works well with LEGO because it serves as a separate object, and true CoD fans will soon know it’s there.
To build a rust you need 1811 bricks at a price of 1810 dollars (1322 pounds).

This is a height map measuring 1.28 mx 1.28 mx 0.82 m.

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