Hawkmoon Destiny 2

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Introduction:Hawkmoon Destiny 2

Hawkmoon Destiny 2 On December 8, Bungie launched a surprise mission for Hawkmoon in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, a hand cannon returning from the original destiny. This weapon is directly related to the story of the hunting season, and the player can talk to the spider. You must have hunting season to follow the Eagle Moon.

Below is a step-by-step detail on how to recover Hand Cannon and its functions.

destiny 2 hawkmoon quest


The first thing you need to do for Hawkmoon is to reach the spider’s nest on the tangled coast. He landed on the beach and headed to the huge man’s lair. After a short popup, you will need to collect quests from the spider’s inventory. You can now officially launch As the Crow Flies.

Step 1: Look outside the spider lake

The first step in this mission is to search outside the spider’s den, but the game will not tell you what to look for. You are looking for a secondary causal feather that looks exactly like the golden feather that defines the task tooltip.

To find this first feather, exit the spider’s den and turn left to exit the door. He paused to look at the fallen box next to him before reaching the sparrow cushion. At the top, you will see golden feathers resting on the chest. Come and collect.


You won’t find the second feather on the tangled coast, if you need clues you should check out the knowledge part of the mission.

But you are not here for advice. Open your manager and select EDZ. Land in the mud north of the map. Go ahead and enter the small valley. Turn left and step into the bluff. There is an old warehouse to the right.

Face the forest and turn left, you will see a broken lane with a triangular roof. If you look closely, you will see the second feather shining on the floor of the fairway. Go up and catch her.


For the third feather, you want to reach the Cosmodrome through the steppe landing zone. This is very simple. Once you land, turn right and you will see a huge concrete pillar. Jump and you will find the third feather.


For this feather, you want to land in the city of dreams through the misty landing zone of Divaria. Towards the entrance to the well for the blind. When you approach the huge door, look to the left and you will see feathers on the huge pillar. Pick it up.


This feather is a little more subtle than the others. Go to the moon and land on Eris. Take your bird to the left and enter the shooter’s defense line. However, rather than continuing into Hellmouth, it is better to enter the Moon through the area gate. Follow the trail until you can turn left and walk along the path to Antelope Sanctuary, just as you did in the opening hunt mission.

Go through the Moon Tunnel until you reach the temple itself – a gloomy structure with small rooms below. Go through the room and approach the stairs, you will find the last feather.


Hawkmoon’s main alien flavor is Paracausal Shot, which will result in kills and precision hits, giving Hawkmoon an edge. On the last shot, Eagle Moon uses up the power factor to do a lot of damage. This makes Eagle Moon a prime killer. You wouldn’t use this to counter the raid boss, but if you’re accurate, enemies will be roasted in yellow and orange bars.

The conversion is a little strange. Also, at the time of writing, Hawkmoon is too new to really understand its capabilities. It seems that after you get Hawkmoon for the first time, you can get it again from Random Exotic Drops or Xur.

Destiny 2 Hawkmoon Quest

Hawkmoon from Destiny 2 is a strange mission, released in December 2020 for hunting season pass holders.

Equipped with the PS5 and Xbox series versions of Destiny 2, Eagle Moon is a hand cannon that returns from the original Destiny.

First of all, you need to complete the mission of Flying Crow to Spider. First you need to find multiple feather positions, and then you can find the Eagle Moon itself and restore its strength.

How to get the Eagle Moon briefly in Destiny 2

Here is a brief overview of the steps required to get a Hawkmoon:

  • Visit the spiders on the Tangled Coast
  • Find the position of the five secondary causal feathers
  • Watch crows on the tangled coast
  • Complete the mission A Cry From Beyond in EDZ
  • Generate 50 Energy Balls
  • Back to the crows on the tangled coast
  • Check the coordinates of the marker and find more secondary causal feathers in the EDZ
  • Defeat the hero or guardian in Gambit and Crucible games
  • Complete missions in EDZ The Raven and the Falcon
  • Once you have the Eagle Moon, you can upgrade it further by doing groundbreaking missions.

How to start the Eagle Moon when crows fly in Destiny 2

First, visit the spiders on the tangled coast and collect the raven flying missions at the bottom of their inventory screen.

Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Quest

Always looking for Destiny 2 Where is the Eagle Moon Feather? Veteran gamers will recognize this exotic handgun from Destiny 1, which is back in the game as part of the Beyond Light expansion pack. If you want to use this weapon with your own hands to understand how it compares to the original one, you need to complete a few steps first, starting with the “Destiny 2 Crow Flying” mission.

If you are ready for a bigger challenge and want to unlock the additional perks of Alien Eagle Moon and Alien Catalyst, you will need to complete the Raptor and Pioneer mission steps. It can only be obtained after unlocking the Eagle Moon, and the task is long and arduous. The enemy that you will face is approximately 1270-1280, and there are many negative corrections. If you’re still interested, check out this Destiny 2 Harbinger mission guide for more details.

How to Unlock the Hawkmoon Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Returning players may find it easier to get the Hawkmoon, as there are many steps to unlock the actual starting mission. In addition, let this be a warning to new players – getting the initial Eagle Moon mission as soon as possible will force players to follow Destiny 2’s story in unstructured missions. The mission was originally designed to guide the player through the entire story, but since the DLC can be played in any order, this mission does not require the player to complete the entire story.

Unlock The Hawkmoon Exotic Quest In Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer

To unlock the Eagle Moon Exotic Mission, players need to do a few things to start the mission itself. First, players need Destiny 2 Deluxe Edition. This content gives players access to the Wrathborn Hunt event in Season 12, some of the final events required to unlock the quest. After purchase, new players can start the New Light campaign and take them to complete all the basics of Destiny 2. Returning players need to visit the mission file in the tower to the left of the Postmaster to get the New Light campaign mission.

Once the sunbeam is complete, the player will need to travel to the moon and complete a mission called “Mysterious Interference”. This is the first mission to the moon. Players who land on the moon for the first time will be required to complete the mission once they land on the moon. After the mission is completed, players are free to explore the moon and can start a new mission called “Trial of the Prey” (still on the moon). His cue is on the left side of the card.

After completing the hunting experience, the player has to go to Tangled and visit the spider. New players or players who have not yet started the Forsaken DLC will need to complete the “Last Call” quest before they can explore the Tangled Shore. Once they’ve explored the Tangled Coast, players will be invited to talk to the raven first, obtain Season 12 items, and officially begin their first furious hunt.

Complete the first furious chase and get back to the spider. Talk to him for the strange Eagle Moon quest “Like a Crow”. This is the first official mission to get the Eagle Moon, followed by the phrase “Leave your paws.” Completing this bizarre mission rewards players with the first Eagle Moon in Destiny 2.

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destiny 2 how to get hawkmoon?

Complete the first furious chase and get back to the spider. Talk to him for the strange Eagle Moon quest “Like a Crow”. This is the first official mission to get the Eagle Moon, followed by the phrase “Leave your paws.” Completing this bizarre mission rewards players with the first Eagle Moon in Destiny 2.

how to get hawkmoon destiny 2 beyond light?

Find 5 secondary causal blades scattered throughout the solar system.
Talk to Raven.
Complete the mission “Cry From Beyond” in EDZ.
Back to the crow.
Generate or collect 50 energy balls.
Back to the crow again.
Go to the mission sign on the EDZ and collect some feathers.
Back to the crow for the last time.

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