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Battle: The Forgotten Gods is not a continuation of the main storyline, but a derivative product that focuses on the conflict between Kaimon’s Chosen and the Death Watch, with some evil gods. The budget for narrative presentation is quite low, but on the same level as the base game and the ashes of Malmouth.

If you are looking for mature characters and likable NPCs, you may not find them. However, if you like to read knowledge in the form of notes and diary entries, there are many things to explore.

Although choosing different witch factions will have different exclusive missions and dialogue options, I hope that there will be conflicts between different sects, similar to the situation of Kaimon Chosen and Death Watch in the base game. Make sure to play Forgotten Gods after AoM, unless you want to deal with serious cases of ludonarrative discord.

Introduction: The soundtrack is as good as ever, with a very attractive theme and wonderful repertoire from the last boss battle.

As for graphics, there are some improvements in creature and character design. However, compared to the detailed map that AoM must provide to Forgotten Gods, the waterfall is really flat. We have a lot of dry desert areas and Korvan buildings in the base game, so in this regard, the new expansion provides more of the same content. However, Eldritch Realm is a great tile game, and it gives me hope for the future expansion of Realm of Eldritch. If you buy DLC primarily for travel purposes, you may be disappointed.

Gameplay: “The Forgotten Gods” has improved gameplay in almost every aspect. New dedication and additional mastery allow various new constructions. Thanks to the new rune system, each character can now be equipped with mobility spells, which makes the battle even more exciting.

Grim Dawn’s battle mainly revolves around two things. Don’t get into trouble and learn to leave contact as soon as possible, so that your health will recover on your own and you will be ready to continue fighting. Mobility spells have greatly improved these mechanics and significantly improved the fluency of the overall battle.

Guardian of the Oath: How can I say that the rotating structure and the “spin to win” retaliatory tank seem to be the purpose of most people using the Guardian of the Oath. Personally, I chose a combination of Oathkeeper and Demolitionist to maximize fire damage when possible.

I started using shields, but when I met my first Korvan Helberd, I immediately switched to 2-handed melee.

You see, Korvan Helberd handles fire, electricity, cold, etc. Rather than physical damage. Combined with my massive +% fire damage, I have never passed veterans as easily as I am now. I cut through groups of enemies like a hot knife cut through butter. All of this looks great in my new Korvan metamorphosis.

Broken Kingdom: This may be part of the gameplay part, but I think it should have an integral part. The Broken Realm is an endless dungeon, similar to the larger cracks in Diablo III.

However, so far, I have found them more interesting and beneficial because some mechanisms have added a strategic component to them.

There are shrines and microphones that allow you to temporarily upgrade your character, as well as random mutators that change the statistics of enemies and players. Most importantly, there are many broken real pieces with unique mini-games, such as “The Floor Is Lava” or “Activate the X Lever”.

While constantly racing against time, getting deeper and deeper into the realm of brokenness, this is a very interesting way of smashing trophies. In fact, you can get extra skill points and unique runes and armor in the Shattered Realm, which is also harmless.

Various improvements in the quality of life. You can now transfer money from one character to another, transform one landscape into another (which eventually helped me complete the Ultos set after nearly 500 hours of playing), and have a well-thought-out loot filter, Make smashing specific items less tedious. I am still waiting for the automatic recycling function of material production.

Conclusion: If you are a casual Grim Dawn player, he is only for viewing the story ands New visual effects, so Forgotten Gods may not be worth 15 dollars.

However, if you like the first part of the franchise beyond the time required to clear the history, or if you have never played Dawn of Terror before, I strongly recommend that you purchase this DLC. With the release of Forgotten Gods, Grim Dawn is now a 100% complete game. Everything you can get from the isometric hack’n’slash ARPG, this game has it all.

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