Entropic Shards Destiny 2

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Introduction:Entropic Shards Destiny 2

Entropic Shards Destiny 2 there are many things you can do in Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, including searching for elusive bits of entropy.
The entropy fragments look like small, dark pyramids and can be found in various places. You may have noticed that they are immune to damage unless you have successfully completed the main campaign and obtained the Redemption Fist.

As part of Exo Stranger’s Born Into Darkness mission, as part of the Control side mission, you will need to destroy five Entropic Shards Destiny 2 fragments.

We’ve found nine so far, so you can find them here. You can find the Stasis Prototype Quest: Salvation Fist Guide here, so be sure to do that first.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Side of Control Guide – Where to Find Entropy Fragments
After finding the entropy fragment, just use the Redemption Fist to destroy it.

It should be noted that Entropy Shard is not currently accessible, but may become available as the season progresses. Others may also appear, so please pay attention to this space.

You can find entropy fragments all over Europe, and they are usually located above walls or below stairs, so let’s get started.

entropic shards

  • The position of the universe part of the RIIS Reborn method
  • Location of the Entropy part in Cadmus Ridge
  • Asterion Abyss Entropy Shard Site
  • Entropy fragment location of Twilight Ruins

The position of the universe part of the RIIS Reborn method

The position of the universe part of the RIIS Reborn method
RIIS Rebirth Method: After using the second gravity elevator, look toward the elevator and you’ll see an entropy sliver hidden under the stairs.

Kell’s Rising: Continue in Kell’s Rising until you reach the point where you are fighting the battle boss in the city, then jump on the roof to the right of the captain’s position. Check the bottom of the stairs to find another part.
Technocrat’s Iron: Continue until you come to a room with four pillars, then look at one of the circular grids on the right and find a cool part on the wall.

Location of the Entropy part in Cadmus Ridge

Location of the Entropic Shards Destiny 2 part in Cadmus Ridge
Go northeast from Cadmus Ridge and find a very large frozen wall. You will find entropy crust floating nearby.

Asterion Abyss Entropy Shard Site

The Lost Area of the Hidden Void: Fight through the Lost Area until you enter the Boss area. You’ll see it floating in the air, with yellow light emitting from the central gap in the ceiling.
Asterion Abyss: When you leave the lost area, when you climb a tall building until you reach the top, you will find another part.

Entropy fragment location of Twilight Ruins

Go northeast from Cadmus Ridge and find a very large frozen wall. You will find entropy crust floating nearby.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light – Where To Find All 9 Entropic Shards To Earn Your Stasis Aspect

When you perform the Beyond Light storytelling event, the latest expansion for Destiny 2, you’ll gain a new stasis ability – this ability allows you to slow down and freeze your enemies, take them out of battle and deal massive damage to them. However, in order to take full advantage of the new abilities, you need equippable side units that provide new abilities for your Stasis subclass.

Your first aspect of the mission comes at the end of the Beyond Light event, you need to search the group called Entropic Shards to complete it. We’ve listed everything you need to do and know to unlock the first solid state, and we’ve also detailed the location of every bit of entropy that’s currently on Europe.

Unlock the stagnant side by seeking control

First pass the Beyond Light activity. Defeat Eramis and continue Exo Stranger’s Born in Darkness mission until you fully unlock the Stasis sub-class and its three bombs. There are many parts, so it will take some time.

Unlock the fist of the alien deliverance grenade launcher

After defeating Eramis, you will unlock a new strange quest, which you can get from the drifters in the tower, called the idle archetype. This will make you a long-term quest to steal technology from Fallen’s Stasis weapons. Check out our complete Salvation’s Grip guide for how to get a handgun – you need it to go to the next step.

The location of the entropy fragments

After completing the Born in Darkness and Stagnant Prototype, you will get a task line called Control Aspects. Your goal is to destroy the five parts of the universe around Europe.

These are smaller versions of the larger rhombus-shaped dark crossroads that I’ve connected with throughout the campaign. The only way to destroy them is to use the Fist of Redemption, so be sure to bring it.

Entropic Shards Destiny 2 fragments are found throughout Europe and are usually hidden. There are a total of nine entropy fragments. Although you could only access eight of them before, the ninth will be available after the launch of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Destroying it can unlock Triumphs and Lore Book entries and count on getting the Beyond Light Triumph seal. You also need all of these to complete the Born in the Dark 4 quest. This is the place to find each piece.

Entropy Part 1: Cadmus Ridge

Go to the west side of Cadmus Ridge, near the Blay Surgery entrance, and find the first part. He cuddles beside the ice floe; He looks for a series of antennas on a platform in the middle of a small space above you. The entropy fraction is close, around the corner.

Part of Entropy 2: The Hidden Void

Then go to the abyss of stars and enter the lost region of the void. Walk through the entire Lost District, all the way to the Boss Room, a bronze Vex structure filled with fallen people. After seeing it clearly, look into the center of the room and look at the parts of the universe that are floating above you.

Entropy Shard 3: Star Abyss

Outside the entrance to the hidden void, you will find the Block Vex structure. Keep going – you can find an ice platform that is easily accessible from the east side. Go west to find the piece that’s leaning against one of the walls.

Entropy Shard 4: Bunker E15

Now head to the Eventide Ruins area and enter the missing landing area for Bunker E15, roughly in the middle of the area. Walk the area until you reach a room with large glass windows before you can enter.

There’s plenty of Vex inside, and there are three Vex cages with Braytech safety frames locked inside. Eventually, Vex Cyclops will appear – that’s how you know you’re in the right place.

Turn your head from where the giant spawns and look toward the entrance to the room, then look up. It’s hard to find, but entropy fragments are hidden in the roof scaffold.

Entropy Shard 5: Juvenile Ruins

Head east from the E15 vault entrance to the trail exit, which takes you from the ruins at dusk to the abyss of stars. Find a building with a red cube structure on top and a ball next to it.

Approaching from the south, looking for shards hidden under the unfinished steel frame – this is another hard-to-find piece.

Entropy Part 6: The Res-Reborn Method

Head north to Riis-Reborn and drive through town. You will take a gravity lift to enter the area. Eventually you will come to a room with two exits, one on the left and one on the right.

The right door is the one you want, and you must remember that if you open it, it will be locked with Stasis. Far away is another gravity lift. At the top, look for debris under the scaffolding walkway with the stairs.

Entropy Part 7: Kyle’s Rise

Continuing along the path of the second gravity elevator, you will soon reach another two-lane corridor – the door on the right, the corner that takes you to the left, and more conveyors.

Enter the main part of Kell’s Rising Town through the door on the right. Here you’ll pass through part of the campaign, including the final mission to unlock Grasp of Redemption. You will need to keep moving through the city until you reach the place where you begin to climb the roof.

Go ahead and you’ll eventually have nowhere to go, parked on an open platform where you’ve already battled a fallen spider cart. Head back to the original spot, jump on the roof on the right side of the arena, and check under the little stairs there to collect debris.

Entropy part 8: technocratic iron

It takes a long time to get the final pieces. Go through Kell’s Rising back to the fork you entered through the right door, then walk left along the corridor.

This will instantly teleport you to Technocrat’s Iron, the factory you previously attacked and destroyed during battle. Keep moving in the area, passing sections with train tracks, until you reach the large dead-end circuit at the end. This is a large chief’s room in which I fought with a huge brigadier general who collapsed.

You will understand this by the four columns surrounding the center. When you enter, look at the column on the right closest to you. The last part hovered next to it.

Entropy Part 9: Creation

The last part can be found in the newly opened creative area, which was unlocked after the release of the Deep Stone Crypt. It meets at Cadmus Ridge and Braytech Exoscience. Keep working until you reach the first large room, which has two small rooms on the right, accessed by stairs. The second of these two rooms is a new door through which you can enter and direct north towards creativity.

Continuing in the area, the train carries exo bodies until you reach a huge, long room with a glass wall on your left and a guardrail on your right to prevent the massive landing. Keep moving forward until you get to a place where you can get off. You can walk down the path to the broken glass floor and continue north in the direction you want to go from the side.

You will see entropy fragments hanging in the air below you. You will have to destroy the latter to complete the Triumph books and lore related to the entrance shards.Spades, and complete the fourth and final mission of Exo Stranger Born in the Dark.

Back to Exo Stranger

After destroying at least five entropy fragments, return to the stranger in the afterlife to complete the control mission. He will reward you with a stagnant side; You’ll also unlock her bonus, which will earn you stagnant shards, which you can include with your side for additional changes and perks in the subclass.

You get two slices a week, so be sure to complete these missions and return to strangers often to provide yourself with all the power and slack options you can get.

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