Dragon Clash Of Clans

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Introduction:Dragon Clash Of Clans

  • Dragon Clash Of Clans is a force unlocked at level 9 of the Barracks and requires level 7 of the Town Hall.
  • It is a powerful aviation unit capable of attacking both ground and air units. Similar to a wizard, the dragon’s attack is a long-range attack and deals scattered damage.
  • When the dragon attacks, it will cause liquid splash damage at close range. It can only be seen when used against troops and clan walls, or when attacking skeletons from skeletal traps.
  • The dragon does not have a primary target when attacking; They will only attack the nearest building. However, once they find enemy clan clans troops, heroes or trap skeletons (attacking them by themselves or near another attacking friendly force), they will leave the previous target building and engage with the enemy army instead. Once all nearby enemy forces are defeated, the dragon will attack the nearest building.

Clash Of Clans Dragon


  • Most of the dragon’s strategy involves eliminating as many air defense systems as possible with other units (barbarian, giant, etc.) or lightning spells, because they are a huge threat to this powerful unit.
  • Take the barbarians or archers to clean the buildings in the corners so that the whole dragon is not lost.
  • Tantrums and dragons are like bread and butter. The dragon moves slowly, but the damage from each attack is high, so using a pure dragon army with tantrums would be very effective. Since dragons are aerial units, this also saves them a lot of time to navigate through walls.
  • Try to distribute the dragons along the edge of the base, because when you reach the center of the base, they will converge in battle. Then he put a violent spell on mass destruction.
  • But please pay attention, because this strategy will consume a lot of elixir.
  • For players in City Hall 7 and 8 (especially clan wars), a powerful and costly strategy is to use a combination of dragons and balloons. Dragons can be used for air defense of tanks and magic towers, while balloons can be directed at defensive buildings. The spells that are ultimately fetched depends on the design of the defense base – the attacker should have a plan to destroy each air defense system as quickly as possible, whether it’s extra balloons, lightning spells, earthquake or earth spells, healing spells, or violent spells.
  • Dragon Clash Of Clans are mainly used in tribal wars to obtain trophies and score stars, because their high cost is not commensurate with holy water raids, but strategic planning makes it easier for them to win the battle.
  • In City Hall 8-10, some reckless opponents may severely reorganize their air defense systems, allowing them to be subjected to lightning and earthquake spells. If they have a lot of resources, Dragon Raid is usually the best option, because once the air defense is dismantled, they can destroy the entire base.
  • When using large-scale dragon attacks, you should pay attention to the buildings in the corners, because the relatively slow movement speed is not suitable for moving from one corner to another. To avoid this, the attacking party must bring the barbarians or servants or rescue their barbarian king to remove the isolated buildings in the corner; This might be the difference between 99% 2-star raid and 100% 3-star raid. A level 4 clan castle can contain a quick spell, which can be used to speed up the dragon if time is tight, although the haste spell is best suited for frontal attacks.
  • Some opponents may also place a hidden Tesla nearby. In that case, just use your barbarian king. You can also place dragons in a corner building and allow them to do massive damage to the base.
  • If these forces were the closest targets, despite their lack of air defense capabilities, the dragon would attack barbarian kings and clan castle forces that could not target air units. Be careful, as these forces will distract your dragons to attack other, more threatening targets, wasting your time.
  • If the barbarian king didn’t move near the ivory, one could simply avoid deploying dragons near it and use minions instead. However, it is not recommended to sacrifice the entire dragon for this.


  • Dragon Clash Of Clans are some of the most powerful forces in the game, so they are hard to defend. Several advanced air defense systems are necessary to successfully fight the dragon.
  • As City Hall 8 player, while using warehouses and other high health buildings to protect them, keeping your air defense system in a semi-deployed state is key to preventing most 3-star attacks using dragons. If the air defense system was too close, applying a wrath spell to a group of dragons could quickly take out all three. In addition, if two spells were close enough, one earthquake spell and three lightning spells could destroy both at the same time.
  • Dragons are wonderful clan castle forces. As a flying unit, the dragon is completely immune to attacks from most ground forces, and its spray-destroying ability makes it particularly suitable for destroying barbarians and goblin groups. His high health also helped him to survive the attacks of many archers or magicians (although a large group of people is usually enough to destroy the dragon). However, you can use archers and wizards in a semicircle or the entire circle around the dragon. This takes advantage of the fact that Dragon’s typing speed is slow.
  • Or a group of dragons can easily beat a dragon.
  • At higher levels, the dragon may not be able to do enough damage to weaken or kill the troops, so it is better to choose different troops. However, it can still be used to find one, but you may need to support it with other forces.
  • The air cleaner can stop the dragon for a long time. Protect them and use their rangefinder to cover the air defense system for maximum effectiveness. However, please make sure that one cannot cast lightning spells and destroy the air defense system and the air sweeper at the same time, otherwise this is an additional and unnecessary value.

Clash Of Clans Dragon Level

Leveldamage per seconddamage per attackhitpointstraining costresearch costlaboratory level requiredresearch time
21602002,10012,0002,000,00054 days
31802252,30014,0003,000,00065 days
4210262.52,60016,0005,000,00076 days
52403003,10018,0007,000,00087 days
6270337.53,40020,0009,000,000910 days
7310387.53,90022,00011,000,0001014 days
8330412.54,20024,00015,000,0001116 days
Dragon Clash Of Clans Level

Clash Of Clans Dragon Attacks

Expensive but highly effective attack strategy that uses Dragon Clash Of Clans, wizards/barbarians and giants (optional).

-This is especially useful for those who pay prizes. The focus of the strategy is not to collect resources, but to accumulate a lot of damage and get a lot of rewards! But remember that this strategy can also be used to ensure that you can plunder a lot of resources, because there is very little power to stop the hot breath of indomitable dragons and skilled and effective wizards!

  • The main units used in this attack strategy obviously include dragons, as well as a large group of barbarians, archers, or if you can give up elixir, then witches. Giants are optional and can be used to clear large defensive installations, such as archer towers and mortars, before other troops enter.

Note – For the rest of this document, Town Hall 7 will be used as an example of an attack strategy. Note that any City Council over 7 years old can use this strategy because they unlocked the Dragon in the Barracks.

Troops Used-Dragons(lv.1 or higher), barbarians and/ or wizards(lv. 3 or higher.)
Army camp levelArmy camps at level 4 or higher are most ideal. The total amount of housing space available must be roughly 150 or higher.
Army camp consistenceFive dragons(total housing space 100), with the rest filled up with barbarians, wizards, or both. Giants are optional, but if included remember that just one giant won’t be enough. Have at least 5 of them.
Army camp percentageTwo-thirds filled with dragons, and the remaining amount of housing space,(rough 60 spaces), can consist of about 15 wizards, or, if you opt for barbarians, 60 barbarians. If you want to combine them, have about 12 wizards, the rest being barbarians. there is and advantage to this as you will find out later.
Spells1 healing spell(lv. 2 or higher) and 2 rage spells(any level). If you haven’t unlocked the rage spell yet, simply use healing spells. Note – this is the measurement for a lv. 3 spell factory. It can be higher or lower than that. Keep a ratio of 2:1 in favour of rage spell.
Approximate elixir/dark elixir cost100000 elixir. Less than that if you use a majority of barbarians,
Approximate resources gained from strayegy2.5 hundred thousand gold and elixir each. 
Most useful forTrophy pushers(players who want to get more trophies and climb to higher leagues), rather than farmers.
Key Stategies UsedMeat shields, flank attacks, aerial storm
Alternate optionsUse goblins, archers or giants.(Explained below.)
Dragon Clash Of Clans Attack

Dragon Clash Of Clans Upgrade Differences

  • The Dragon Clash Of Clans is undergoing major visual changes on all levels.
  • Initially, the dragon had green skin and black eyes.
  • At level 2, the dragon’s skin changes from green to purple, matching his image in the barracks. His eyes also turned purple.
  • At level 3, the dragon’s skin turns a dark greenish-brown.
  • At level 4, the dragon’s skin turns dark red; As part of the update announcement, Supercell refers to it as the new “Old Red Dragon”. His eyes also started burning.
  • At level 5, the dragon’s skin turns dark red. There are golden horns near the back of his head and spikes on his back. Its wings also became larger.
  • At level 6, the dragon’s skin turns dark purple. The edges of its wings are dull red.
  • At level 7, the dragon’s skin turns completely red. The tip of the tail also started to burn.
  • At level 8, the dragon’s skin turns brown. The tip of his neck became a bone-like substance.
  • At level 9, the dragon’s skin turns dark green. Its horns and back spikes are slightly darker.

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how to get inferno dragon in clash of clans

Dragon Inferno is a super power based on Baby Dragon. When the baby dragon is level 6 or above, it can be unlocked by raising a baby dragon.

how to draw a dragon from clash of clans?

We’ll just draw a circle highlighting it. On the left side of this iris. Then cover the bottom with black. Let’s go.

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