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Introduction:destiny 2 news

Destiny 2 Latest News launches its celebration of Bungie’s 30th anniversary tomorrow, and tomorrow it will bring new content and weapons to the game, both free and paid. At this point we know the basics of what’s going on in this area, but I think we can’t forget the large number of sandbox patches coming up, which will change many aspects of the game.

I think I’ll review the main highlights we learned in the last month so you can remember what has changed and what you should try when the patch is released tomorrow.

Therefore, there is no particular order:

  • In the second half of the season, we will receive an additional 10 transformation rewards for each character. So, uh, if you haven’t already, please complete the 10 you have now. Artifacts, seasonal challenges, or other content will not be reset.
  • Shotguns take an additional 10% damage reduction in PvE, but shotguns reduce damage by 10%.
  • The Linear Fusion rifle gets another 10% increase in PvE damage. Sleeper Simulant now has 4 times the magic value, and has increased PvE damage by 6% based on 10%.
  • Sword casting now requires 5 rounds of ammo per heavy hit instead of 8 rounds.
  • Bow and arrow damage to level and level PvE enemies increased by 10%. There will also be a decoration for Le Monarch tomorrow.
  • Vex Mythoclast saw his help in weakening the cocking.
  • The crossbow has always become a (big!)
  • Crythesia changes from top to bottom, AOE can now freeze with charged shooting, now special reload and instant fire.
  • Leviathan’s stimulated breath now has an archer rhythm.
  • The worm whisper now activates a whisper breath within 1.2 seconds, down from 2.1 seconds. While activating the White Nail feature, he pulled 2 stock and 1 air. 10% recovery PVP.
  • When the personal assistant is active, DARCI’s stimulation, rebound and accuracy are reduced by 50%, and it now stays active longer after a target is lost. 20% damage in PVE.
  • Increases blast damage damage by 50%.
  • The eavesdropping heir virtual catalyst no longer provides superior PvP armor.
  • Adrenaline Junkie now works as a Swashbuckler. Kills can be stacked, and big kills can be stacked.
  • The Pulse Monitor can now regenerate ammo and increase its mobility to 30% of the shield instead of 90% of its health, which means it must be highly activated.
  • The Vorpal weapon is now 10% for heavy weapons, 15% for special weapons, and 20% for main weapons instead of 15% for all weapons.
  • All affected weapons can now use fully automated units. This is an accessibility change, but anyone can use it if they like the feel of it.
  • Each skill has a cooldown period, and its damage can be rebalanced. There is a lot to do, but there will be strength, that’s it. Low damage grenades and some weak grenades have a short cooldown, while high damage grenades have a long cooldown. But there are some bright spots about the amplitude changes:
  • Super power now relies mainly on receiving and causing damage, not intelligence that reduces base cooldown (all super machines now also have different cooldowns). Weapon main damage increases more than other sources.
  • Hunter dodge no longer interrupts ballistic tracking in PvP or PvE. It will be reactivated later to interrupt PvE tracking.
  • In addition to other PvE slack buffs, Shatterdive now has a 100% increase to Frozen Warrior in PvE, but is severely weak in PvP and never takes a full health hit.
  • The now stagnant crystals will not freeze players in PvP, they will only freeze slowly.
  • Combined Arcstrider shots now have a base cooldown of 15 seconds instead of 96 seconds.
  • Titan’s shoulders no longer charge the player a hit in PvP, unless you’re carrying Peregrine Greaves. It’s improved in range and activation time, and has a 25% damage bonus in PvE.
  • Titan Diamond Lance can now be spawned on any fixed weapon that is killed, and any fixed skill that can kill or destroy any enemy.
  • You can deactivate Icefall Mantle now, and it should have a shorter animation time to activate.
  • Dunewalkers will not double chains or chained corpses now.
  • Warlock melee now has the same speed and range as Hunters and Titans.
  • Wearable supernova increases hero and boss by 30%
  • Shadebinder Warlock must freeze and blast all PvP enemies twice to kill them.
  • Black Winter’s Wrath has now caught a 100% increase in blast distance in PvE (chess drop).
  • The Bleak Watcher turret still has the maximum deceleration of the fixed grenade.
  • Mods no longer need to apply Glow. This will allow third parties to create more sophisticated bootloaders, although it is not known when they will be fully functional.
  • Blind Wells will now drop weapons frequently in the City of Dreams.
  • You can now purchase exotic decorations directly from the Exotic Inspection page itself.
  • So, is that enough for you? That’s not all, but please pay attention to the patch notes ASAP.

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Destiny 2 News Today

Today, many things have happened in the world of Destiny 2. Bungie celebrated its 30th anniversary in Destiny 2, which includes a significant reduction in the content of Halo weapons. The trailer for the new Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 shows the Magnum revolver in Destiny 2 and the combat pulse rifle in the thief shooter.

Both weapons are similar to the original Halo weapons, but no official crossover with Microsoft is mentioned. It looks like Bungie didn’t get the official rights to Microsoft to put the real Halo weapon it originally created in Destiny 2, but it did a good job producing replicas that can be traced back to the past.

The description of the Magnum pistol on reads: “Meet a strange pistol that you can recognize from an adventure long ago.” He gave you glory at the time, and he will do it again. The exotic pistol is called the Forerunner, and the combat rifle-like weapon is called the BxR-55 Battler. There is even Titan armor, including a pin shoulder pad and enchanted shield with a halo ring. No loot needed. Halo even to Destiny 2 players has the 30th Anniversary Commemorative Pack.

The 30th Anniversary Pack also includes a new six-player event (free for all players individually), equipped with armor and weapons, a greedy dungeon grip, and the return of the infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Bungie has also brought back classic weapons like the Matador 64, Eyasluna, and the 1000-Yard Stare, which can be obtained through the 30th Anniversary Pack and a slew of player-to-player sandbox changes.

If nostalgia for the classic Bungie game isn’t enough, there’s a range of Myth Claymore and Marathon Armor accessories.

There is even a space horse, a non-playable character will be placed in a huge loot cave, where players will get some new weapons and armor today. This mysterious space horse first appeared in Destiny 2 during the Drifters season, and is associated with a mysterious nine-person faction in the Destiny universe.

Combined with some awesome armor, cosmetics, and decorations, it looks like Destiny 2 is getting a lot of content in its next big expansion: the mid-season of The Witch Queen. The game’s biggest expansion in years, Destiny 2: Queen of Witches, will launch on February 22nd. You will eventually see the player play Savathûn and continue the sci-fi space series story.

The Witch Queen expansion pack will also include a new location, Savathûn’s Throne World, as well as major changes to existing subclasses, campaign content, and new weapons, armor, and raids. In the unusually long season of Destiny 2, the 30th Anniversary Pack is expected to push players back to February.


  • When tickets are reset, the three wins, five wins and seven wins money rewards are no longer clearly unlocked.
  • A playlist tool tip has been added to indicate that cross-play must be enabled to access the beta.
  • If a player’s account has seven winning tickets, practice matches will now display a warning message.
  • Restricted 3rd person view tool tips and loading screen tips have been added for trials, knockouts and final battles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Death Cliff map to fail to load properly in the Glory playlist.
  • Anomalies and dead slopes have been removed from the Swing Control Momentum.
  • Fixed the missing streak of Triumph of Legendary Courage, and fixed the number of hits to the “Legendary” beta level.
  • The Crucible Bonus used to capture the area now applies to all Crucible modes.
  • Rusty Land: Fixed a lack of dynamic items on the map, such as barrels or bricks with physical properties and explosive beehive items.
  • Fixed a map bug at the top of the tree near Mill on The Dead Cliffs.
  • The demo event node will now display potential rewards when playing 7 wins.
  • Seven-win passes must be reset manually before players can purchase new passes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible Level would display incorrect values ​​in Crucible introductory scenes after a reset.
  • The combat effectiveness after the round now shows the overall effectiveness of the match.
  • Respawn timer for Clash, Control, Rumble and Iron Banner increased from 5 to 7


  • to improve:
  • When life and time began to flow, he modified the music in The Lost Sector of Legends and Masters.
  • The Dark Zone’s sounds and tendrils will now play when the player runs out of Lost Sector of Legends and Masters and Master Night.
  • Now, when players stop resurrecting in the Lost Sector of Legends and Masters or Master Night, they will see a warning that there is no Resurrection left.
  • Players will no longer see “Resurrection: +0” when the hero is defeated in the area where Legends and Masters are lost or the time limit for the Night of the Master falls.
  • Repair:
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would not display any stats after a Sector Lost Broker Legend match ended.
  • The space lost for empty tanks on the Entangling Coast now rewards the correct alien equipment, consistent with the reward rotation for other lost areas.
  • Excavation Location XII: Fixed an issue where entry barriers on Legend and Master difficulty allowed players to exit the missing sector. This lost division will once again enter an active rotation next season.
  • On Legend or Master difficulty, a power barrier has been added to the missing area of ​​the treasure cache in EDZ to avoid most jumps over the lost area. This lost division will once again enter an active rotation next season.

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Destiny 2 may have been released a couple of years ago, but Activision’s online multiplayer is still pretty strong, and regular updates have added new vitality to the title.
But maybe you missed the train as it rushed through the station, and you don’t really know what Destiny 2 content (or even where it started) is?
If so, don’t worry, we’ve created a one-stop shop that can solve all your questions about Destiny 2 and the latest Destiny 2 update.

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