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As the name suggests, DAMN NFO Review is a tool designed specifically for viewing NFO and DIZ files on Windows. It’s simple, fast, and effective.

D Amano Viewer has the same interface as Notepad with the addition of several different skins that you can fully customize.

Once downloaded and installed on your PC, you will be able to view all types of NFO and DIZ files on your PC in seconds.

What makes this DAMN NFO review so great is that it is a free ASCII viewer for Windows. If you’ve tried any other ASCII viewer for Windows, you know how hard it can be.

With so many different options to choose from, how on earth are you supposed to know what’s best for you?

When you use this software, you are in control, deciding how you want your scene to work, what you want it to look like, and how you want everything to work.

Unlike some other ASCII viewer software, DAMN NFO has a very unique interface. Unlike any other program that allows you to view files in different formats, this program displays ASCII art.

It also allows you to view files in any format you want, allowing you to view HTML, GIF, and many other formats. This ASCII viewer is a must for anyone who likes to edit or watch ASCII art on other people’s computers.

By default, Windows can open files that contain ASCII artwork.

However, you can download dedicated tools with more available features. One such tool is called DAMN NFO Viewer.

It’s actually a small application that helps you open certain files in TXT, NFO, or DIZ format. Most people use Notepad to view files in these formats, but it gives you more functionality.

easy to use

Installing this app doesn’t take long and doesn’t complicate it. Once installed, you will find the interface very easy to manage. There are some configurable options in the settings menu to make using the app easier.

For example, the copy on selection option is useful when you want to select some text and automatically copy it to the clipboard. If you are familiar with mIRC, it had a similar function a few years ago.

In addition, it has drag-and-drop functionality, word wrapping, and options for setting text and background colors.
By default, opening files containing ASCII art is a task Windows can perform, but some specialized tools offer more functionality for those interested.

DAMN NFO Viewer is a small application that can help you when you try to open documents in formats such as NFO, DIZ, or TXT files.

Many users rely on Notepad to solve this problem, but this particular software solution provides additional functionality.

Customize Text and File Compatibility

If you regularly use NFO files, then you can set DAMN NFO Viewer as the default viewer for them as soon as the setup process is over with. You can use the drag and drop function to open files that are in TXT, NFO, or DIZ format.

You can customize the appearance of the DAMN NFO Viewer. Just use the visual settings to alter the appearance and to change its overall appeal. Also, the tool contains Unicode support, shell integration, smart line breaking, and wrapping modes.

It does exactly as the name indicates. It lets you view files that are in NFO format, whether they have ASCII Art or different kinds of information. You should at least try out this application if you’re currently disappointed with Notepad. You’ll find that DAMN NFOViewer is much more powerful.

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