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An exciting and high-level shooting game. This is a game in which you will enjoy the excitement of every step of the game. Also, this game belongs to the Commandos game series and is the fourth installment in this series. Commandos 3:

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Destination Berlin is an interactive information game, the third edition in the Commandos series. Developed by Pyro Studios and released by Eidos Interactive.

It is compatible with Windows operating system, providing rich visual effects and high-quality sound effects.

The game is designed to run on devices provided by Windows, using “Universal Technology” as the graphics and sound card.

This game is developed by Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. This game was released on October 13, 2003. In Commandos 3 Destination Berlin there is a team of commandos.

This team consists of six commandos. Every commando has different abilities. The six commandos are green hat, sniper, navy, expert, spy and thief all these commandos are specialized in their jobs.

These commandos get the missions and complete these missions. In these missions, they face many types of very dangerous enemies. You can also download Sniper Elite 3 Free Download

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is a continuous methodology game set during the fieriness of World War II. It is your errand to direct your soldiers to triumph against the Nazis, regardless of how much capability is coordinated their direction. Do you have the stuff to beat the competition and be hailed as a legend of the conflict exertion?

At the point when the principal men behind the stunning Commandos 2, Spanish team Gonzo Suarez (lead planner) and Jon Beltran (lead software engineer), passed on Pyro Studios to shape their own organization, many eyebrows were raised at the possibility of another continuation.

Was this going to be only a last endeavor to separate some additional money from one of the greatest selling PC series ever? Would a rudderless group be able to concoct an adequate number of shocks to match the endless little bits of virtuoso that undeniable C2 now the visionaries had left?

The declaration of a multiplayer mode appeared to be an obvious sign that Pyro planned to push the idea to the extent that they could in this keep going portion (for additional on this see the Axis Vs Allies board), however as we’re focusing chiefly on the single-player crusades in this audit, the solutions to the above questions would need to be ‘somewhat’ and ‘not actually’.

Try not to need to manage bothering promotions while downloading the Commandos 3: Destination Berlin PC game?

You are on the ideal locations to do that. This PC game is the most recent delivery in the Strategy, Tactical classification. The studio in the long run distributed this PC game around the world on Oct 14, 2003 date after thorough testing.

You ought to trust many positive surveys the Commandos 3: Destination Berlin PC game has acquired when you evaluate its true capacity. It beats other PC games in the single-player gaming mode. You can undoubtedly play this game on stages like PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac.

This Action, Historical, Stealth-themed PC game has acquired top surveys from customary players. That 91.31 out of 100 evaluations is the aftereffect of this computer game’s astounding storyline.

Get ready to take the Commandos on their deadliest mission yet. From the shores of France to the core of the Third Reich, strike quick from land and ocean with your little crew of tip top unique powers penetrating unfriendly regions to disturb the German conflict machine.

This computer game got the best evaluations from 1285 normal purchasers. No other game in this Strategy, Tactical class got dynamic online entertainment adherents like this PC game.

This computer game has 2067 online entertainment supporters and that makes it special. This game’s PC variation was sent off after the control center variations on Oct 14, 2003 date.

This is really intriguing to discover that just about 15227 commentators think this game is wonderful Its exhibition enhanced PCs with the arrival of the new reports on Apr 24, 2020 date.

Commandos 3 is one more scene strategic procedure set in WWII. In excess of 20 missions separated into four missions (London – crusade preparing, Normandy, France and Germany, Stalingrad) to perform anticipate different missions – both known from past pieces of the assignment of “search and obliterate” as well as totally new, ie.

The protection of Allied General soldiers before the strike, an assault on a guard of German, sort out the assault, alongside the French protection from the German post or to get a train loaded with Nazis on his way from France to Germany. Complete the mission structure has changed, presently maps are isolated into more modest pieces, and solely after passing do one get the second.

The makers say that the third portion is considerably more activity than in past and ensuing undertakings require the player an ever-increasing number of novel thoughts and ways. These progressions were likewise A.I. liable for the responses of our adversaries.

We will meet here with normal warriors of the customary armed force, the Gestapo, SS officials, and so forth, every one of which acts in an unexpected way, contingent upon the particular abilities and their preparation.


On the off chance that you’re new to the series, Commandos is less a system game than it is a mindbending series of riddles, where you need to sort out an approach to finishing missions while organizing covert assaults, diverting gatekeepers and timing your activities flawlessly. The main genuine curiosities here are slight enhancements in the Al and more weather conditions impacts (in addition to the internet based mode, obviously). The illustrations are disheartening in that the goal is as yet fixed at 800×600 and there’s tiny to recognize it from the past title. The main observable improvement is the new inside 3D motor, that permits more zooming and turning than previously. Indeed, even here however, would it be a good idea for you get up near a person (for instance, while glancing through a window to see a trooper standing directly before you) you are blessed to receive a few incredibly low-res surfaces.

Cannon Fodder

All things considered, Commandos truly is about ongoing interaction over illustrations, and C2 figured out how to be stunning by the sheer detail of its levels. In any case, there’s nothing here to contrast with the unbelievable excellence and assortment of that game, and the tones and structures all wind up looking a piece samey, notwithstanding the three missions being set in Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy. Where are the lovely Pacific islands, with their fascinating vegetation and piranha-invaded sky-blue waters from the past game? Or then again the structural wonders of Far Eastern missions and fantastic amusements of the Eiffel Tower and Colditz Castle?

The main thing that verges on being that paramount is the Omaha ocean side landing. This is a monstrous and extremely astute guide, where you need to utilize similar strategies the Allies utilized, all things considered: get bunches of troopers slaughtered to gain slow however consistent headway. For probably the first time, secrecy is thrown away and it’s all out activity. You might actually get a person to snatch a goliath assault rifle from its mount and meander around in unadulterated Rambo style. The level functions admirably, and gives the one note of distinction based on what is generally a retread of old ground.

There are other niggles, for example, the goals not continuously being clear and the requirement for more alternate way keys. There are less commandos as well. No excellent female trooper and, most disappointingly, no canine. What’s more, the rifleman, criminal, and jumper are all underused, subsequent to being so cunningly sent last time.

Just. One. More. Go

The trouble level is on a standard with Commandos 2, albeit the presentation of some time-limited targets isn’t at all gladly received, driving dissatisfaction levels past the brink.

However, more often than not the blend between detach your-mind trouble and fulfillment is perfect. Virtually every issue and each level looks inconceivable from the outset, until a touch of profound thought and a ton of experimentation (you’re probably going to wear the quicksave and quickload buttons out) allows you to sort out a way, prompting laps of distinction around your room when you succeed (all things considered, basically in my room).

Eventually, C3 feels more like an expansionpack than an appropriate continuation, the way that it took me just three days to finish it (contrasted with the seven or eight it took to complete C2) reinforcing this contention.

So the writing is on the wall. The single-player game is as habit-forming as could be expected, however offers minimal new and can’t contact C2 for assortment, detail, inundation and creative mind.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is an ongoing strategies computer game, the third portion of the Commandos series. It is created by Pyro Studios and distributed by Eidos Interactive. The game is the first in the series to utilize a genuine 3D motor, and the last to utilize constant strategies prior to being changed over to a first-individual shooter kind.

The Mac OS X rendition of the game was delivered in May 2005 by Feral Interactive alongside Commandos 2: Men of Courage as a component of the Commandos Battle Pack.


The player is in charge of a gathering of Commandos to use to finish missions. Every one of the six Commandos, down from eight in the past game, offers a particular ability: jumper, Green Beret, sapper, marksman, spy, and hoodlum.

The game contains very much like interactivity to the past games, with the comparative ‘point and snap’ approach. Be that as it may, it has less hotkeys contrasted with the past portion, and the client needs to squeeze buttons at the lower part of the screen on the activity bar.

The player can see all foes on the guide, follow their developments, and make assaults relying upon their way of behaving. There are a couple of contrasts, for example, the expansion of an attack rifle, a weaponless strong than a rifle, yet more impressive than a gun. Additionally, all units can utilize weapons like the projectile, instead of simply the Sapper as in past games. The past “backpack” arrangement, basically showing an image of the multitude of things the presently chosen commando currently possesses, superimposed over an image of a backpack, has been deserted for a “case”.

While looking through adversaries bodies or supply cartons, a comparable, yet more modest box is displayed for their ability. Commandos, for example, the Green Beret or Spy, who in prior games have just been outfitted with the guideline gun, can now utilize practically every one of the little arms accessible, aside from the expert marksman rifle.

While adding authenticity (the Commandos are as of now not pointless external their subject matter), a few players whine that this denies the Commandos of their singular jobs inside the gathering, making them more conventional. This does in any case, make the missions less straight, in light of the fact that a similar task can finished by various Commandos

So What’s All This Multiplayer Lark Then?

The internet games convey both deathmatch and CTF choices, as well as community against Al adversaries. You can decide to play with either the Allied Forces or standard commandos, the previous contribution eight sorts of troops to browse: shooter, sharpshooter, surgeon, engineer, bazooka man, grenadier, infantry soldier and submachine heavy weapons specialist.

It will be fascinating to see whether such a reasoning strategic game, which is based around beating unmistakable Al designs, will take off in multiplayer. Pay special attention to a devoted multiplayer audit in our web-based area very soon.

system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
  • CPU: P4 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB

How to Download & Install Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

  • Click the Download button below and you should be redirected to UploadHaven.
  • Wait 5 seconds and click on the blue ‘download now’ button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  • Once Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is done downloading, right-click the .zip file and click on “Extract to” (To do this you must have 7-Zip, which you can get here).
  • Double click inside the Commandos 3: Destination Berlin folder and run the exe application.
  • Have fun and play! Make sure to run the game as an administrator and if you get any missing dll errors, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the programs in the folder.


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