Clash Of Clans PEKKA

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Introduction:Clash Of Clans PEKKA

Clash Of Clans PEKKA is a standard opening military drama, which is clown at the city hall level. 8. It is a slow and expensive decorated, accounting for a large area of space, but with a lot of life. And damage.
There is no preferred goal at the attack; They will attack the nearest buildings. However, once they realize the campus of the enemy or heroes or skeleton traps (either by attacking themselves or another sympathy of the attack), they will leave their targeted buildings in advance and will increase the enemy. Army. Once they invade all enemy units,clash of clans p.e.k.k.a will attack the nearest structure.

P.E.K.K.A Clash Of Clans


  • Since the forces have very high health points, it is recommended to publish around every corner of the village or a group of enemy defense buildings. Most buildings will not attack two strong units (up to 1,224 damage points), which means that two Pekkas must destroy most buildings in a blow from two units. After deploying pairs, MortShes will not be effective because they can not only damage the mouse together in a set of for a certain period of time. However, if the opponent village has the largest horizontal wall, it can be better posted with larger P.K.K. In this way, they will be able to break the wall or use jumping or earthquakes to support P.K.K.A with each blower.
  • It may lead to an angry period to serious damage to damage, let them destroy almost all buildings; Even the city hall can be up to three times.
  • High damage and pekka life point make it easy to attack unfavorable hero, especially when it comes to the dog medication, it can have a great guardian, the shooting team up to 76 and the Royal Championship 10. However, if the attack on the queen or royal hero behind the wall , They can easily cause a lot of harm to the Balcas basin, they are trapped behind the wall, especially if they are high.
  • Never constitute a full army P.K.K.A, because they dragons or dragons, even balloons, slaves, etc., as well as branches. However, you can save the result for large splash reasons, such as evidence or antisana.
  • P.e.k.a can lead and take advantage of most damage caused by traps. Publish circles or wall circles / presders to help him through enemies.
  • Golem and P.k.k.k.a is a good mix because the first can accommodate a lot of damage to them, let them steal damage. However, please make sure they save them with other forces and pay close attention to effective defense.


  • P.e.k.a is affected by spring owners because of more than 18 residential spaces. However, it will always lead to it.
  • This will protect any support behind P.E.K.A.
  • Due to its general weakness, they are a clan castle band. However, if there is no confidence, they are often considered to be dragons or electrical dragons. Sometimes the attackers are allowed to kill attackers, and kill heroes to hit her, this is very close to the troops because of their health time. It may cause destruction, 儡 and other soil because of many high health strategies.
  • Because P.E.K.A has a slow attack speed, the low-level units range of large groups is invalid. Large quantity (at least 15) barbarians, shooters, witches, and even casserole gobelins are easy to take out. Instead, people can use charming or broken. The charming can quickly contact 骷髅 to prevent them, just like all the air force, can not be targeted by P.K.A.
  • The skeleton can be dispersed in the ground mode for a few seconds of P.E.K.A, and purchase time is a defensive attack.
  • Hell can be taken into a target tower to beat quickly p.k.k.a. However, in order to establish length, place a huge bomb and at least 2 tiles, as well as remote troops, will be destroyed before hell attack. Put tesla hidden can also damage p.e.k.k.a.

Clash Of Clans PEKKA Upgrade Differences

  • Clash Of Clans PEKKA is an important visual change at all levels.
  • At first, p.e.k.k.a is a metal robot band with pink trumpet and sword bearing nails.
  • At Level 2, P.E.K.A is increased. The tip of his sword turned into the color rose from Lumarin.
  • Swords have changed at 3, shield and deep blue p.e.k to dark brown. I became your gay and his appointment, nails and swords darker.
  • At the level 4, P.E.K.K.A got another sword, each sword was separately balanced. A little pink.
  • At the level 5, the color of helmet and P.E.K.K of dark brown to dark navy. He shines his sword in the pink and some of his tips; Swords seem to give up pink smoke. His eyes are low roses.
  • At the level 6, p.k.k.k.a has become pink and eyes, as well as “nose”, bright stronger.
  • At the level 7, corners and swords from P.E.K.A. Yellow orange, as well as eyes and “nose”. The sword can change rose to dark brown. p.k.k.k.a The shields have been changed a bit of color.
  • In the eleventh, the pink properties were on 11, p.k.k. Their swords have changed and bright blue angles.
  • At the level 9, P.E.K.K.a seems hidden in dark blue compared to the previous level. The speaker changes to dark blue ..

Clash Of Clans P.E.K.K.A level

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsTraining Cost Research Cost Laboratory LevelResearch timeAvailable at
22704863,10016,0001,500,00064 days
33105583,50018,0002,250,00065 days
43606484,00020,0003,200,00076 days
54107384,50022,5004,500,00087 days
64708465,10025,0006,000,00088 days
75409725,70027,5009,000,000910 days
861010986,30030,00012,000,0001014 days
968012246,70032,50015,500,0001115 days
Barracks LevelHousing SpaceTraining TimeRangeAttack SpeedAttack TypeMovement Speed
10253.0m0.81.8sMelee (Ground Only)16

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clash of clans what does pekka stand for?

SuperCell held the Facebook competition on August 22, 2012 to see who can provide the best written name for Pikka, because the comments received by comments are judged. The name of Killet Knight Knight is a winner

how to draw Clash Of Clans PEKKA?

Therefore, starting from the center as usual, grafting. I’m a bit bent in the center. It’s a bit like a bullish diving. Very good, there is a small space in the middle.

what is a pekka on clash of clans?

Pekka is a standard opening military drama, which is clown at the city hall level. 8. It is a slow and expensive decorated, accounting for a large area of space, but with a lot of life. And damage.

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