Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout

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Discruption Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout t , a strong defense is just as important as a strong attack. Having a well-designed defense in the builder’s base is one of the key factors to being successful in a confrontation.

Defense is used to protect Panic’s base and prevent damage as much as possible. Each defense has its advantages and disadvantages, and its location in your village should take that into account. For example, the powerful breaker deals heavy damage to groups of units, but it has a short range and cannot attack the air force at all – so it should be placed in the center of your village with adequate protection. Air bombs and firecrackers. On the other hand, cannons and archer turrets cause less damage to a group (because they can only aim and hit only one unit at a time), but their attack speed is faster and can be used as an effective first line of defense.

  • Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout is equivalent to the town hall at the construction base. Protecting the Creator’s Hall is key to preventing players from getting stars on your base while attacking.
  • Once the player reaches Town Hall 4 in his hometown by repairing the broken ship by the sea, he can enter the builder’s base.
  • Upgrading the builder’s room will unlock more buildings.
  • When it was first encountered in the tutorial, the Level 1 Builder’s Hall was broken and contains the tomb, as well as several broken buildings surrounding it. These include the interstellar laboratory, gem mine, clock tower, combat aircraft, potion collector, gold mine, artillery, military barracks, construction and engineering battalions.
  • In the tutorial, the building hall has been upgraded to level 2. In the process, except for the gem mine, clock tower and fighter planes, the surrounding buildings will be repaired automatically. In addition, the ship has also been repaired, and the angry barbarian has been upgraded to level 2.
  • There are 9 levels in Builder Hall.
  • You must place all available buildings on the current Builder Hall level before you can upgrade the Builder Hall.
  • Exceptions to this rule are gem mines, clock towers, and combat aircraft whose maintenance is optional.

Strategies and Tips

  • It is best to place the building hall in the protected center of the building, as it will give your opponent a star when destroyed. This is important because you are comparing stars by damage percentage. If your opponent manages to enter the construction hall, he/she may get more than 50% by giving him 2 or even 3 stars.
  • Do not place the construction hall in a corner surrounded by walls, the troops can still be placed next to the construction hall.
  • The breaker is very effective in building hall protection due to its large damage in small radius. Make sure to protect it with long range defenses to prevent distant troops from shooting at them.
  • Unlike the original village town hall, it may be beneficial to ‘speed up’ (upgrade quickly) the builder room because there is no loot penalty – the loot you get depends only on how many battle prizes you have. You have. In addition, at higher levels of Builder Hall, you can unlock new buildings and units as well as new levels of existing units and buildings. In fact, it may be helpful to get to the Builders’ Hall as soon as possible to unlock the O.T.T.O, allowing the Master Builders to act as Additional Builders on the home country property.

Upgrade Differences

  • Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout is undergoing major visual changes on all levels.
  • On the first floor, the builders’ hall looks like a dilapidated house with an orange roof and a damaged chimney.
  • On the second floor, the structure (including the chimney) has been restored. The ladder at the top is aligned with the “construction cabin” at the top.
  • On the third floor a tier was added to the rear of the building, and a staircase was added to the side.
  • On the fourth floor, there is now a “Builder’s Hut” sign on the stone structure above the building’s lower front roof. The ladder is placed next to the newly built stone structure.
  • On the fifth floor, the stone roof structure spans the entire width of the building. One of the stairs also disappeared.
  • On the sixth floor, the facade of the building was increased by one floor, and the roof became so again. The entrance arch is now fully visible while making the structure look smoother. Gets a frame on the facade of the building hall.
  • At level 7, the construction hall gains two cogs on the side, and they seem to communicate underground. In addition, the hatch in the right rear of the building is open, and a red-orange light is emitted from the hatch, which is supposed to be a forge. Most of the vines have disappeared from the construction room.
  • On the eighth floor, there will be two chimneys at the end of the roof instead of one in the corner. All plants disappeared from the building. A third gear was also added to the side of the chassis, and the roof is now flat instead of up and down.
  • On the ninth floor, the fireplace was slightly shortened and reinforced with stone plinths. The gear base is now golden. The roof rises, then stops at the stone foundation, and then descends. The facade of the masonry hall is also supported by stone bricks.

Unlocks Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout

  • New buildings will be unlocked on each floor of the Builders’ Hall. The following table shows the unlocked buildings and structures at each level in the construction room. Unless otherwise stated in parentheses, when you type “new,” one of these buildings or structures will unlock.
  • Several destroyed buildings that appeared when entering the building base for the first time have been repaired by upgrading the building hall to level 2. Therefore, BH1 destroyed buildings that have been upgraded to the BH2 repair level will be listed as BH1, and the buildings that have already been unlocked will be listed in BH2 within BH2. Other destroyed buildings (gem mines, etc.) that cannot be repaired by upgrading to BH2 are included in the BH level, where they can be repaired.
  • The opening of the wall is expressed in terms of the number of unlocked walls, not the number of five unlocked parts; This is how unlocking is displayed in the game.


  • When Builder Base was released on May 22, 2017, there were only 5 levels of Builder Hall, and although the data from Builder Halls to Level 8 is in the game files, it wasn’t available until later.
  • The sixth floor of Builder Hall was added on June 27, 2017.
  • The seventh floor of Builder Hall was added on September 29, 2017.
  • The eighth floor of Builder Hall was added on March 5, 2018.
  • The 9th floor of Builder Hall was added on June 18, 2019.

Builder Base Buildings

Builder Base Buildings
Defensive Buildings
Cannon • Double cannon • Fire turret • Hidden Tesla • Firecrackers • Shredder • Outposts • Air bombs • Multi-oven mortars • Giant cannons • Giant Tesla • Lava launchers • Walls
Traps: Push Traps • Spring Traps • Landmines • Giant Landmines
Resource BuildingsBuilding Room (Magic Item) • Gold Mine • Potion Collector • Gold Storage Room • Potion Storage Room • Gem Mine • O.T.T.O Hut
Army BuildingBarracks Builders • Barracks • Interstellar Laboratory • Altar Fighter
Other BuildingShips • Decorations • Obstacles • Bell Tower
Clash of clans buiolder base

clash of clans builder base level 5

In this guide, we’ll explain how to use Level 5 Builder Hall to manage the builder’s base: we’ll show you the steps required to get the most out of it and be able to improve gold coins and potions without buying gems. Money. We will explain and suggest those steps that we think are steps to get the most out of BH5 (Building Hall 5), where we can finally unlock and use the Hero Fighter.

Upgrading Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layoutto Level 5

Once you upgrade your base, you will unlock many buildings, troops, and traps. Knowing what to do and where to invest in gold and elixir is especially important at this time.

First let’s list all the new buildings and upgrades unlocked with the Builder Hall Level 5 upgrade:

New construction

  • Hero fighting machine and altar

defensive building

  • new walls
  • push the trap,
  • more slurry,
  • Spring trap.

army building

  • There are no other buildings to build

building resources

  • elixir collector
  • Gold mine,
  • elixir storage,
  • gold storage

Available Upgrades

  • The Star Lab can be upgraded to level 5.
  • Construction Division Barracks can be upgraded to level 7
  • open cart cannon,
  • The double cannon can be upgraded to level 5.
  • Archer tower can be upgraded to level 5.
  • The gold mine can be upgraded to level 5,
  • Cannon can be upgraded to level 5,
  • Hidden Tesla car can be upgraded to level 5,
  • All traps can be upgraded to level 5.
  • The guard room can be upgraded to level 5,
  • The bell tower can be upgraded to level 5,
  • Hero fighters can be upgraded to level 5.
  • Potion collectors, gold mines and warehouses can be upgraded to level 5.
  • The breaker can be upgraded to level 5,
  • Fireworks and mines can be upgraded to level 5.

What to Build first in Builder Hall level 5

You may know that this method of cultivation is not easy, we will not go into details about the problem of the golden core, there have been a lot of discussions in the article on how to cultivate on the basis of construction. .

That is why it is so important to simplify and increase the amount of resources that we can unlock every day. Undoubtedly, investing in gold and potions to build buildings or upgrades that may be wasted in battle will take a lot of time and save costs. This is Clash O Clans Builder Base Layout to build or upgrade.

How to use Gold in BH5

We do not recommend starting from this level and prioritizing upgrading potion collectors and gold miners, because the biggest loot comes from battles. You can book upgrades for these buildings according to your preference, and given the low cost and limited time, you can decide to upgrade them at any time.

As you know, it is very important to protect yourself, because in this mode the defender is of particular importance (it is important to choose the best base BH5 here). For this reason, it is important to invest gold in ivory in the following order:

  • construction of a second double cannon (low cost and construction time),
  • Prefer more slurry. In order to upgrade it, you need at least level 4 gold storage space.
  • Build all rows of wall available
  • Build all the traps, first of all, spring traps and mines (you can avoid building push traps)
  • Build collectors of mines and firecrackers,

How to use Elixir in BH5

Grains have great potential in this game mode, and it mainly serves your ability to strengthen and unlock new troops. This is the order of using the elixir and the first thing to do; We will give priority to hero fighters:

  • building a second granary,
  • Upgrade the Elixir Library to level 3 and level 1 to level 4 (you will reach a maximum of 900,000 Elixir). Save the elixir to build a fighting hero
  • If you wish, you can avoid upgrading Builder Barracks to level 7 (Cannon Cart will not provide you with an excellent 3-star strategy)
  • Rising Star Lab to level 5

It is possible to avoid upgrading a gem mine for now because its maintenance cost is very high, and it can only produce 2 gems per day (obstacle can drop up to 6 gems, if not more). Focus on upgrading the interstellar laboratory.

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Level 4

If you are looking for a new and useful base layout for your Builder Hall 4 base, you have come to the right place.

I often test, build, modify and present the base build of Builder Hall 4 to you here so you can copy it directly without having to test or build it yourself.

I really hate those sites or videos that show you dozens of rules they copied somewhere without explaining in more detail why they work. Therefore, here you can only find basic knowledge that I tested myself.

The essentials here are updated monthly, so please check back here for the latest essentials.

Best Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout Designs

No longer wasting time, here are the basics:

Builder Hall 4 Base – November 22, 2021

The amazing double diamond base will be brutal in Builder Hall 4, and almost no attacker knows how to deal with it. This rule will be very effective and can cause difficulties for some taller building halls.

Builder Hall 4 Base – October 22, 2021

The ultimate monster base, as proven in asymmetric design testing, AI and troop attackers will have serious problems getting troops to do what they need to do. In addition, placing decoys and everything in between is completely in place, which can destroy BH4 attackers in a very effective way.

Builder Hall 4 Base – September 22, 2021

There is a ring style concept here, a challenging time for the attacker, as his forces will be directed and forced to pass through traps waiting for the troops to enter the open space. It’s really effective, and there aren’t a lot of attackers in BH4 that can properly break this rule.

Builder Hall 4 Base – August 23, 2021

The open part works well on BH4, because many attackers find it difficult to attack them properly. In addition, all sanitary buildings are outdoors, and it takes a long time to clean them. If the attacker does not clean them and send all the troops, the scattered traps and defenses will drop them, and if he cleans them up, time will run out. good results.

Clash of Clans Builder Base Level 6

If you are looking for a new and useful base layout for Base Builder Hall 6, you have come to the right place.

I often test, build, modify and present the base build of Builder Hall 6 to you here so you can copy it directly without having to test or build it yourself.

I really hate those sites or videos that show you dozens of rules they copied somewhere without explaining in more detail why they work. Therefore, here you can only find basic knowledge that I tested myself.

Here you will find the best Builder Hall 6 rules with copy link, all rules are up to date.

Here you will get the best bh6 canonical link, which is anti-everything.

Some of the rules are rules against 1, 2, and 3 stars. It will withstand the largest forces very well.

  • 3 star anti-alkali
  • Combat strength: giant boxer, cannon cart
  • Trophy: 3500+

Some of the best BH6 players use these basics. All the basics here are new and updated once a week.

I hope this rule helps you to earn rewards.

  • Combat 2 Star Base
  • Combat Troops: Little Dragon, Yuan Xiaoping, Car Cannon
  • Trophy: +3300

Best Builder Hall 6 Base

  • Combat 2 Star Base
  • Combat Force: Little Dragon, Car Cannon
  • Trophy: +3600

The characteristics of this base are very suitable for easily pushing the cup into more than 3200 cups.

The trap is perfectly placed, so the opponent does not know what to post next.

If the opponent is attacking in the air, the air bomb is at the top and there are 2 biscuits facing each other at the bottom.

Air strikes on this base will be very difficult.

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