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Clash Of Clans Best Bases is one of the most popular strategy games on the mobile platform. The game was released in April 2012. Since then, it has always been a very popular game, which is why people are looking for the best foundation that can be created in the “tribal conflict”.

As everyone knows, you must play the role of the head of the village, your main task is to protect your colony from the enemies, and to find a rich village for loot. These tasks are simple and easy, but in fact, a large number of efforts and knowledge are already required within the game.

Tribal conflict free gem guide

In order to prevent his village from being thrown by the enemy, you need to build a strong defense consisting of many defense units, and of course there is careful planning. In order to plunder other people’s village, you must form a military team with a battle power.

In this article, we’ll briefly list the best “tribal conflict” rules for Town Halls 5, 10 and 13. Let’s go straight to the list.

How is tribal conflict step by step?

  • Each rule we ask provides links, follow these steps to copy them.
  • Use this page to open the game on your mobile browser.
  • Click the link to one of the rules and wait for it to be redirected in the game.
  • After successfully redirecting, the option to plan is before you.
  • Click Copy Paste, then press the Active Setup button to apply it.

How to Have a Good Base in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular game, including building and populating your own village. You must also create your own base, and this is one of the main tasks of this game. Having a good base in “tribal strife” is a tough job. However, as you improve and learn more through more in-depth search games, you’ll find it very simple. Continue reading below, and understand that you can help you successfully create a base of Tribal Struggle.

Select a base layout

Search online you can use basic design ideas. Select one and try to use it to see how it works. Some nice basic design choices include balanced resources and defense buildings to defend against attacks. The trophy is also kept in a safe and town hall. Visit websites such as a wiki, forum, or other “dispute before conflict” site and find the idea.

Use compartments

Enclose buildings with upgrade walls. Add another building after these walls and wrap around that building. It is also a good idea to add several buildings in a large cabin and surround it. Place any extra wall around the wall to resist defense, resources, etc. the most important. This will ensure the best defense, so you will not lose all the trophy when you are under attack.

At some level in town hall, you won’t be able to pin some buildings because you don’t have enough walls. Knock down all the extra walls between the compartments, just integrate the building into a big booth. Otherwise, you’re only putting your most important buildings in the cabin, and if you’re not farming, make sure you protect your town hall.

Rearrange your base into a diamond layout.

Add a comparison, put your resources and city halls in the middle, with walls around them. Add defense action around resources and town hall and add a wall to protect them. Balance your collectors, mining and other buildings so they look like diamonds. The masonry hut can be placed in the corner of the entire lawn, so that the enemy takes longer to attack and fail.

If you have unlocked a dark elixir, you might want to consider discarding the cup and putting the dark elixir in the middle, because you are rare about City Hall 7 dark elixir, people always try to steal it. Traps such as the Giant Bomb and Air Force Traps are placed around the Dark Elixir, but these traps can also be used for touch sneaking, such as a small area of ​​a wall, or anything around a building.

Use the Army Camp base design.

Rearrange your base in Rhombus, but don’t consider any military camp you have. Place a military camp in the four corners of the base. Use the wall to surround it, but when you surround the camp, make sure there is at least one of the buildings and walls.

When troops attacked your base and you must go to the military camp as the last building to win the attack, the extra space will cause the troops to be more out of range, causing them to move to another building, which is hard to win. With ground forces, this rule can work.

Have a star shaped base.

This type of foundation looks like a square cabin and other compartments, similar to a polygon. Starting with the triangular or square cabin, other shapes of cabins are used around the cabin. Put the town hall or resource in the middle for better protection.

Choose a base to design of your own if none of these work for you.

If these designs are not suitable for your base, you can always create your own. Includes defense and strong walls, as well as traps outside the door. One of the techniques described above, such as double-layer wall techniques or even wall techniques. Make sure your base is enough to withstand a large number of attacks.

Strengthening the Base

Raid for gold and elixir frequently.

Starting at Town Hall 6, your base price can exceed 500,000 to 1 million coins or demons. Upgrade your resource building as soon as possible to get more twisty. Time – Your defense building should be next. Save more gold and demonstrate as much as possible. Use your resources before logging out so that no one collects them. Army training in your military camp, you don’t need much joy to get expensive kits.

Use the Barch strategy. Arrow training and barbarian, enough to kill a small and advanced village. It’s also very cheap, and it’s very fast. Spells can also be used in battle, but they can be very expensive.

Find a base with lots of resources and distribute shooters around the nearest resource building. Attack a village with very close resource buildings and a full chest. If he has at least 90,000 trophies, that’s a base worth attacking. Make sure you can easily get to the cup. Pass your barbarian reinforcement, waiting for your troops to collect as much trophy as possible. No matter what you win, as long as you get all the resources, you have nothing.

Upgrade your mines and collectors first.

If you upgrade your buildings as soon as possible, you will keep collecting more trophy each time. Do not upgrade your box – you will have a lot of trophy. Once you upgrade the more expensive buildings, upgrade your locker. Use any extra trophy to upgrade the wall or reset traps/defense until there is no more vault.

Upgrade your small defenses next.

First upgrade your most bribed tower and your cannons, because their hit defense is very weak, and it’s easy to upgrade. Upgrade all your shooting turret, then upgrade your cannon, so your shooting turret can cause more damage to your flying and ground forces. Upgrade your bombs and other traps because they don’t spend much.

Start on your bigger defenses

Make a lot of raids and conduct clan wars in your clan in order to get a lot of trophy for these buildings. XBows, Jimero Towers and other large defense facilities require a lot of resources. Collect your bonus cash only when needed to save them and the clan war bonus.

Consider buying a shield. If you have some extra trophy, you are enough to upgrade a big building, don’t get it. If you leave it, it will be attacked, it may steal your cup. Buy at least one village guard in order to give yourself enough time to get the small amount of trophy needed to upgrade the big buildings. Use any additional village shield or guards to collect more trophy.

Work on your offensive buildings.

Upgrade your clan’s castle first. The clan castle cost more than 1 million City Hall 5 gold coins. Use the village guard to protect your loot and attacks during these two hours, so you can get more coins. Also upgrade your barracks so that you have more troops to attack.

The guards in the village allow you to attack as you wish. Whenever you want to attack without interruption to get resources quickly, buy a village guard with 10 gems every day.

Finish up any extra buildings that need upgrading

Upgrade your lab, spell factory, etc. Upgrade all your buildings to the highest level in order to get the most powerful base. Then upgrade your town hall and start upgrading your defenses to become stronger.

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how to copy and paste clash of clans bases?

All you have to do is get the basics of the Clash of Clans app, then open the app and create it according to your own design. Now select this screenshot from your phone gallery. After performing these steps, you will see a mini window like this

how to copy and paste clash of clans bases?

Then I click on the boat to go to the builder base, I can click on the copy layout. repeatedly. Back here, I ran into some obstacles, so I interrupted him because he couldn’t play those balls.

what are engineered bases clash of clans?

Engineers base is a village with a very low defense level (or no defense at all – a village with no defensive capabilities), with high level troops, heroes and city halls. The purpose of these villages is to build a base with poor defense and high offensive power, to create a small advantage in tribal wars and to fight against easier tribes.

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