Clash Of Clans Barbarian

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Introduction:Clash Of Clans Barbarian

Clash Of Clans Barbarian is a single target for melee troops. It is the first closed forces in the military camp. He looked like a soldier in a Scottish short skirt, with a grumpy, prepared expression, and a desire for destruction. …once every enemy is defeated nearby, the barbarian will attack the nearest buildings.

“This fearless warrior, leaning against his beard muscle and beard, causing massive damage to the enemy village. Release the group of barbarians, and enjoy the chaos of chaos!”

A barbarian is a “tribal conflict” force that can be trained with an elixir.

It is the first unlocked elixir forces, so you only need to build the first military camp to unlock it, this requires two level 1 town hall.

Clash Of Clans Barbarian EXPLAINED

It is a single target unit that inflicts unique injuries.

This is the first unlocked forces in the game, which can reach 0.4 tile targets.

The Barbarians occupy only residential space in Archers and Ofra, which are one of the simplest forces in the game. It is very weak, the price is cheap, the damage is small, and it is usually only used in the beginning stage.


Barbarians are mainly used by low-level players to lead their attacks in the case of Archers as support forces.

When you upgrade your civilization hall, the enemy’s defense will become more powerful, just a mortar, you can kill it easily, and it becomes useless in regular attack.

In the upper town hall, it can be used to test the trap space, lead troops into the castle, or destroy defensive walls that can’t reach the building, helping the boot.

It is often used in low-level agricultural training in town hall. Since it can make a lot of training very quickly, you can build a cheap archer and guide army and attack an inactive base, or you can do it as often as possible. care mode. Win the battle.

Barbarian Clash Of Clans

Obviously, barbarian forces from tribal conflicts are not as powerful as magic. However, if you use the correct policy, you can use it to attack when attacking other troops. That’s not all, because this land unit has a lot of advantages.
So how do you learn more about COC Barbary? Publication strategy, statistics, description, etc.

General description Of Clash Of Clans Barbarian

You will learn about the “tribal struggle” of the barbarians by his pose and brown skirt, this mini skirt is fixed by a belt with a shield. He is still with a long beard and yellow hair, and there is a broken bracelet and sword for each arm.

Additionally, when the Barbarians are upgraded, their appearance changes. For example, he holds a sword holder to change color at level 5.

 Features And Statistics Clash Of Clans Barbarian

Tribal conflict between barbarian is the first unit unlocked in the game. It’s the same as Berman, but different from Archer. It can only attack the ground target.

In addition, the barbarians have no prime targets. It attacks everything in the investigation area, whether it is troops or a building. Like most other soldiers, Barbarians will not only leave targets you attack when they die or are attracted by other units, 骷髅 traps or 骷髅.

On the other hand, please pay attention to the dangerous value of barbarians. However, when you increase its level, it is very effective.

All Levels Clash Of Clans Barbarian

At each level, the barbarian tribes will develop their stats and achieve strength. However, various modifications are possible under certain conditions and require resources and obviously need a lot of time (otherwise it’s too easy, right? I’ll give you a small summary to roughly understand the level of COC with Burberry.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Hit pointsDamage per secondCost of training
225 0006 h1541130
3100 00012 h3651460
4300 0001 day57818100
51 000 0001 day 12 h69523150
62 000 0002 days 12 h711026200
73 000 0004 days814530250
85 000 0007 days920534300
99 500 00012 days1023038350
1015 000 00014 days1224042400

I want to note that the information in the table may be different before stopping this section of the Barbary Tribal Conflict Handbook. For example, as the game progresses, Supercell sometimes adds a new unit – thus reducing training costs or upgrading existing units.

In addition, there are magic items that can improve the activity of the tribal conflict villages, with many benefits of passing gold, and a rage method that can increase HP and DPS.

Battle strategy With Clash Of Clans Barbarian

In addition to a few exceptions, no matter how good the unit’s data is, the other village cannot be defeated successfully. The secret is to combine several modules to overcome weaknesses and/or enhance the advantages of each module.

If you intend to use barbarians in your offensive mix, I offer attacks and defense strategies to compete with your opponents. In addition to a few exceptions, no matter how good the unit’s data is, the other village cannot be defeated successfully. The secret is to combine several modules to overcome weaknesses and/or enhance the advantages of each module.

If you intend to use barbarians in your offensive mix, I offer attacks and defense strategies to compete with your opponents.

Attack strategy With Clash Of Clans| Barbarian

Barbarian tribal conflict is an expert in melee combat. Although their HP is not high, unless they become a group, they can cause great damage to opponents. For example, by building an attack combination using only Barbrandt Barbrant (Full Total), you can easily destroy HDV for 7 or less opponent villages.

However, this unit is easily exposed by air units that have no chance to fight against it. That is why training can attack from the air to support it is very interesting.

Additionally, barbarians can also play the roles of cleansers and/or summoners, and are usually assigned to an archer. Additionally, as a melee force, it is particularly effective for defensive buildings that inflict territorial casualties (such as mortars and eagles). Finally, when the wilderness is launched, they can act as tanks and absorb harm, and support forces are under attack.

Defence strategy With Clash Of Clans Barbarian

When a large number of people were stationed in a clan castle, a barbarian would be especially effective at defending. They will not only harm your opponents, but also the number of important assets that destroy their stability.

However, although this is a very exciting strategy, barbarians are completely invalid when the opponent attacks with flying units. In addition, as long as your opponent does not send barbarian forces, the barbarians will not leave the castle.

Barbarian King Clash Of Clans

The Barbarian King Clash Of Clans is one of the supreme units I mentioned in the “Tribal Struggle” force guide. It has more health, causing more injuries per second. With your rage, super clash tribal barbarkers can attack with greater power and speed within the first 8 seconds after posting.

All levels Barbarian King Clash Of Clans

LevelDamage per secondDamage per attackHit pointsCost of trainingCity Hall level required
81801441 0001 50011
92001601 1001 75012
102201761 2002 00014

On the other hand, the King barbarian tribal struggle will occupy 5 positions in your military camp, and the classic barbarian only needs a position.

Combat strategy With Barbarian King Clash Of Clans

Attack strategy with Barbarian King Clash Of Clans

In addition to the various strategies you outlined for the classic barbarians, the King barbarian tribal conflict can play an important role in the strategy of oppression. He will perform his special ability in the first eight, allowing you to clean buildings and defense facilities outside the enemy village very quickly.

Strategy in defence Barbarian King Clash Of Clans

King Barbarian is also very good at attacking enemy attacks because HP is extremely high. However, it is completely unsuitable for flying units.
If you decide to only have a Super Barbarian in your clan castle, in order to improve your chance, the ideal practice is to pair it with air forces or troops fighting other air forces.

Here, we come to the end of the guide to the barbaric tribal struggle. I hope it can meet all your expectations and let you make better use of this device to calibrate your attack. If you have any questions or other techniques to share to better spread this module, please let us know in the comments.

Download Clash Of Clans Barbarian King

You can click to download this free clan struggle Barbarian King transparent PNG image. Use it on your personal project to share them as cool sticks on Tumblr, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter or other messaging apps.

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how to draw a barbarian from clash of clans?

One here, I’ll split a gap. This way, so here I’m just drawing part of the forearm. Go to fist. Here, I will use my biceps to draw the shapes

how to draw clash of clans barbarian?

Then we’ll do the same thing on the right. the side. Now in the middle, we will present the students with two black spots. Let’s move to the center and draw a nose.

clash of clans how to get barbarian king?

When you build a royal altar, the Barbarian King will unlock. The altar takes 10,000 Dark Pharmacy and requires a Level 7 City Hall.

clash of clans how to get barbarian king fast?

Above the wall, with the magic tower. So it looks very good. Then we have our barbarians. And the giant in front of the archer. So he will protect the archer.

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