Clash Of Clans A New Super Troops

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Introduce:Clash Of Clans A New Super Troops

Clash Of Clans A New Super Troops Welcome to the Clash of Clans bowling alley! In international bowling rules, “Hit” means that all ten pins have been knocked down. “Turkey” is 3 attacks in a row, and “six-beams” does not mean that your attack in the two wars has won 3 stars! This means you get 6 visits in a row!

What better way than to add this brand new unit to our growing list of upgraded Super Troops to make sure you never have to deal with 7-10 teams!

Like other super forces, super bowlers occupy more houses, have higher stats, and are more expensive to train. However, super bowlers have additional advantages over non-super bowlers. When a super bowler attacks, his stone ball will bounce once, dealing a total of 3 damage.

Check out his beefy stats:

LevelTH LevelDPSHP Training CostHousing Space
5131851800875DE 30
61420020001000DE 30

Super bowlers are the perfect vandals for those funnel-smashing teams, destroying defenses that ordinary players can’t reach. With the bowling ball’s extra recoil, the level of damage it can inflict makes the super bowler the new focus of command. Yes.. this is the last season of bowling.

When you start playing “Clash of Clans”, you will have enough resources to live independently. However, as the game progresses, your needs will become more At this point, you need to launch a raid to steal the loot and build your village. Therefore, controlling the troops in clan conflicts is critical to improving the quality of raids.

Clash of Clans super troops

Super Forces are classic units – normal and black – with extraordinary abilities, health stats and high health stats. They can enhance the strength of your army and can easily affect the outcome of the battle.

In addition, due to their special abilities, the space occupied by reinforcements in the barracks is much larger than that of the conventional troops. If you want to add this type of unit to your army to make it more complex, you can choose from 12 different models:

Super barbarians, giants, wizards, archers, engineers, gargoyles, keries, and wizards;

fairy sneak
energy balloon
Hell Dragon
Ice dog.

Before ending this part of the Tribal Conflict Troops guide, I’d like to point out that adding troops doesn’t change the way they move. Therefore, the unit of the earth remains an earth unit after it has become a superpower.

What is a troop in Clash of Clans?

Troops in Clash of Clans are a unit or item that allows you to inflict damage on your opponent. They are used to:

loot the goblin village in the game’s single player mode;
Attack other players to dash or farm in multiplayer mode;
Earn stars and win battles in GDC or Clan War League.
Depending on their nature, CoC troops can be summoned through altars, trained in workshops, barracks and factories, or strengthened. Each unit corresponds to a certain level of HDV.
Therefore, in order to be able to unlock it, you have to upgrade your Town Hall to the appropriate level. For example, to open Xiaolong, you must have HDV 9.

Once troops are available, use the Lab to improve their level and stats. However, you will not be able to upgrade your troops beyond the highest level allowed by the lab and the game.
Now I would like to present you a list of all the troops in Clash of Clans.

Improving the quality of life

Additionally, we will also release some quality of life improvements in this update. Check them out below!

  • Earn XP by donating troops to wars and war alliances

You can now earn XP when you donate troops during wars and war alliances, but not during friendly wars. The amount of experience gained depends on the troops donated at the start of the battle day. It would be impossible to get XP by canceling donations and ordering the army frequently. All XP donated by troops is obtained at the end of the day of preparation. The amount of XP earned is the same as other donations.

  • Hero Skin Shuffler

After activation, the hero skin randomizer will randomly apply different hero skins every time you load your hometown, choose from the list of skins you choose to rotate.

The hero skin randomizer can be activated from the hero skin UI, and it can be found on each of your available heroes base. With the random generator set to ON, you need to select the unlocked skin you want to rotate. Any undefined variations of the random generator loop will be excluded.

So, if there are some skins in your collection that you don’t want to randomly apply when you upload your hometown, please don’t choose this skin.

Once you select the hero skin to rotate, every time you load your hometown, the hero skin randomizer will apply the different random skins of your choice to the available heroes. After attacks or visits to other players’ villages and other events, your home village will be charged.

It’s as if your favorite music playlist has been mixed up!

Clash Of Clans All Troops

Cheeky Kid is a true casual player in the blue. When he’s not watching cartoons or reading comics, he’s more likely to play games without thinking.
Are you an avid Clash of Clans player? Do you know the basic details of the units available in the game? Do you even know all the nuances of the different units that you can control in this game? Well, this guide can help you!

This Tribal Conflict Troops List is designed to help you learn and understand the basic details of all troop units in the game. Go ahead, absorb all the knowledge you need and make the most of the game!

Elixir Troops

1. Barbarian

Objective: the unity of the land

Attack method: single target

Movement speed: 16

Description: A barbarian is a brave and reckless barbarian who never avoids a fight. His survival instinct was rooted in his muscles. Therefore, his strength is extremely cruel and unparalleled. When barbarians are in groups, their wilderness swells even more, causing massive damage no matter where they are.

2. Archer

Target: ground and air units

Attack method: single target

Movement speed: 24

Description: Shooters know it all when it comes to accurate shooting from a distance. Its lens is as sharp as the eyes of an eagle. His craftsmanship is first class, above all else. With excellent aiming ability and extraordinary dexterity, there is no match between the archer and his indispensable arrows.

3. Goblin

Target: Ground units, especially resources (deals x 2 damage to resources)

Attack method: single target

Movement speed: 32

Description: Do you know what happened at the goblin’s head? I know. His mind is full of loot, money and all bright things! Orcs are greedy creatures. They will do anything just to get some treasure. Simply glance at the news of important resources, and you can use his ultra-fast pace to accept the prize.

4. Giant

Target: Ground units, especially defensive

Attack method: single target

Movement speed: 12

Introduction: No one underestimates the gentle giant! This may sound friendly and peaceful, but believe me, you should never play with giants! He has tremendous strength and overwhelming perseverance. Yes, it is slow, but its construction is also the strongest.

5. Wall Breaker

Target: Ground units, especially walls (40x damage to walls)

Attack method: area spray

Movement speed: 24

Description: Nothing makes a broken wall happier than a broken wall! He was skinny inside and out, but he was still very determined to get things done, KABOOOM! With a bomb in hand, determined to be different, Wallbreaker will fulfill its purpose until her life is over.

6. Balloon

Target: Ground units, especially defensive

Attack method: area spray

Movement speed: 10

Description: When the wall cutter flies, it will turn into a balloon. Same intent, same goal, same determination, but different priorities. This time, it was the defense he was looking for! There is always a bomb at hand, and everything on Earth will explode!

7. Wizard

Target: ground and air units

Attack method: area spray

Movement speed: 16

Description: The magician is the embodiment of the greatness of magic. He can use a flick of his finger to cast extremely destructive spells. That is why he is such a strong opponent. One wrong move, you will be left behind for life due to the wrath of a wizard!

8. Healer

Objective: the unity of the land

Attack method: area spray

Movement speed: 16

Description: A therapist does what he does best: therapy! His sympathy above all. With his white wings and angelic face, he soared above his allies, protecting and protecting them from harm.

9. Dragon

Target: ground and air units

Attack method: area spray

Movement speed: 16

Description: Ruthless and ruthless, the dragon is a mighty force that cannot be ignored. It is extremely destructive in the air and on the ground. His strength was unprecedented, making him a terrifying opponent. When a dragon appears on the battlefield, all those waiting for tribulation to find them will face destruction.

10. P.E.K.K.A.

Objective: the unity of the land

Attack method: single target

Movement speed: 16

Description: Pickup, what does this mean? ! We only know that P.E.K.K.A is an armored knight with incredible defense. His crime is no joke. And his HP? Leaked! This fighter is extraordinary, so be careful of the enemy!

How To Upgrade Troops In Clash Of Clans

The most common reason why an attack strategy fails in Clash of Clans is that the troops you use have not been upgraded. Although regular units will offer lessons in the game and after a while, the base forces are not prepared enough to do further fortifications. This is why troop upgrade is essential to make the most of your troops and plunder more resources from the enemy.

If you have just started the game and are not sure how to improve your troops, we are here to help you. In this article, we’ll explain how troop upgrades work and what you should prioritize.

How to Level Up Troops in Clash of Clans

In “Clash of Clans”, troops are upgraded by studying upgrades in the lab. The building is available relatively early in the game, and you should be able to get to this point easily by reading the tutorial and placing in some buildings to collect the necessary resources.

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how to get super troops in clash of clans?

Players will be able to use dark potions or super potions to transform their base forces into superpower opponents. To unlock Super Troops, players need to upgrade their City Hall to level 11, and they must have the required level of base troops

how to upgrade troops in clash of clans?

Reach level 3 of City Hall.
Click on the “Shop” button.
Select “Lab” from the menu. …
Click on the lab to see the available processes.
Click the “Resources” button.
Select the organization you want to promote.

how do you get super troops in clash of clans?

Players will be able to use dark potions or super potions to transform their base forces into superpower opponents. To unlock the super power, players need to upgrade their town hall to level 11 and they must reach the level required by the base power.

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