Best GTA V RP servers

The best GTA V RP servers model of the game in the GTA has been around for years because it seems unusual. Instead of being thrown into the light, players can live a normal life and live whatever character they want to become.

To get GTA RP, players must first log in to the RP server and go to the allowlist system (if necessary) to start the game.

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Most gamers want to play GTA 5 RP on any server they like. However, many of these celebrities are professional services that require players to participate in extreme sports. Also, access to these services is relatively slow and secure.

The best RP service requires players to complete, as they get the greatest enjoyment from the players who live the RP life. Below are three that are sure to suit your needs.

Finding and playing the best RP in GTA 5 is a unique game. This guide gives you a list of the top 5 games you need to play GTA 5.

You need a third device to access the service. Five M is a great Multiplayer model that will help you access RP servers.


RP means game. As suggested, the GTA 5 RP player is a Multiplayer player who can participate. Most importantly, you can take on the role of an NPC, such as a police officer, paramedic, or officer. If you enjoy a criminal life, you can also be a murderer. This is possible thanks to the modding community.

Each RP server has its own rules. Some let you do what you want, and others expect you to follow the rules to ensure more immersion in the world for everyone. If you’re in such a service, don’t forget to keep an eye on your supervisor and talk before you start killing someone. Otherwise, you will be banned from the service.

Other services always focus on criminal activity. In some services, they have a group of criminals involved. It’s similar to the combat system they had in GTA San Andreas. Some services are fully integrated with the GTA Online server, so you can still play games offered by Rockstar, such as Gaoi Cayo Perico. . Whatever you want, there’s a lot to do with the GTA 5 RP server. It will be really fun until the next GTA game. This is good because the next installment of the GTA series will be out in a few years.

SERVER GTA 5 RP: How it works

The RP service relies heavily on the player’s ability to maintain character. For example, if you take on the role of a firefighter and someone points a gun at you to ask you to give them your car, you have to obey or fight with your hands. Some firefighters may allow ordinary citizens to have firearms. Still, you may not be able to fight with a firearm, as there is no opportunity for firefighters to carry automatic firearms into their daily lives. ‘day.

Communication is mainly based on audio chat. Some services may prioritize text communication, but most use voice communication. When you use dialogue, you need to stick to character and story. Be careful not to say anything unusual, as it will damage the immersion of others. You can often use no -one chat rooms when you want to talk about something that has nothing to do with your sports game.

Finally, mortality is a little different for RP servers. For example, suppose you die for a cause and reappear. In that case, you may not return or experience the same situation for a specified period, usually around 15 minutes. Then there is the death of a character. It means your character is dead, and you have to create new characters and new stories. Everything is very complicated and based mainly on player compliance; it is best to read the rules and instructions of the service before entering.

These are the best GTA V RP servers.

Eclipse best GTA V RP servers

Eclipse RP is another popular name in the GTA V RP community. While you won’t find many hidden contents in the Eclipse RP channel, you’ll still have to wait a while before it is confirmed to the server due to the number of requests.

Eclipse RP only has 200 players and has one of the clearest guides. Don’t forget to read the Eclipse RP forum with their instructions. You get detailed information about all the components and responsibilities you can perform server-by-server to help you set up quickly.

Other services may not have a NoPixel display but the same building. Enter GTA V through the FiveM server menu, create characters and play the game to your heart’s content. Everything on the server is standard, yes.

A nearby server in Eclipse. Like NoPixel, there are many ways to earn money, spend and get PR exposure.

It has a lot of server power and a nice interface with Discord to participate. It’s easy to jump in, log in to the Discord site, and show you.

Another popular service is Eclipse RP, which allows 200 players at once. It takes a long time to access the server, but it works. The service has some of the most detailed information and responsibilities you can take on and therefore has many demands.

The Eclipse RP is one of the most popular GTA 5 RP accessories. It is available through the Rage MP client.

Although it typically hosts about 200 players, the number of players could reach 300 by the end of the week.

An action-based GTA Roleplay player with multiple gangs and opposition groups to join. Because it is a very popular server, the access time can belong.

While it’s not a popular service for popular Twitch streamers, it’s very much included in the Game in GTA V. Eclipse has a waiting list. You may need to be patient if you want to participate. , but when you enter you will have a great experience.

Although not a small server, it only has 200 hosts. So when you are completely healed, you have to wait for someone to leave. They have rules you can read in their ads to make sure you understand how they play.

Another powerful server needs a few steps to access the RP server. These services require first-time Europeans in sports to use traditional elements and textures, contributing to a more enjoyable sport.

Unlike other GTA V accessories, the Eclipse RP can handle 200 players at a time, which means you don’t see anyone in town. Otherwise, it causes a lot of server problems.

The Eclipse RP allows for a more immersive experience, with law enforcement forces imagined in the city. Trying to do something stupid will make you lose your mind.

One of the most powerful players in the GTA RP platform, the Eclipse RP can handle 200 players at any one time. The council process is very detailed, involving several gangs. Because this service is so popular, your time on the waiting list may be longer than expected.

How to access Eclipse GTA RP

Visit the Eclipse forum and find out the server rules. Please read it carefully, as you will be asked to fill out a question.

There are also government websites where you can apply for a gun license or be a police officer, and you can check out one of four legal updates, etc. Also, like any other GTA 5 RP server, you have to log into Discord.

MafiaCity best GTA V RP servers

In addition to Eclipse, there is also MafiaCity. Again, this service is a difficult game, but there are differences from the others.

First, it hosts Rage-mode instead of FiveM to remove NPCs. In addition, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to responsibilities. You could be a horrible killer like a cop or a firefighter.

Again, it’s easy to get involved. Just download Rage mode, and you can access the service from their website. However, present yourself on the Forum and Discord so as not to be a stranger.

MafiaCity servers have been in operation for many years and are open for registration. There are legal and illegal policies, commercial organizations, and sports regulators, and all property is for sale. It is different from others in some ways.

First, it hosts Rage mode, not FiveM, so NPCs are unnecessary. It encourages player participation while creating a fun modeling environment.

Also, when it comes to responsibilities, there is no end to the choices. Players can be dangerous assassins such as police officers, firefighters, or decent car mechanics.

Players need to use Rage-mode if they want to participate in the service on their website.

MafiaCity best GTA V RP servers are another server that almost everyone can get. There are strong areas to choose from and many more options to consider for your work. You could be the most dangerous firefighter the service has ever seen, or you could spend the rest of your life putting out fires.

This service is offered in Rage MP, which means that NPCs will reduce the value of the game. The pageMP server can remove all NPCs from the game, increasing social interaction between players.

This service is the longest in development and has a legal and regulatory framework. With the option to play as a money-loving Boss, cop, or gangster, this RP player reduces the focus on NPCs and is more on real player interaction.

He came to this list because of his useful “learning curve” and a long list of strict rules that all athletes must follow. Breaking these rules is quick, so learning to play a good Mafia city will prepare everyone better for the other players out there.

His game is about running a business and doing business. It’s about the market and focuses on game sales, unlike NPCs. Although smaller than the Eclipse, the GTA Roleplay is a bit heavier.

NewDay is new and has 250 spaces, so it’s more fun than NoPixel would like in terms of space. This is another very serious aspect of the sport and dictates that you must stick to the habit at all times. They started as West Wild RP for Red Dead Redemption 2; they have run on the GTA server, so they have long been established in the gambling community.

This is one of the cheapest services available for RP. Mafia City comes with a strong legal and constitutional system, professional companies, and organizations for sports and other commercial property. You are given the option to play as a police officer, a gang member, or the director-general of finance.

How to access Mafia City RP

In addition to visiting their website, you can find the Direct Connect page in the Rage MP client and enter the server’s IP address:

This address may change from time to time. Just try to find a service based on the number of players, and Mafia City should be in the top supply.

GTA World best GTA V RP servers

Well, if you don’t enjoy downloading the microphone and working with others, GTA World could be for you.

But for higher RPs, it’s easier than other tools out there, but the chances of playing are unique because you have to write down your thoughts and not say,

The service offers a lot of things, although, like everyone else, you can manage businesses, groups and organize things to your heart’s content. GTA World is available through Rage, not FiveM, and, like the others, has Council and Discord included.

This service is unique because it is based entirely on scripts, allowing those not interested in talking to guests to participate in the best GTA V RP servers.

GTA World, like others, has a registration process, and the site says it now has 500 people.

The service has many features, as players can manage companies, groups and can organize things as they wish, just like any other service.

GTA World is available through Rage, not FiveM, and there is a Discord forum and server, among others.

While the voice acting is an important way to make the game more enjoyable, some players may not be as comfortable as others when talking to strangers. The microphone doesn’t always have to be part of the RP server. You can easily integrate it into RP-based databases like GTA World.

More than 30 are working on the service, and the cost of production to go into the service is enough to make GTA World a strong competition.

Next up are DTA World’s best GTA V RP servers. This service has over 30 functions and only one opportunity to chat. This chat-based service is ideal for people who like to sit quietly during games. The service allows up to 500 members and includes registration by filling out a form.

GTA World is a popular GTA RP player, based on a script (no audio talk) with great organization and many weekly events.

The number of players in it can reach 500 and is often friendly to new RP members.

GTA World offers a script-based experience with many special effects. The service runs on RAGE MP, multi-channel mode, similar to FiveM. It also said that the RAGE MP is close to what FiveM can do. GTA World has recently been updated for fun and realistic gameplay. You can find out more about the server below:

We were created GTA World to provide a fun, realistic, and dynamic game. Our creators intend to bring special features to the service. Thanks to suggestions from players, we are constantly adding exciting new features to the server.

This service is document-based. This means you can play well, even if you don’t want to talk to strangers. Like the first two servers, you also need to register to play GTA World, and there are now 500 members on the best GTA V RP servers.

How to Join GTA World

Once you’ve created your story, go into the rules and write a general story of your character.

After that, you will be sent to a page where you can provide everything and wait for a response. Don’t forget to join Discord for ads!

LucidCity best GTA V RP servers

If you’re looking for something more open and wild, LucidCity is an option. Like everyone else, she is on the FiveM list and is very open to participation.

The service has several NoPixel features, including Cayo Perico from the classic GTA Online mode. Like everyone else, it’s best to attend their meeting with Discord and greet you before the gang starts.

Many other small offers are about finding the right thing.

You might tell some you’re so stupid and no one cares about the rules, so buy it.

Because it can take a long time to get results from the most popular RPs, you need something else to improve your RP skills and take time. However, this does not mean that Lucid City RP is a worse server than others.

This is an optional service for new members. As mentioned above, most of the devices on this list require a long wait. However, this service is more responsive and similar to Nopixel servers.

Family best GTA V RP servers

Although Family RP is not the most popular best GTA V RP servers player, it does play an important role. It opens up a world of opportunity for players who are more interested in sports.

However, people who don’t know this can find it difficult to access this server. To play, players must register and apply, and there can be a long waiting list.

If you’re looking for a more risky model, it might be worth trying Family RP. Compared to the other data on our list, The Family RP shows players who take the sport to heart.

You need to connect Steam, Discord, and, if not, Twitch from your app to the service. From joining a criminal family to participating in a successful business, there is no end to the options with Family RP.

Family RP is usually the site that included all the GTA V games before NoPixel. I remember Buddha going for NoPixel because it is easy to use and has a nice interface that allows for a better gaming experience. Otherwise, Family RP is a more complex approach, as most work is handled with the following instructions.

Family RP has been named one of the best GTA V RP servers kits with great power. Players also need to be white, which is a good thing. Once all the conditions of service have been met, We will also take the player to a state agency to monitor their behavior. In the process, managers can better evaluate players.


Like many other games, older games like GTA 5 have gained new popularity in the modding community. Although Rockstar adds new features to GTA Online, most content is repetitive. Often a new person has a job and then buys things to prepare for theft. When you are ready, you can steal with other players.

Worse, most training time requires a lot of money, because you have to buy expensive things. Often, content editing is non -existent. This is especially true for new players who don’t have much money and have to eat or buy Shark cards to buy the necessary equipment. For example, the theft of Cayo Perico requires players to purchase the Kotsaka submarine, which costs at least $ 2,200,000.

The changes, including the best GTA V RP servers, give players something new to do with older games like GTA 5. The game gives old players a list of new lives and even attracts new players. In addition, the RP experience has become more popular with Twitch Streamers, including autoplay, Sykkuno, and Buddha, among others.

If you like competition because you might want to consider Fortnite as well, here is a list of all the cars found on Fortnite.

best GTA V RP servers – HOW TO INSTALL

Before we continue, we would like to point out that this best GTA V RP server provides installation instructions for your computer. If you’re playing on a PS4 or Xbox One, you can’t do that because the consoles are automatically locked, and you can’t access the player files. There is an RP server for comfort, but we’ll talk about that later.

If you want to access the RP server on a computer, you need to download a series of procedures and other tools required by the server. Most services will run in FiveM or RageMP mode. Go to social media or ads to find out how you interact with them. We guide you on how to install FiveM and RageMP.

What are some of the best serious RP GTA servers?

  • The most popular GTA RP server, which has been working for many years and is constantly undergoing significant updates, players want to get into the fun and try it for themselves. Players are given 200 placement slots on NoPixel, but it’s not easy to whitewash and accept.
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What are the best GTA RP servers in 2019?

  • This is an amazing developer for GTA RP. It has been around for a few years, and every time they release a major update, players want to enjoy and enjoy themselves. But this isn’t easy. NoPixel has 200 free slots for players, but being white and accepting is not easy.
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What are the best GTA RP servers?

  • You need a third device to access the service. FiveM is a great Multiplayer model that will help you access RP servers. Here’s how to install it
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