Best GTA RP Servers 2021

Best GTA RP Servers 2021 the recent rise in popularity of the role-playing game Grand Theft Auto 5 may have left some new players wondering which GTA 5 R.P. server is best to play.

Given the recent increase in interest in the role-playing game Grand Theft Auto R.P., largely thanks to the many popular Twitch streams now focused on GTA RP, many new players will certainly be looking for a server to call them home. . For Best GTA RP Servers 2021 is best suited to play?

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This is a complex question that needs to be answered, as the features of a given server can fully satisfy the desires of one player while being completely contrary to the desires of other players. However, fans who want to experience Grand Theft Auto 5 R.P. will likely want to find a more dedicated server for role-playing games.

Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to ensure that everyone on the server takes their role seriously. Public servers can leave many things to those who want to get to know their Grand Theft Auto R.P. character. So the best servers for GTA 5 R.P. usually have a strict set of rules and applications required.

This decade is coming to an end, and with that is the end of the decade that brings us Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3, and most importantly, Best GTA RP Servers 2021.

Grand Theft Auto V works well through GTA Online, the main multiplayer mode, and other player-supported servers that use clients like FiveM to play modified and custom game modes without worrying about payment screens or restrictions.

As such, FiveM is full of servers, from playing games to racing, mini-games to simulations, and more. When 2019 ends, we’ve compiled a list of the best servers you can visit right now. We have many categories so everyone here can find something for themselves.

As mentioned, the popularity of role-playing games in GTA 5 is now at its peak, making it increasingly difficult to connect to application-based servers. However, for those who want to be patient, here are three servers that are often referred to when talking about the GTA RP Servers 2021:

Best GTA RP Servers 2021

Custom mode

These servers have scripts that let you play mini-games or fun game modes that you wouldn’t normally see anywhere else.

Ivan is a community server.

Info: TheIvaneh Shared Server is a unique server with periodic updates that include all-new custom mini-games, vehicles, and exclusive modes. Its latest addition, Coil Savanna – is a model of Tesla Cyber truck, and Be can already use it in games.

Slots: 32 players

Extensions: Enter in the Five Direct “Connect” field.

Transportation tycoon

Info: Transport Tycoon is a server designed specifically for those who enjoy a quiet ride and fundraising – whether it’s transportation, driving, train driving, garbage collection, and more, you can do whatever you like and get to know new people. While you go.

Slots: 32-128 players

How to connect: visit for a list of servers.

RSM Free roam

Info: RSM Free roam is one of the best free-roaming servers in FiveM, with over 250 unique vehicles and the ability to use dozens of player models and mode menus. This is the perfect server for those who want to work in the sandbox and meanwhile use the mod. It also includes the addition of cards with custom locations.

Slots: 64 players

Extensions: Click on this link on your computer.

Asian Drift server

InfoAsia Drift Server is a relatively simple server. Each car is configured to drift anywhere, allowing you to travel on a map. Finally, you can collect money to buy the best supercars and reach the top.

Slots: 32 players

Extensions: Click on this link on your computer.

Emergency life B

Info: Emergency Life V is a unique service that allows players who do not want to play as an emergency service, such as police, ambulance, fire, etc. If you gain more experience and money on this server, you will buy the best vehicles and skills. So funny.

Slots: 32 players

Extensions: Click on this link on your computer.

R.P. Servers

USA Realism Roleplay

Slots: 60 players

Extension: Download the server startup program from the AARP website.


Allowlist: No, but a priority line for allowed members.

Play the role of the Ministry of Justice

Info: DOJRP is a server many players consider to be one of the big dogs, with a rigorous application and interview process. However, it pays off because the community is one of the best in business.

Extension: Visit the DOJRP website.

Whitelist: Yes

NoPixel role-playing game

Info: Another great dog, No Pixel, is home to many streams like Lyrics and Summit1G. Applications are currently closed, except for donors, but may reopen soon.

Slots: 32-64 players

Extension: Visit the NoPixel website.

Whitelist: Yes

Subversion of role-playing games

Slots: 85 players

Extensions: Click on this link on your computer.


Whitelist: Yes

Phoenix project role-playing game

Slots: 128 players

Extension: Download the server startup program from the PPRP website.


Whitelist: Yes

How to play GTA V R.P. and server for which role-playing game is best?

Best GTA RP Servers 2021 has become very popular recently, and more and more streamers are jumping into cars. Check out this post to find out more.

Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay or GTA RP is back in popularity, and the best streams are back to Twitch role servers. In this article, we will show you how to play GTA RP and present a list of the best R.P. servers at the moment.

What is GTA V R.P.?

Best GTA RP Servers 2021 or Roleplay is a multiplayer mode for the P.C. version of the game. The player switches to an R.P. server created by one of the users and replaces it with a regular, customizable NPC. In general, in the game “no one,” they live their lives as in the real world. The level of role-playing depends on the server – there are rigid servers that you can’t even request control over.

This personalized service is why GTA 5 will remain one of the most popular games in 2021.

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