Best Fallout 4 Weapons List

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Introduction: Best Fallout 4 Weapons List

Fallout 4 Weapons List has a lot of weapons mod for players to choose from, but these options have the rest of the pace in terms of power and destructive abilities.

The fantastic Fallout 4 game has an astounding number of weapons players can find and repair to recover their son and bring peace to the Commonwealth. Eventually, players will drop their weapons when they find a bigger and worse destructive tool.

Many frontline weapons are both destructive and useful in combat. Players will always have to use weapons that match their character’s strength and style, but it’s silly to drop the best weapons in Fallout 4.

Updated by SAIF ALI BHUTTO on October 21, 2021: It’s not enough to know which Fallout 4 Weapons List. To begin with, players need to know how to get these powerful weapons. Some reward side missions and faction missions, some are sold by merchants, and others are hidden in secret corners of the world.

It is also important to know exactly what these weapons can do through their stats. Knowing the stats and special effects will help you make the right choice,

as players will need to pick the right weapon for their chosen build. As always, the most powerful weapons in the game depend on character building and player skills, but these are believed to be the Fallout 4 Weapons List.

There are a lot of great features in Fallout 4 gameplay, but weapons (and their big names) are a big plus. Some weapons can give you an edge, and others look like a show.

While more common weapons, such as submachine guns, shotguns, and powerful gauss rifles, work well in deserts (especially when adding weapon modifications),

there are some unusual weapons in the game. Hands. In Fallout 4 mod, we’ve created a guide that explains the Fallout 4 Weapons List, from powerful shotguns to head-to-head combat weapons, and how their performance plays out in the game.

Fallout 4 Weapons List

  • The Striker
  • Le Fusil Terribles
  • Spray N’ Pray
  • Ashmaker
  • Kremvh’s Tooth
  • Protectron’s Gaze
  • Final Judgement
  • Kiloton Radium Rifle
  • Gamma Gun
  • Cito’s Shiny Slugger
  • Admiral’s Friends
  • Splattercannon
  • The Problem Solver
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher
  • Atom’s Judgement

The Striker

  • Damage – 100
  • Clip Size -1
  • Fire Rate – 1
  • Range – 117
  • Accuracy – 63
  • Ap Cost – 60

There’s been a small number of damages, but doing 275 damage with the ball isn’t that bad, and a near-dangerous shot won’t kill you like a man. The benefit is that you can exceed your goal by 50%. This is useful for slowing down powerful enemies and making room for kites to fly. You can also make more balls at the chemical station.

How To Get It

The attacker is not tied to research and is always available. Players must go to Beaver Crane Crane, southwest of Far Harbor. The attacker is in the second-floor office.

Le Fusil Terribles

  • Damage – 62
  • Clip Size – 32
  • Fire Rate – 20
  • Range – 71
  • Accuracy – 41
  • Ap Cost – 35
  • Violent Effect – +25% damage/limb damage & increases recoil

The shotgun will do the most damage as a small gun enters Fallout 4. LeFusil Terribles is no exception. Its Effect does 25% more damage, although it prevents this gun from returning much more.

The advantage is that you can use the modes added to this weapon to lower your back slightly. Plus, it’s fairly easy to find, and players don’t have to search, as many of these other powerful Weapons do. This shotgun is located in Captain Liberty’s cabin, and the player can spot it on the side of the institute. Players can travel to this location at any time, even if it is related to the institute’s main mission.

How To Get It

Le Fusil Terribles is located within Liberty, in an attacking field south of Nahunt Wharf. Specifically, the weapon is stored in a box aboard the captain. Players are included in the research to synthesize the institute.

Spray N’ Pray

  • Damage – 34
  • Clip Size – 100
  • Fire Rate – 127
  • Range – 77
  • Accuracy – 69
  • Ap Cost – 43
  • Explosive Effect – 15 AOE explosive damage with each shot.

Games and sprays should be a popular weapon for most players, how useful and exhausting it was to find cricket to buy. This is a machine gun that causes 48 cutscenes. This alone makes it a useful weapon, but the benefits are that each bullet will explode and deal 15 AOE damage.

While it’s not your gun style, you need it when you’re looking to hit Nuka-World’s Eyes On The Prize goals. Take the child to the Bandit Roundup shooting range and collect the tickets immediately.

How To Get It

Getting Spray and Play is a little tricky, as Dealers often sell cricket. Sometimes found around Bunker Hill, Vault 81, Warwick Homestead, or Diamond City. This weapon is rarely found in casual vendors and is used by the legendary predators of Diamond City.


  • Damage – 8
  • Clip Size – 500
  • Ap Cost – 40
  • Incendiary Effect – each shot deals +15 damage and sets targets on fire.

Why only use a minigun when you can use a minigun to turn on enemies? If a player completes The Big Dig mission and receives Ashmaker as a reward, he can answer that question. Failure to damage the minigun will compensate for the rate of fire, and Ashmaker will increase the damage per second through the fire damage.

It might be a heavy machine gun, but it’s worth it. Players can donate to fans, so Ashmaker’s inventory can be used to free up space if space is needed. Big Dig missions have a variety of endings, which give players a way to get Ashmaker, so don’t worry based on interview options.

How To Get It

Ashmaker is only obtained through researching The Big Dig provided by Bobbi No-Nose alongside a good neighbor. We can reward weapons for betraying Bobby or looting Fahrenheit’s body by siding with Bobby.

Kremvh’s Tooth

  • Damage – 28
  • Speed – Medium
  • Ap Cost – 30
  • Sacrificial Blade Effect – Damage boost, added poison damage, and bleed damage.

This sacrificial shovel which H.P. often wrote it’s a love craft he wrote about the horror writer. This cult adores powerful space monsters. Indeed, When they meet a mechanic in his hideout, they can kill him to get this weapon, or if he saves, they give him a stronger weapon, players can buy weapons. This weapon does a lot of damage, so it is worth trading for those who like energy weapons. It loads and fires faster than other best Fallout 4 Weapons List refers to “The Dunwich Horror” story under the Dunwich Bowlers.

The saga deals 49 spectacular damage, causing bloodshed and poisoning to enemies. The dark player will use this evil weapon to shake his enemies, to savor the thrill of sliding inside them, to see how he slowly dies, and to send his soul into the void to move into the darkness.

How To Get It

Kremvh’s Tooth is under the control of the Dunwich Borers. Before reaching the bottom of the axis, there is an underwater tunnel to change the position of the weapons. Ten missions take players to the Dunwich Borers, but no missions lead them to secret rooms where the Fallout 4 Weapons List is hidden.

Protectron’s Gaze

  • Damage – 26
  • Clip Size – 30
  • Fire Rate – 57
  • Range – 47
  • Accuracy – 44
  • Ap Cost – 25
  • Rapid Effect – +25% Fire Rate and +15% Reload

This weapon is quite powerful but rather difficult to obtain. Protectron’s Gaze is a laser rifle added to the Automatron DLC. One of the main aspects of this DLC is that you have to find and defeat a character called Mechanist who only has one version of Protectron’s Gaze in the game.

When they meet a mechanic in his hideout, they can kill him to get this weapon, or if he saves, they give him a stronger weapon, players can buy weapons. This weapon does a lot of damage, so it is worth trading for those who like energy weapons. It loads and fires faster than the other best Fallout 4 Weapons List…

How To Get It

This personal weapon lives in a mechanic’s warehouse near the RobCo Sales & Service Center. Players come here as part of their quest for reset commands. We can obtain weapons by killing the mechanic, pocketing them, or purchasing them before offering a better weapon.

Final Judgement

  • Damage – 14
  • Clip Size – 500
  • Fire Rate – 340
  • Range – 203
  • Accuracy – 48
  • Rapid Effect – +25% Fire Rate & +15% Reload

The Final Judgment looks like a weapon from the Terminator series, and it works. The Gatling laser does 26 damage at a ridiculous rate of fire. In this game, there is more excitement than throwing a dead claw after a laser beam and seeing how it melts.

One downside is that it needs a valuable Fusion Core to power it. It can be expensive, and you’ll be debating whether or not to use this gun or armor, but for those with basic grants or deposits, the gun is fun.

How To Get It

There are three options for acquiring this weapon from current owner Arthur Maxson. The first is Railway Quest’s Precipice of War. Instead of going to the police station, players can go to Prydwen and kill Maxson. The second occurred in a Rocket Red Glare mission by the Railroad faction. The player attacked Maxson after placing explosives. We do not recommend the latter method due to errors. During the search, Airship Down will join Maxson Vertibird Fighting Synth. Players can kill and acquire weapons, but if Prydwen explodes, it can get trapped under the rubble and become inaccessible.

Kiloton Radium Rifle

  • Damage – 42 Regular & 50 Radiation
  • Clip Size – 20
  • Fire Rate – 40
  • Range – 119
  • Accuracy – 69
  • Explosive Effect – 15 AOE damage

There are three options for acquiring this weapon from current owner Arthur Maxson. The first is Railway Quest’s Precipice of War. Instead of going to the police station, players can go to Prydwen and kill Maxson. The second occurred in a Rocket Red Glare mission by the Railroad faction. The player attacked Maxson after placing explosives. We do not recommend the latter method due to errors. During the search, Airship Down will join Maxson Vertibird Fighting Synth. Players can kill and acquire weapons, but if Prydwen explodes, it can get trapped under the rubble and become inaccessible.

How To Get It

The weapons are sold by the Kane brothers, who live in the heart of Atom’s Children’s Church. Players have to join Atom’s sons to purchase from Kane Brothers.

Gamma Gun

  • Damage – 100 Radiation
  • Clip Size – 8
  • Fire Rate – 66
  • Range – 119
  • Accuracy – 69

This gun doesn’t appear to be very powerful, but it can attack human enemies. Gamma guns deal much radiation damage to enemies and have a much wider range of effects than most guns.

This weapon can also have mythic effects for multiple bonuses. In addition to this, the multiple options for changing the range gun make it even more powerful for all difficulty levels and player levels. Most desert creatures and robots are not very sensitive to radiation, so a few shots from this gun can shoot large, heavily armed bosses.

How To Get It

This weapon is used by followers of the Son of Atom cult and can be stolen from their bodies. We can find those with this weapon at the crashed reactor site or Kingsport Lighthouse. Players may want to consider purchasing a wide round from a market for long-term use.

Cito’s Shiny Slugger

  • Damage – 123
  • Speed – Slow
  • Range – 10
  • Ap Cost – 35
  • Relentless Effect – Each Critical Hit refills action points

We found this unique baseball bat in the Nuka-World DLC after a player rescued the family of a character named Cito. He will give them that club as a reward for their efforts. When it comes to melee weapons, it’s the best weapon in Fallout 4.

Cito’s Shiny Slugger can do 94 damage. It also has a lasting effect, with critical hits improving the player’s A.P. and allowing for faster-targeted damage. There are also some updates that players can apply to this club. The Nuka-World DLC allows players to paint and weigh their bats, doing even more damage.

How To Get It

Players will receive this Cito award upon completing the Safari Adventure mission. It is located in the Cito Safari Adventure theme park.

Admiral’s Friends

  • Damage – 150
  • Clip Size – 1
  • Fire Rate – 2
  • Range – 14.3
  • Accuracy – 63
  • Ap Cost – 40

The Far Harbor DLC introduces many unique concepts, and harpoon weapons like Admiral’s Friend are the most interesting so far. It deals 300 tremendous damage and doubles the advantage to 600 if the opponent is in perfect health.

Sure, the rate of fire is staggering. Still, a hidden character can take 600 damage, and adding a hidden multiplier on top can cause astronomical damage. Nothing dies after that first blow; it is almost worth living for them.

How To Get It

Allesley sells this weapon to players. Lee is a merchant in the village of Far Harbor. Players can use around 1,500 caps to contact him.


  • Damage – 51
  • Clip Size – 75
  • Fire Rate – 11
  • Range – 89
  • Accuracy – 108
  • Furious Effect – Consecutive strikes increase damage

If you count all the hits, your damage will increase quickly as the bullets get stronger and stronger against the enemies.

How To Get It

Aaron Corbett from the Nuka-Town Market will sell this item to the player.

The Problem Solver

  • Damage – 57
  • Clip Size – 75
  • Fire Rate – 59
  • Range – 185
  • Accuracy – 92
  • Furious Effect – Each consecutive strike will increase damage.

This weapon is similar to the Splatter Cannon but has a much better range at the expense of initial damage. The first bullet does 21 damage, but with the benefit of increasing damage by 15% for each subsequent hit, it adds up immediately.

Being a ranged weapon, the player can continuously hit the enemy. When the enemy gets close, he can get a weapon that can do spectacular damage, assuming the shot hits the target. Some players prefer a slower rate of fire, as they will be less likely to lose a bullet and restore a ton of damage.

How To Get It

This weapon is acquired through an ambitious plan provided by Nukaworld’s Maskaw. Players should go through a charisma check with him and always choose an active interview option when talking to him.

Nuka-Nuke Launcher

  • Damage – 794
  • Clip Size – 1
  • Fire Rate – 1
  • Range – 117
  • Accuracy – 63
  • Ap Cost – 75

The most powerful weapon in the game is the Nuka-Nuke Launcher in Nuka-World. The modified mini-nuclear known as the Nuka core is a Fatman launched at the enemy.

These nuclear weapons inflict massive 833 damage at a considerable distance from the enemy. This doesn’t help as it’s very close. These encounters require something like Atom’s opinion, but it destroys them at the atomic level for mid-level enemies. In a world destroyed by holocausts and nuclear falls, it’s no surprise that nuclear mini-shooters are the most powerful slag weapon.

How To Get It

The best weapons in Fallout 4 are hidden in the vault under John Caleb Blood Burton’s office in Nukatown. Players need to be in Cappy searching for Haystack to get the best weapons, crossing the Sierra and near Blood Burton.

Atom’s Judgement

  • Damage – 40 regular & 100 radiation
  • Fire Rate – Slow
  • Range – Melee
  • Ap Cost – 45

Speaking of the children of Atoms, another weapon of theirs is the judgment of this giant Atom. It’s a giant hammer that deals 315 damage and 787 frightening radiation damage over time. This is possible thanks to the fusion core attached to the cult attached to the hammerhead.

Almost anything can die in columbine. Those who survive will soon be subjected to the radiation that passes through their bodies. Even if you don’t intend to use this hammer, having a friend like Strong Wheel makes this weapon a scary ally. Easy is one of the best Fallout 4 Weapons List.

How To Get It

This is a valuable reward given to players after the Atomic Child Heretic mission. Richter distributed Grand Zealot in Nuclear.

Fallout 4 Weapon List Cod

Item NameID Code

.44 Pistol 000ce97d

Eddie’s Peace 00225ae9

Kellogg’s Pistol 00225ac1

The Gainer 00225ae7

10mm Pistol 00004822

Wastelander’s Friend 001f61e6

Deliverer 000dc8e7

Classic 10mm Pistol 00000000

Flare Gun 001025ac

Western Revolver DLC Code + 0415b3

Assault Rifle 0000463f

December’s Child DLC Code + 014459

Overseer’s Guardian 000df42e

Gauss Rifle 000d1eb0

The Last Minute 0022b603

Handmade Rifle DLC Code + 033b60

Hunting Rifle 0004f46a

Reba 001abc92

Reba Ii 001abc93

Tinker Tom Special 001f2675

Lever-action Rifle DLC Code + 02c8b0

Lucky Eddy DLC Code + 045675

Old Reliable DLC Code + 05158f

Radium Rifle DLC Code + 025fc4

Kiloton Radium Rifle DLC Code + 05158e

Radical Conversion DLC Code + 045673

Railway Rifle 000fe268

Submachine Gun 0015b043

Silver Submachine Gun 001b28f7

Spray N’ Pray 00165181

Syringer 0014d09e

Combat Shotgun 0014831c

Justice 001f61e4

Le Fusil Terribles 00225771

Double-barrel Shotgun 00092217

Pipe Bolt-action 0014831a

Pipe Gun 00024f55

Pipe Revolver 0014831b

Fat Man 000bd56f

Big Boy 0021a53e

The Striker DLC Code + 031702

Nuka-nuke Launcher DLC Code + 05178f

Flamer 000e5881

Sergeant Ash DLC Code + 051599

Harpoon Gun DLC Code + 010b81

Admiral’s Friend DLC Code + 05158b

Skipper’s Last Stand DLC Code + 04e752

Defender’s Harpoon Gun DLC Code + 032507

Junk Jet 000e942b

Minigun 0001f669

Ashmaker 001f252e

Missile Launcher 0003f6f8

Partystarter 001f61e5

Death From Above 00225969

Broadsider 000fd11b

Institute Laser 001633cc

Virgil’s Rifle 00225aba

Laser Musket 0001dacf

Laser Gun 0009983b

Old Faithful 001f61e2

Survivor’s Special 00225abc

Good Intentions 0022537b

Prototype Up77 “limitless Potential” 0023e5ee

Righteous Authority 001a2a2e

Wazer Wifle 00225965

Gatling Laser 000e27bc

Final Judgment 00075fe4

Aeternus DLC Code + 04ec35

Plasma Gun 00100ae9

Experiment 18-a 001f61e9

Sentinel’s Plasmacaster 00225967

Alien Blaster Pistol 000ff995

Hub’s Alien Blaster DLC Code + 000000

Cryolator 00171b2b

Thirst Zapper DLC Code + 007bc8

Salvaged Assaultron Head DLC Code + 0100b7

Tesla Rifle DLC Code + 003e07

Gamma Gun 000ddb7c

Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun 002266f7

Zeta Gun 002266fc

Acid Soaker DLC Code + 007bc6

Baseball Grenade 00107bd6

Cryogenic Grenade 000ff21d

Fragmentation Grenade 000eebed

Fragmentation Grenade Mirv DLC Code + 033905

Smart Fragmentation Grenade DLC Code + 0346fc

Hallucigen Gas Grenade 000e98e5

Fury Grenade DLC Code + 02618b

Persuasion Grenade DLC Code + 023e60

Predator Grenade DLC Code + 025b0a

Homing Beacon 00065dec

Institute Em Pulse Grenade 0018325e

Molotov Cocktail 0010c3c6

Nuka Grenade 000e5750

Nuka Cherry Grenade DLC Code + 040cdd

Nuka Quantum Grenade DLC Code + 040cde

Plasma Grenade 0010a33d

Pulse Grenade 000ff21f

Bottlecap Mine 0010771f

Cryo Mine 0010c669

Fragmentation Mine 000e56c2

Nuke Mine 0010a340

Plasma Mine 0010a342

Pulse Mine 0010a344

Artillery Smoke Grenade 0012e2ca

Institute Beacon 00174f8f

Synth Relay Grenade 000589f2

Vertibird Signal Grenade 00056917

Bear Trap DLC Code + 054072

Bleeding Bear Trap DLC Code + 0540f7

Caltrops DLC Code + 05406e

Poisoned Caltrops DLC Code + 0540ed

Assaultron Blade DLC Code + 008b8e

Sword Of Wonders DLC Code + 050dd3

Zao’s Sword 00147be4

Combat Knife 000913ca

Pickman’s Blade 0022595f

Disciples Blade DLC Code + 01aabc

Throatslicer DLC Code + 04e422

Grognak’s Axe 00183fcd

Machete 00033fe0

Kremvh’s Tooth 0022576d

Mr. Handy Buzz Blade DLC Code + 0020f8

Revolutionary Sword 00143ab5

Shem Drowne Sword 0000364a

Reckoning 000fa2f6

The Harvester DLC Code + 04fa7e

Shishkebab 000fa2fb

Switchblade 000fdc81

Baseball Bat 0008e736

2076 World Series Baseball Bat 000e9a43

Cito’s Shiny Slugger DLC Code + 04f084

Fencebuster DLC Code + 04923c

Rockville Slugger 001f2674

Board 0005c250

Commie Whacker DLC Code + 052926

Lead Pipe 000fc9c3

Pipe Wrench 000d83bf

Big Jim 0023e5ec

Pole Hook DLC Code + 009582

Bloodletter DLC Code + 034e7b

The Fish Catcher DLC Code + 05158d

Pool Cue 000fa3e8

Rolling Pin 00142fab

Security Baton 0008c14d

Sledgehammer 000e7ab9

Super Sledge 000ff964

Atom’s Judgement DLC Code + 03a388

Swatter 00061721

Tire Iron 00185d25

Walking Cane 000fdc7d

Boxing Glove 0016498f

Deathclaw Gauntlet 000d8576

Knuckles 0005524b

Meat Hook DLC Code + 04b5f4

Butcher’s Hook DLC Code + 05158c

Power Fist 0011b336

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What is the best weapon in Fallout 4?

Kiloton radio rifle, throat slicing, director-guardian, Big Boy, Harvester, List. Combine and Spr’n’ pray. Encourage Gauss rifles to be near explosive guns or narcotics with a narcotic design.

Best Weapon Fallout 4: What It Is?

The Killednan radio rifle from Demo Expert has been completely refurbished, and the Tesla short-range rifle should become my favorite rifle. Then completely repaired the plasma sniper rifle for long distances.

Which weapon has the least damage in Fallout 4?

Otherwise, the pool sign is one of the weakest melee weapons in Fallout 4. He is one of the weakest people. In addition to minor damage and small tweaks, Wiki Fallout describes it as one of the weakest.

What is the best sniper rifle in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 continues to amaze old and new fans. Use these best sniper rifles to dominate the desert in Fallout 4.


In our opinion, the best weapon in Fallout 4 is the Deliverer. It is the most versatile weapon in the game, and it fires in bursts.

This gives you the ability to fire at multiple enemies without having to switch your target. It is superior to the others in nearly every way possible. It is accurate, powerful, and can fire a lot of bullets.

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