Best Clash Of Clans Giant

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Introduction:Best Clash Of Clans Giant

  • Giant is the third unit to unlock in the Barracks. The Giant’s number one goal is defense, making it a superior force to deploy to get out of defense quickly. However, due to its low attack power, it is best used in large groups.
  • Giant places defensive buildings above all other targets, and as long as the defense remains on the battlefield, and it will overtake all other types of enemy buildings and forces. Even if they are attacked by enemy clan castle forces, heroes, or skeleton traps, this is true. Please note that like all defense-priority troops, Giants will not treat clan castles as defenses, regardless of whether they contain hostile forces. Instead, they will view the active weapons (if any) of the Great Guardian in Defense and Giant City Hall as defenses. Building.
  • Once all defenses are destroyed, the Giants will be like any other forces without distinct objectives; They will attack the buildings closest to them, no matter what type they are. If they find any enemies nearby, they will turn around and attack the enemy units.

giant clash of clans


  • Giants are healthy, but they are slow and have low DPS, so please use them in groups. However, the giants are weak to the many powerful defensive forces huddled together. You can use giants as cheap shields while deploying other, more destructive powers to destroy defensive buildings and structures, producing a good synergy to lower TH. In general, giants are more suited to distracting troops than barbarians because their health is much higher. Therefore, they are less susceptible to mortar fire and other splash damages and are more difficult to kill.
  • At the beginning of the raid, send some of the giants closest to the Mortar/Witcher Tower. After the mortar hits the Giant, it immediately sends wall sweepers to break through the wall. Once you’ve attacked the Mortars and Giant Wizard’s Tower, you can send out groups of low-health troops, such as orcs and archers, depending on your preference. But if you can, you can send a group of witches because they are better. Another change is to send several giants and three or four healers. Beware the air defense systems because the processor is very weak on them. It is also recommended to introduce support forces, such as witches, to destroy them to solve this problem. These strategies are useful for City Hall 3-6, especially in wars.
  • As the description suggests, it is better to use it for other tanks than to use it as the main cause of damage because it has low damage but high health. When they do back damage, they can tank to witches and wizards.
  • As long as defensive structures are visible on the base, the Colossus will ignore defensive powers and heroes (clan castle troops, skeletal trap skeletons, barbarian kings, and bow queens). Ensure to eliminate the defensive force as quickly as possible to protect the Giant.
  • Compared to pickups, golems, and ice golems, giants are low chariots. Their advantage is that they have less housing space, which means you can accommodate more in the camp. Once you reach City Hall 8, the giants will lose their ability as the main tank because of this game and the strong spots (Witch’s tower at level 2, giants at level 1, and bomb tower is added). Instead, they become multifunctional tanks, where you can put one or two more important things in for a few seconds, such as mages, knights, and even siege barracks. Mastering this can increase your attack power.
  • An important use of the first few levels that can be easily used in later levels is to use giants to break the wall, especially if you are unsure if the wall breaker will destroy the wall to allow the wall-breaking forces to enter. First, send a giant, then send the necessary wall-breaking tools – the Giant will store enough time to break the walls to break the wall, after which you can send other troops. As long as you can pull the Giant to the right, he is very reliable.


  • Giants may be especially vulnerable to spring traps because their AI is predictable and can destroy three giants simultaneously because level 4 spring traps can kill 16 dwellings. In contrast, giants cannot kill 16 dwellings. Occupy these 5. Use them to your advantage, place strategic holes in your walls, form defensive structures behind them, and fill these holes with one or more spring traps.
  • Giants are fairly average clan castle defense forces because their low damage means they can’t deal much damage to the attacking troops. Their advantage is that their health is high, which means they can pause attackers. Even at the lower levels of City Hall, giants and wall breakers are common tactics, and the damage to attacking troops is negligible. Compared to other options (such as baby dragons or boar knights), it is not recommended to use giants in clan castles.
  • However, you should avoid using giants in clan castles if you have better options, such as baby dragons, ice golems, headhunters, or Valkyrie.
  • A wizard’s tower surrounded by a wall can greatly reduce the health of a group of giants without the aid of healing spells. Between the city wall and the wizard’s tower, place a mortar to help attack the support forces, and use the tank for longer after the Giant crosses the city wall.
  • Giant bombs can significantly reduce the health of giants. This is more effective because they can support one-hit forces like magicians, no matter how much they heal.

Upgrade Differences

  • Except for levels 2 and 4, Colossus has undergone significant visual changes on all levels.
  • At first, the Giant wore a brown jacket with a red belt and a copper buckle around his waist. Otherwise, it has no attachments.
  • At level 3, the Giant wears iron handcuffs on his arms and an iron fist on his hands.
  • At level 5, the Giant replaced the handcuffs and iron fists with gold and copper handcuffs and fists.
  • At level 6, the Giant had refined his black metal handcuffs and knuckles of his fingers. He also has a long, thick red beard and a blackhead of feathers.
  • At level 7, the Giant gets a golden armor that reaches his shoulders under a brown jacket.
  • Giants have golden spines on their wrists and knuckles at the eighth level.
  • The Giant gets a brown shield on his shoulders at the ninth level. he removed the handcuffs from her hands, and the knuckles of her fingers were nails instead of nails.
  • At level 10, the Giant upgraded his brown armor to brown and black paint. His shield turned golden once more.

supergiant clash of clans

Today, Supercell announced its third Super Unit, which will join Clash of Clans with the Spring Update 2020. As expected, the new unit is a Super Titan, an upgraded version of a Titan, with soft claws and a knack for breaking walls.

Supergiants have a special ability to destroy walls, which can increase the damage to the wall – four times the damage to the wall, to be exact. In addition, the health of supergiants was nearly three times that of ordinary giants, and the damage was twice that of ordinary giants, making them a force that you could not ignore on the battlefield.

A supergiant needs a town hall level 12 and a level 9 gigantic, and it costs 60,000 dark potions. It will occupy ten families, twice the size of an ordinary giant. Given that her health had tripled and her damage had tripled, this was a worthwhile upgrade.

Unlike super barbarians and sneaky goblins, a super giant’s strength does not temporarily increase his damage and health when placed; You will continue until the defeat of the Giant. The supergiant still has the same seven-day and seven-day recovery potential as everyone else.

The Super Giant is the third super unit to come with the update, and it’s the most popular of all. His mechanics aren’t unique to the game, but he’s at least not a direct clone of the builder’s base troops.

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how to draw clash of clans giant?

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how to draw a giant from clash of clans?

Well, how cool, we’re just eyeballs. So we have to draw. It’s a bit like the jawbone of different eyeballs, not the perfect circle I want to draw. With them.

clash of clans where did the giant skeletons go?

Best Clash Of Clans Giant Skeleton is the third temporary unit to come out of “Clash Royale” after Ice Wizard and Battle Ram. This is one of the two temporary troops in Clash Royale that prioritize defense in Clash of Clans but not only attack buildings in Clash Royale, the other is Ice Master.

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